Below Deck Mediterranean

Below Deck Mediterranean

Reality4 SeasonsTV14
Sandy Yawn, Hannah Ferrier, João Franco
A new boat, crew and location in this series that follows nine members of a crew who live and work aboard a 150-foot yacht. As the ship journeys through the Mediterranean, each episode features a new group of elite passengers.
  • It's All Greek to Me
    It's All Greek to Me
    Episode 143 mins
    Chef Ben Robinson and eight new crew members undertake a charter season aboard a private luxury yacht in the Greek islands; Bryan gets an unexpected promotion; the crew scrambles to stream a live football game in the middle of the Mediterranean.
  • Game Time
    Game Time
    Episode 243 mins
    Things don't go as planned as the crew tries to stream a football game; Ben redeems himself after the moussaka mishap; Jen feels like she's being assigned all of the tedious tasks; Hannah confronts Tiffany over unfinished duties.
  • Model Deckhands
    Model Deckhands
    Episode 343 mins
    Bobby and Danny bring women back to the yacht; the crew struggles to keep up with the demands of an all-female group of guests who charter the yacht for a calendar shoot; as the crew assists with the shoot, Danny breaks the number one rule.
  • Lovesick Danny
    Lovesick Danny
    Episode 454 mins
    Disobeying a direct order, Danny gives a love poem to a charter guest; Bobby's feelings for Julia grow stronger; Tiffany works harder on her steward skills; Ben is shocked when he finds one of the stewards in his bunk with Bryan.
  • My Big Fat Greek Threesome
    My Big Fat Greek Threesome
    Episode 543 mins
    The stewards are tasked with putting together a country hoedown complete with bales of hay for charter guests from Oklahoma; the guests appear to have a threesome in the hot tub, and Danny lands in hot water for overstepping his boundaries.
  • Entrée-vous
    Episode 643 mins
    While charter guests celebrate their seven-month dating anniversary, the crew strives to make their trip as romantic as possible; Ben and Hannah go on a date; the crew springs into action to help save a nearby vessel that has begun to sink.
  • Who's Got Game?
    Who's Got Game?
    Episode 743 mins
    Hannah feels betrayed after Ben goes to the captain about their miscommunication; Julia reminds Bobby she's in a committed relationship; in Mykonos, Danny and Bobby are tasked with finding companions for a charter group of bachelors.
  • Charter King
    Charter King
    Episode 843 mins
    Hannah's migraine worsens when charter guests bring back a large group of young women; the bachelors anoint Danny as the Most Valuable Player, much to the chagrin of Bobby and Bryan; Danny continues to lose the respect of his crew.
  • Fever Pitch
    Fever Pitch
    Episode 943 mins
    Hannah and Ben redefine their relationship; after a flirtation with Hannah, Bobby realizes he can't turn off his feelings for Julia; Ben makes s'mores during a beach barbecue; Bryan takes the captain's orders to heart; Danny falls seriously ill.
  • Charter From Heaven, Charter From Hell?
    Charter From Heaven, Charter From Hell?
    Episode 1043 mins
    While Danny is away at the hospital, the crew revels in his absence; Jen finally stands up to Bryan; Tiffany's feelings for Ben increase; as one easy-going charter leaves, the crew is blind-sided by a new group of highly demanding guests.
  • They Hate Us Cuz They Ain't Us
    They Hate Us Cuz They Ain't Us
    Episode 1143 mins
    The demanding charter extend their stay, and Hannah puts on her best "stew" face to regain their trust; Julia and Ben engage in class warfare after a miscommunication; the captain gives Danny his phone back; Ben and Hannah's friendship deepens.
  • The Beautiful Thing About Subpar
    The Beautiful Thing About Subpar
    Episode 1243 mins
    Hannah hopes for a generous tip as the guests finally prepare to leave; Captain Mark makes a big decision that will shake up the dynamic of the entire crew; Ben and Tiffany take their flirtation to the next level.
  • That Was Very Greek of Us
    That Was Very Greek of Us
    Episode 1354 mins
    A celebratory night out turns ugly; for the final charter, an all-male group brings its own set of demands, and an exhausted crew struggles to keep up; the women band together to confront Bryan; everyone prepares to say goodbye.
  • Who's the Boss?
    Who's the Boss?
    Episode 143 mins
    The crew of the luxury yacht Sirocco sets sail in the waters off of Croatia; Hannah and Bobby are joined by seven new shipmates; Bobby looks for love; Hannah finds herself at odds with Capt. Sandy, who interferes with a beach picnic.
  • Three's Company
    Three's Company
    Episode 243 mins
    After a mishap with the anchor, Sandy realizes her new deck crew has a lot to learn; Bobby develops a crush on Malia; as the guests enjoy a unique dinner, a slip of the tongue threatens to ruin a carefully planned surprise.
  • Chefs, Lies and Facetime
    Chefs, Lies and Facetime
    Episode 343 mins
    The rift between Bobby and Hannah grows; Bobby calls out Lauren for having an affair with one of his friends; a group of guests shed their clothes while the deck crew tries to remain professional; Bugsy must decide whether she should go home.
  • All Chained Up and No Place to Go
    All Chained Up and No Place to Go
    Episode 443 mins
    Naked guests distract the crew; Hannah and Bobby hash out their differences; tension mounts between Lauren and Bobby; Bugsy deals with the loss of her grandmother; a twisted anchor chain leaves the crew and guests stranded at sea.
  • Double Trouble
    Double Trouble
    Episode 554 mins
    Capt. Sandy grows frustrated with the crew; Bobby springs into action using his firefighter and EMT skills; Lauren questions her future on the boat; guests argue with each other; Malia lands in the middle of a love triangle during a wild night out.
  • Don't Cry Over Cut Onions
    Don't Cry Over Cut Onions
    Episode 643 mins
    Malia, Wes and Adam find themselves in uncharted emotional territory as news of their love triangle spreads; the Oklahomans return as guests; Max misses his girlfriend; tempers flare in the galley after Adam goes against a guest's food preferences.
  • Mo' onions, mo' problems
    Mo' onions, mo' problems
    Episode 743 mins
    Malia and Adam share a moment, but she also continues to flirt with Wes; the charter guests challenge the crew to a race; Hannah finds out Adam went against the guests' food preferences and informs Captain Sandy; Bugsy feels alienated from the stews.
  • Flirting With Disaster
    Flirting With Disaster
    Episode 843 mins
    When a hot bachelor charters the Sirocco, a smitten Hannah attempts to remain professional; Wes struggles with his growing feelings for Malia as fireworks ignite between her and Adam; Bobby receives special attention from a charter guest.
  • Icloudy With a Chance of Secrets
    Icloudy With a Chance of Secrets
    Episode 954 mins
    Wes declares his feelings for Malia, while her relationship with Adam takes a turn; Max's girlfriend pays a visit; Bugsy discovers Hannah has broken "yachtie" code; Hannah faces Captain Sandy; a group of tequila-loving guests charters Sirocco.
  • Kissing up
    Kissing up
    Episode 1043 mins
    Hannah and Adam continue to clash; Wes and Malia share an intimate moment while on the job; Max is excited to prove his worth by taking the boat off the dock for the first time; the crew is under pressure when an influential charter broker arrives.
  • The Dubrovnik Wedgie
    The Dubrovnik Wedgie
    Episode 1143 mins
    When bad weather keeps Sirocco at port, the crew scrambles to keep a charter broker and her friends happy; Wes announces his choice for lead deckhand; word sperads that Wes and Malia exchanged a kiss; in Dubrovnik, Croatia, Adam pulls a prank on Wes.
  • Swing Shift
    Swing Shift
    Episode 1243 mins
    Adam's prank goes awry; Wes avoids Adam; demanding Texans turn a one-day charter into an eternity; Malia jeopardizes a routine anchor drop; Bobby and Malia clash over their responsibilities; a flirtatious friendship develops between former rivals.
  • Stew the Right Thing
    Stew the Right Thing
    Episode 1343 mins
    Bugsy's frustration with Hannah intensifies; on the final charter of the season, a returning guest is flanked by six beautiful women who test Bobby's willpower; Wes is blindsided when Adam reveals a text message exchange between him and Malia.
  • Con-text Is Everything
    Con-text Is Everything
    Episode 1443 mins
    As the charter season comes to an end, the crew members struggle to resolve their complicated relationships; Bobby finally finds romance; Hannah and Bugsy air their grievances, and Lauren must choose sides; Adam has one more shocking detail for Wes.
  • Ciao, Napoli!
    Ciao, Napoli!
    Episode 143 mins
    Another season in the Mediterranean gets under way as Captain Sandy Yawn and the crew cruise the Italian coast; chef Adam returns and is ready to redeem himself; returning chief Hannah finds herself at a crossroads on whether she should settle down.
  • A Perfect Storm
    A Perfect Storm
    Episode 243 mins
    The crew must fend off demanding charter guests in order to keep Captain Sandy at bay after receiving complaints; a guest excursion to Capri allows Joao and Kasey to get to know each other; an intense storm strikes.
  • Bad Vibrations
    Bad Vibrations
    Episode 343 mins
    After arguing with Hannah and professing his attraction to Brooke, Joao must deal with the consequences of his alcohol-fueled alter ego, Jezabob; Brooke confesses that she is torn between being single and dating again; Sandy's friend comes aboard.
  • Demand & Supply
    Demand & Supply
    Episode 443 mins
    Sandy comes down hard on the interior leaving Adam to defend himself; Hannah puts her feelings on the line with Conrad; Joao gets tough on Jamie after she accidentally oversleeps; a new charter begins, and the crew can barely keep up with requests.
  • Can I Get Fries With That?
    Can I Get Fries With That?
    Episode 543 mins
    The primary and her guests turn up the heat on the crew; sad about missing her sister's wedding, Brooke tries to remain professional; Brooke develops a crush on Adam; as Conrad gets closer to Hannah, Capt. Sandy begins to notice he's distracted.
  • Hasta Barista, Baby!
    Hasta Barista, Baby!
    Episode 643 mins
    Hannah's ongoing struggle with her under-performing Third Stew comes to a head when she learns Kasey lied on her resume; Capt. Sandy is concerned by Conrad's feelings for Hannah when their romance results in distractions from Conrad's duties.
  • Walking on Broken Glass
    Walking on Broken Glass
    Episode 743 mins
    Joao continues to send mixed messages to both Brooke and Kasey, which prompts them to confront him; a night out at a Michelin-starred restaurant inspires Adam to step up his culinary game for the rest of the season.
  • Bizarre Love Triangle
    Bizarre Love Triangle
    Episode 843 mins
    While the crew works hard to pull off a magical picnic for the guests on the island of Capri, Joao earns the praise of Captain Sandy for putting out all the water toys as the solo deckie; Brooke throws Hannah a fake 30th birthday dock party.
  • Panic at the Deck-o
    Panic at the Deck-o
    Episode 943 mins
    Joao solidifies the love triangle, leaving Kasey confused; Hannah feels slighted by Brooke when she pursues a relationship with Joao; Adam goes foraging for food; Hannah doesn't feel supported by Conrad, leaving her stricken with anxiety.
  • Hannah, Hannah, Sandy?
    Hannah, Hannah, Sandy?
    Episode 1043 mins
    With both Hannah and Jamie down, Captain Sandy steps in to support her crew; Adam feels like his chance at redemption is foiled when charter guest Kenny requests an impromptu beach picnic; Hannah crosses a line with Sandy.
  • Mo' Euros, Mo' Problems
    Mo' Euros, Mo' Problems
    Episode 1143 mins
    Hannah disobeys a direct order; Adam concentrates on delivering another onion-less dinner; Joao feels betrayed when he overhears Kasey warning Brooke about his flirtatious ways; an argument erupts between Hannah and Conrad.
  • Take This Job and Stew It
    Take This Job and Stew It
    Episode 1243 mins
    Hannah and Conrad ask whether they will be able to coexist off the boat; Brooke and Kasey air their grievances over Hannah's work ethic; Jamie's hard work gets recognition; a group of Sandy's friends charter the yacht.
  • We Used to Be Friends
    We Used to Be Friends
    Episode 1343 mins
    Hannah and Joao's contempt for one another grows even stronger; strong winds leave the boat stuck at the dock; Hannah's leadership skills are challenged by Brooke and Kasey; Colin finally gets up the nerve to reveal his feelings for Brooke.
  • Stew Coup
    Stew Coup
    Episode 1443 mins
    Hannah confronts Kasey and Brooke about the hierarchy of the interior; the primary charter guest asks the crew to participate in a trust exercise involving arrows; Colin gets a surprise visit that leaves him in tears.
  • One Million Percent
    One Million Percent
    Episode 1543 mins
    Adam rises to the occasion with his crew meals; on the final charter of the season, a group of self-proclaimed "Daddy's Girls" come on board; Hannah and Conrad deal with the stages of a boat breakup; Joao makes a shocking admission to Kasey.
  • Definitely Not Prague
    Definitely Not Prague
    Episode 1643 mins
    The Talisman crew pulls out all the stops to end the season on a high note; Hannah picks a fight with Joao and Brooke, causing the mild-mannered Brooke to fight back; Adam delivers a final dinner that leaves the guests speechless.
  • Pardon Your French
    Pardon Your French
    Episode 143 mins
    Capt. Sandy embarks on another season in the Mediterranean; Hannah returns as chief stew; Joao returns as bosun hoping to prove he can lead a deck team that includes his best friend, Colin; Cordon Bleu trained chef Mila takes control of the galley.
  • Recipe for Disaster
    Recipe for Disaster
    Episode 243 mins
    The crew's first beach picnic gets off to a rocky start, leaving Colin shattered; chef Mila faces her biggest challenge yet; Joao continues to experience growing pains in his new leadership position; a crew member makes a shocking revelation.
  • Cannes You Cook?
    Cannes You Cook?
    Episode 343 mins
    The crew comes to terms with Mila's controversial views; Capt. Sandy's friend, Dr. Jennifer Berman, returns with the expectation of leaving the dock this year; Joao struggles to motivate Jack; Colin wonders if the new crew is too bawdy for him.
  • Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen
    Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen
    Episode 443 mins
    Joao confides in Capt. Sandy about his heartbreak; chef Mila continues to struggle; Hannah takes on double duty trying to please unhappy charter guests who teach Travis a valuable lesson -- that there are no pants in the South of France.
  • 99 Problems but a Chef Ain't One
    99 Problems but a Chef Ain't One
    Episode 543 mins
    A recording artist charters Sirocco to shoot a music video and uses the crew as her production assistants; Jack begins to develop feelings for Aesha; Colin has a bout with the anchor chain that could leave Sirocco stranded.
  • Knot Today, Anchors
    Knot Today, Anchors
    Episode 643 mins
    Anastasia fills in as the temporary chef and Travis helps out as sous chef; the exhausted crew continues to work with a person down in each department; Ashley films her music video; João acts quickly in a dangerous situation involving the anchors.
  • All Hail the Queen
    All Hail the Queen
    Episode 743 mins
    The Sirocco braces for its most exclusive charter guest yet -- the Queen of Versailles; Joao faces old demons after a drunken night out as well as an increasingly defiant deck crew; a new third stew joins the boat.
  • What Eze the Problem?
    What Eze the Problem?
    Episode 843 mins
    Hannah and Joao have a miscommunication over a guest excursion; Anastasia is forced to prepare foods that go against her vegan lifestyle for charter guest, the "Queen of Versailles;" June continues to struggle to impress Hannah.
  • A Whole Different Ball Game
    A Whole Different Ball Game
    Episode 954 mins
    Former MLB player Johnny Damon comes on board with a group of rowdy friends; Jack and Travis fail to respond to an alarm; questions arise about Anastasia's food; Jack takes Aesha on a date; Travis and Joao must rescue the anchor.
  • Docked and Loaded
    Docked and Loaded
    Episode 1043 mins
    Joao and Travis continue their deep dive to set the anchors free; baseball player Johnny Damon and his group go against the bad weather as well as a neighboring yacht owner; Sandy fields a complaint that makes her second-guess her decisions.
  • Monte Car-Loco
    Monte Car-Loco
    Episode 1143 mins
    The crew enjoys a day off at a resort in Monte Carlo, Monaco; Joao and Hannah have a heart to heart; Travis confronts Joao over his treatment of Aesha; Anastasia tries to regain her swagger after poor reviews from the previous charter.
  • Don't Cry for Me, Sirocco
    Don't Cry for Me, Sirocco
    Episode 1264 mins
    Capt. Sandy determines that one of the positions is redundant; Joao confronts Jack over his work ethic; an overwhelmed Anastasia is pushed to her breaking point; when Colin learns that someone will have to leave the boat, he makes a bold move.
  • It's Ben a Long Time
    It's Ben a Long Time
    Episode 1343 mins
    Colin faces a tough decision; Anastasia accepts her new role; an all-female group of guests comes onboard, and they flirt with the crew; Jack and Aesha move in together making Travis feel isolated; a familiar face returns, and Hannah is on her toes.
  • Nauti Girls Need Love Too
    Nauti Girls Need Love Too
    Episode 1443 mins
    Guests aren't as impressed with Ben's first dinner as he'd hoped; Anastasia struggles to adjust back to her previous role; Travis stews over losing Jack to Aesha; a sudden burst of wind sends the deck team scrambling.
  • Holy Ship!
    Holy Ship!
    Episode 1543 mins
    Ben is determined to regain his sea legs, but Sirocco's faulty galley has other plans; Travis' latest drunken night has Sandy at the end of her rope; Jack writes poetry for Aesha; rough seas has everyone holding on for dear life.
  • Sweet White Glove o' Mine
    Sweet White Glove o' Mine
    Episode 1643 mins
    The charter guests request a White Party for their final dinner; Joao's ego gets him in hot water with Capt. Sandy; Jack enlists the crew to help him ask Aesha to be his girlfriend; Hannah's leadership skills are called into question.
  • Love, Love Me Stew
    Love, Love Me Stew
    Episode 1743 mins
    The crew prepares for the final charter of the season; with Joao sidelined with a fever, Travis is forced to step up; bad weather rolls into the South of France; when Anastasia gets on Sandy's bad side, Hannah bears the brunt of the captain's fury.
  • Au Revoir, Sirocco
    Au Revoir, Sirocco
    Episode 1843 mins
    A boat catches fire in port stranding Sirocco with nowhere to go; the interior team resents Sandy's harsh criticism; Jack and Aesha contemplate their future; Sandy calls out Hannah's lack of passion for yachting.

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