Summer House

Summer House

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Carl Radke, Lindsay Hubbard, Kyle Cooke
Friends share a house together on weekends during a drama-filled summer season in the beach town of Montauk, N.Y., on the eastern-most point of Long Island.
  • Summer House
    Summer House
    Episode 143 mins
    A group of New Yorkers rent a summerhouse in Montauk, N.Y.; Ashley and Lauren extend an invitation to their friend, Stassi, who sets her sights on Kyle; longtime friends Everett and Lindsay become intimate; new guy Carl plays the field.
  • Codependence Day
    Codependence Day
    Episode 243 mins
    There are fireworks on Independence Day; Lauren and Carl's relationship heats up in the bedroom; Kyle juggles two women at a party; love birds Everett and Lindsay's explosive antics prove they're anything but the perfect couple.
  • Flirting With Disaster
    Flirting With Disaster
    Episode 343 mins
    Kyle confronts Everett and Lindsay after their epic meltdown in the hot tub; new houseguest Jaclyn raises eyebrows; Carl gets caught in a lie that threatens his relationship with Lauren.
  • The Wrath of Wirkus
    The Wrath of Wirkus
    Episode 443 mins
    Lauren confronts Carl for lying about bringing a date to a wedding; Kyle dips his toe back into the "ex-pool;" Lindsay and Cristina's roommate drama boils over into full-on name calling and accusations at a lavish Hamptons party.
  • Wine, Whining, and Wieners
    Wine, Whining, and Wieners
    Episode 543 mins
    When the roommates go to a winery, there is more whining than wine; someone may be evicted as the drama between Lindsay and Cristina reaches a breaking point; while Carl cools off on Lauren, he warms up to Jaclyn at a beach bonfire.
  • Model Behavior
    Model Behavior
    Episode 643 mins
    Lindsay and Everett are on the brink of a breakup; at Model Volleyball, Cristina serves up some gossip that Jaclyn hasn't been a model friend to Lauren; the Wirkus parents meet the infamous Carl.
  • Hoedown Showdown
    Hoedown Showdown
    Episode 743 mins
    Much to Lauren's dismay, Carl brings two uninvited women to Lindsay's 30th birthday hoedown; Everett and Lindsay are on the outs, and Stephen spills a secret that may make the on-and-off again couple turn the switch off permanently.
  • Sprained Relationships
    Sprained Relationships
    Episode 843 mins
    A scandalous secret threatens Lindsay and Everett's relationship; the roommates throw a race for charity; Cristina's meddling causes Lauren and Jaclyn to go on the attack.
  • The No Good, Very Bad Rosé Day
    The No Good, Very Bad Rosé Day
    Episode 943 mins
    At the annual Rosé Party, Kyle meets a fellow blonde who may or may not be his drunken soul mate; Cristina clashes with everyone else, as the roommates take aim at her meddling ways.
  • Winter Is Coming
    Winter Is Coming
    Episode 1043 mins
    Summer's over, and that means one last weekend with no regrets; a Hamptons White Party turns into a messy affair when Kyle blows up at Amanda over a lip-syncing scandal; Cristina makes a dramatic exit; Carl disappears into the night.
  • Passing the Torch
    Passing the Torch
    Episode 143 mins
    The gang is back for another summer; room selections cause things to get off to a rocky start; Stephen prepares to attend Gay Pride; Lindsay enjoys her freedom; Lauren and Danielle navigate their complicated feelings about sharing a house with Carl.
  • Stars and Gripes
    Stars and Gripes
    Episode 243 mins
    The crew prepares for its big July Fourth bash; Kyle and Amanda discuss the next steps for their relationship; Carl and Lauren struggle with unresolved feelings; Danielle drops a bomb during a girls' day.
  • Bonfire Insanity
    Bonfire Insanity
    Episode 343 mins
    Tensions boil over at a beach bonfire; the housemates return to the Hamptons, where Kyle and Amanda's relationship faces setbacks; Danielle gains her housemates access to a very special place in the Hamptons.
  • Don't Poke the Bear
    Don't Poke the Bear
    Episode 443 mins
    Amanda grows frustrated with Kyle's behavior and decides to let him have a weekend to himself; Lindsay gets in touch with her ex; Danielle continues to be an unwelcome third party in Lauren and Carl's relationship.
  • Smashelorette
    Episode 543 mins
    Lauren's twin sister returns to the Hamptons for their older sister's bachelorette weekend but is not happy to see how cozy Carl and Lauren have become; Lindsay goes on her first date since Everett; Stephen puts his issues with Carl out on the table.
  • Mother Knows Best
    Mother Knows Best
    Episode 643 mins
    The housemates host their mothers for the weekend; the housemates are on their best behavior, but things go off the rails; Kyle braces for the introduction of his mother to Amanda's mother, which turns out to be a bigger step than he anticipated.
  • The Exes Are Coming
    The Exes Are Coming
    Episode 743 mins
    The moms' weekend comes to a close with a revealing game before the gang heads back to the city; Stephen goes on a blind date; Danielle has a houseguest; Lindsay anxiously awaits the arrival of a very special guest.
  • Say It With Flowers
    Say It With Flowers
    Episode 843 mins
    Kyle's epic 35th birthday party ends with a major disruption from Lindsay; Stephen visits his family in Alabama; Amanda becomes frustrated by Kyle's behavior on a party bus; Carl and Lauren try out the friend zone, with questionable results.
  • Summer Should Be Fun!
    Summer Should Be Fun!
    Episode 943 mins
    Lindsay attempts to get her single summer back on track; Lauren moves on from Carl; Stephen is ready to take his fling more seriously but struggles with mixed signals; Carl asks for permission to let a new love interest spend the night.
  • A House Divided
    A House Divided
    Episode 1043 mins
    Kyle and Amanda attempt to repair their ever-growing rift; Carl chooses to put his cards on the table with his latest lady friend; Lindsay has some shocking news for Everett; Lauren's twin, Ashley, returns and sees some welcome changes in her sister.
  • Lei It to Rest
    Lei It to Rest
    Episode 1143 mins
    The house throws a massive luau on the final weekend of the summer; Ashley's husband arrives from California; Carl and Stephen confront their unresolved issues; the housemates tire of Kyle and Amanda's drama.
  • Elephant in the Room
    Elephant in the Room
    Episode 143 mins
    The housemates return to the Hamptons with several new friends in tow; unresolved issues between Kyle, Lindsay and Danielle quickly spread through the house; Carl vows to focus on his work and never hook up with a summer share housemate again.
  • Cloudy With a Chance of Arguments
    Cloudy With a Chance of Arguments
    Episode 243 mins
    Tensions come to a head during a trip to the beach; Kyle and Amanda discuss moving in together; Carl struggles with meeting his sales quota; the housemates prepare for their annual Fourth of July party; Jordan flirts with both Danielle and Lindsay.
  • Firework Starter
    Firework Starter
    Episode 343 mins
    Fireworks continue as the party winds down; after Danielle and Jordan's tryst, he sets his sights on Paige; Lindsay reconnects with Everett; Kyle and Amanda work together on their new start-up; the women tell Danielle about Jordan's true feelings.
  • Pantry Passion
    Pantry Passion
    Episode 443 mins
    Danielle forgives Jordan, who continues to wreak havoc in the house; Kyle woos Amanda; the housemates visit a vineyard; Hannah attends her grandfather's birthday party; Carl and Paige's flirtation leads him to violate his cardinal rule.
  • The Grapes of Wrath
    The Grapes of Wrath
    Episode 543 mins
    Jordan continues to offend his housemates; Paige isn't sure Carl checks off all her boxes; during a fight, Amanda admits she has cold feet about moving in with Kyle, and she issues an ultimatum.
  • Swimming Uphill
    Swimming Uphill
    Episode 643 mins
    Kyle changes his behavior; Carl and Paige go on a date in the city, but Paige still isn't sure if Carl is marriage material; Hannah confronts Lindsay about her backhanded compliments; the housemates head to a swanky St. Barth's party in the Hamptons.
  • Epic Grand Gesture
    Epic Grand Gesture
    Episode 743 mins
    The housemates throw a Christmas in July party and exchange secret Santa gifts; Kyle has a special present for Amanda; Hannah invites her British beau to the party; Carl vies for Paige's attention, but she ignores his advances, and he goes too far.
  • Ring Around the Rumor
    Ring Around the Rumor
    Episode 843 mins
    Carl complains to Lindsay about Paige; Lindsay's advice is overheard, setting off a chain reaction among the women in the house; as Kyle prepares to ask Amanda to take their relationship to the next level, another cheating rumor surfaces.
  • Rumors Gone Wild
    Rumors Gone Wild
    Episode 943 mins
    Danielle confronts Jordan about their tension and possibly uncovers a secret; Lindsay confides in Danielle about another scandalous rumor; the housemates celebrate Kyle's 36th birthday at a Monte Carlo night.
  • True or False
    True or False
    Episode 1043 mins
    Lindsay confronts Kyle about the shocking rumor; Kyle tells Amanda the real story; Carl's mother comes to town to surprise him; after Amanda ignores Kyle all week, he waits outside of her office desperate to confront her.
  • Wing-Mom
    Episode 1143 mins
    Carl's mother comes to the summer house and delights Paige; Hannah takes the next step with British Dave; Lindsay goes on a date with Peyman; Jordan tells his housemates what he's been hiding; Amanda and Kyle move on from the cheating scandal.
  • Pumped Up
    Pumped Up
    Episode 1243 mins
    Jordan finally meets a woman he'd bring home to mother; Kyle's L.A. buddies, Stassi, Beau, Katie, and Tom, pay a visit; Stassi tries to help Lindsay see she deserves better from men; Carl and Paige argue over who misled whom.
  • The Cookie Crumbles
    The Cookie Crumbles
    Episode 1343 mins
    The Vanderpumps continue their visit; Kyle accuses Paige of leading Carl on; Hannah tears into Jordan; Carl brings a date to the house; Tom has an emergency requiring a trip to the hospital; Kyle reveals he's ready to propose to Amanda.
  • Will You Bury Me?
    Will You Bury Me?
    Episode 1443 mins
    It's the last weekend at the house, and the crew gets together for one more epic "death of summer" party; Carl gets closer to Kristen; Paige embraces being single; Kyle asks for Amanda's father's blessing to propose but gets a lukewarm response.
  • Watch With the Cast 308
    Watch With the Cast 308
    Episode 1543 mins
    "Summer House" cast members react and give commentary on the latest episode as they watch it for the first time.
  • Watch With the Cast 309
    Watch With the Cast 309
    Episode 1643 mins
    "Summer House" cast members react and give commentary on the latest episode as they watch it for the first time.

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