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The Office Season 5 Episode 1

Weight Loss Part 1

S5 E1 21 min
Staffers in the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin become obsessed with their weight in the wake of corporate weight-loss initiatives; Michael pursues a friendship with Holly (Amy Ryan); Jim misses Pam, who is away at art school.

The Office Season 5 Episode 2

Weight Loss Part 2

S5 E2 21 min
Corporate ups the stakes in the weight-loss incentive program; Jim pines for Pam and Michael gets closer to Holly.

The Office Season 5 Episode 3

Business Ethics

S5 E3 21 min
A business ethics seminar gets out of control when Michael lets everyone talk about their unethical behavior at work; Jim makes Dwight observe the company's "time theft" policy.

The Office Season 5 Episode 4

Baby Shower

S5 E4 21 min
Michael has Dwight go over possible birthing scenarios to prepare for the birth of Jan's baby; Michael tells Holly he will pretend not to like her for Jan's benefit.

The Office Season 5 Episode 5

Crime Aid

S5 E5 21 min
Michael helps Pam get a part-time job so she can afford art school; Michael and Holly get an early start on their date night; after the office is robbed, Michael decides to raise money for all of the lost items.

The Office Season 5 Episode 6

Employee Transfer

S5 E6 21 min
Pam is embarrassed when no one else at corporate wears a costume on Halloween; Holly and Michael get shocking news from corporate; Dwight tries to get under Andy's skin.

The Office Season 5 Episode 7

Customer Survey

S5 E7 21 min
Jim and Dwight are stunned when they get the results of the annual customer survey report; Jim and Pam decide to spend every minute together; Andy and Angela choose an unusual location for their wedding.

The Office Season 5 Episode 8

Business Trip

S5 E8 21 min
Michael is thrilled when David Wallace sends him on a business trip to Canada; Oscar and Andy become friends when Michael decides to bring them on the trip; Jim counts the days until Pam returns from art school.

The Office Season 5 Episode 9

Frame Toby

S5 E9 25 min
Someone made a huge mess in the microwave and refuses to clean it up; Michael must come to terms with the personnel changes in his staff.

The Office Season 5 Episode 10

The Surplus

S5 E10 21 min
Oscar informs Michael that the office must spend a cash surplus or lose it in the next year's budget; Dwight takes Angela and Andy to Schrute Farms to work on their wedding plans.

The Office Season 5 Episode 11

Moroccan Christmas

S5 E11 21 min
Meredith's hair catches fire at Phyllis' Moroccan-themed Christmas party; Dwight corners the market on the hottest toy of the holiday season.

The Office Season 5 Episode 12

The Duel

S5 E12 21 min
Andy remains unaware of Angela's affair with Dwight; Michael is nervous about a corporate meeting with Wallace (Andy Buckley).

The Office Season 5 Episode 13

Prince Family Paper

S5 E13 21 min
Michael and Dwight go under cover to learn about a competitor; employees hold a debate to decide whether an actress is hot.

The Office Season 5 Episode 14

Stress Relief Part 1

S5 E14 21 min
Dwight must make amends with the office after his fire-safety seminar goes awry; Michael tries to get his employees to relax; Andy becomes convinced that Pam and Jim are film gurus.

The Office Season 5 Episode 15

Stress Relief Part 2

S5 E15 21 min
Michael lets the office blow off steam by roasting him; Jim tries to have a heart to heart with Pam's dad.

The Office Season 5 Episode 16

Lecture Circuit Part 1

S5 E16 21 min
Michael takes Pam with him on a tour of the other branches to explain Scranton's relative success; Dwight and Jim, the new heads of the party planning committee, forget a birthday.

The Office Season 5 Episode 17

Lecture Circuit Part 2

S5 E17 21 min
Michael and Pam continue their branch tour; Jim and Dwight try to fulfill their party planning duties; Angela's new cat causes a commotion.

The Office Season 5 Episode 18

Blood Drive

S5 E18 21 min
Michael meets a mysterious woman at a blood drive; Dwight and Kevin attend a "Lonely Hearts Party"; Jim and Pam have an awkward lunch with Bob and Phyllis.

The Office Season 5 Episode 19

Golden Ticket

S5 E19 21 min
Michael comes up with an idea that causes a huge problem in the office; Pam, Jim and Andy each give Kevin different advice on wooing a woman.

The Office Season 5 Episode 20

New Boss

S5 E20 21 min
Michael makes big plans for his 15th anniversary party at Dunder Mifflin; Jim plays a prank on Dwight that has unexpected results.

The Office Season 5 Episode 21

Two Weeks

S5 E21 21 min
Michael's relationship with the new vice president gets increasingly tense; Pam finds the new copier a challenge.

The Office Season 5 Episode 22

Dream Team

S5 E22 21 min
Jim faces Charles during a soccer game in the Dunder Mifflin parking lot; Michael finds himself afraid to face the workday.

The Office Season 5 Episode 23

The Michael Scott Paper Company

S5 E23 21 min
Dwight and Andy plan a hunting trip; Charles (Idris Elba) asks Jim for a "rundown", and Jim tries to figure out what that is; Michael hosts a Paper & Pancakes luncheon.

The Office Season 5 Episode 24

Heavy Competition

S5 E24 21 min
Dwight's devotion to Michael is tested; Andy tries to fulfill Jim's emotional needs.

The Office Season 5 Episode 25


S5 E25 21 min
Michael's new company has a hard time making early-morning deliveries; the office struggles to get expense reports in on time when Angela enforces the company policy.

The Office Season 5 Episode 26

Casual Friday

S5 E26 21 min
Michael must settle a dispute within the sales team; employees cause trouble when they take the term "casual" Friday too loosely.

The Office Season 5 Episode 27

Café Disco

S5 E27 21 min
Michael brings dancing and coffee to the office; Jim and Pam plan a secret trip.

The Office Season 5 Episode 28

Company Picnic

S5 E28 21 min
Michael reunites with Holly (Amy Ryan) at Dunder Mifflin's annual company picnic while the rest of the staff competes in a volleyball tournament.

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