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  • Circle of Friends
    Episode 5642 mins
    A teen is killed by a bullet during a party and his friend loses his freedom to what he says is a lie.
  • The Bathtub Mystery
    Episode 184 mins
    A man who was arrested and tried three times for the death of his wife of four months talks about the case.
  • Poison
    Episode 4840 mins
    When a prominent attorney is murdered, two possible suspects come to light.
  • Vanished
    Episode 1683 mins
    When a California nursing student disappears during her hospital shift, her family works to locate her.
  • Toxic
    Episode 3143 mins
    When a husband and father disappears, detectives uncover a love triangle and a twisted plot through social media and text messages.
  • Phony Rockefeller
    Episode 3342 mins
    The life of the charming con man who went by the name Clark Rockefeller.
  • A Sister's Search
    Episode 4342 mins
    As actress Aasha Davis' career takes off, her sister and brother-in-law go missing.
  • Something Wicked
    Episode 2341 mins
    After teenagers Rachel Shoaf and Sheila Eddy are convicted of murdering their 16-year-old friend, Skylar Neese, Skylar's parents discuss the night she disappeared; Rachel Shoaf's therapist, Patricia Bailey, shares her thoughts.
  • Deadly Connection
    Episode 3983 mins
    When a young woman is found nearly murdered in her apartment, officials wonder if it is connected to the disappearance of a young woman in nearby Denver weeks earlier.
  • Family Business
    Episode 4983 mins
    Money and greed tear two close-knit California families apart.
  • Mystery in Orange County
    Episode 541 mins
    After a young Army veteran disappears, detectives uncover a cryptic 911 call placed 11 days before she went missing, which exposes a twisted story -- and the truth.
  • Secret Lives
    Episode 642 mins
    Detectives uncover secrets of betrayal in an upstate New York town while investigating a young mother's disappearance.
  • The Root of All Evil
    Episode 841 mins
    After a young father is found dead in his home in Jonesboro, Ark., the authorities search for the killer.
  • Death in the Driveway
    Episode 1042 mins
    When police find a prominent lawyer dead and his girlfriend bound in duct tape, their investigation leads to a surprising suspect.
  • Poison
    Episode 1143 mins
    Months after a woman and her husband come down with the same mysterious illness, the woman dies after experiencing the same symptoms; old recordings reveal the twisted truth about her demise.
  • Obsession
    Episode 1941 mins
    The investigation into the death of a college student leads authorities to her theater group and a new crime that exposes the truth.
  • Lethal Weapon
    Episode 3241 mins
    After a successful young doctor collapses, a blood test reveals cyanide poisoning, resulting in a criminal investigation.
  • Secrets on Hot Springs Drive
    Episode 4886 mins
    When a mother is murdered in a home invasion the day before her best friend is shot outside the place they both worked, investigators suspect the crimes are linked.
  • The Evil to Come
    Episode 5141 mins
    Investigators follow the trail of a seemingly untraceable late-night call as they search for the killer of businesswoman Peggy Nadell.
  • The Devil in Disguise
    Episode 5842 mins
    A woman suspects poisoning when she finds her husband of five months dead on the bedroom floor with no clue as to what happened.
  • Footprint in the Dust
    Episode 192 mins
    An arrest is finally made five years after a mother of four disappeared while she was close to her apartment in Montana.
  • Internal Affairs
    Episode 1485 mins
    When a graduate student is shot dead outside of her North Carolina home, a 911 caller leads detectives to believe the victim's fiance is the key to solving the case.
  • Mystery in Big Sky Country
    Episode 1583 mins
    When a young, handsome veterinarian is found dead in his home in Montana, the mystery remains unsolved for nearly two decades.
  • The Client
    Episode 3942 mins
    Before time runs out, detectives race to find a Little Rock, Ark., realtor who went missing after showing a house.
  • After the Storm
    Episode 185 mins
    A man convicted of murdering a woman in her upscale Austin, Texas, home tells his story for the first time.
  • The Good Husband
    Episode 783 mins
    Police initially suspect natural causes as they investigate a man's death, until they learn about an unconventional love triangle, which points the investigation in a new direction.
  • The Last Day
    Episode 1091 mins
    The investigation into the disappearance of a Marine's 19-year-old wife reveals a secret love triangle and multiple suspects.
  • The House on the Lake; The Sting
    Episode 1241 mins
    A man's children stand by him as he deals with courts in upstate New York; a woman accused of attempting to hire a hit man to kill her husband.
  • Finding Sarah Goode
    Episode 2383 mins
    A tight-knit Long Island family go to extraordinary lengths to find their missing sister.
  • Down the Back Staircase
    Episode 2885 mins
    Michael Peterson, who was granted a new trial after the 2003 conviction in the murder of his wife was overturned, discusses the case and his decision to enter an Alford plea.
  • The Laci Peterson Story: A Dateline Investigation
    Episode 3181 mins
    A look at the 2004 murder of pregnant California woman Laci Peterson, including previously unseen interrogation footage of her husband, Scott, who was convicted of the crime.
  • The Death of Gianni Versace: A Dateline Investigation
    Episode 3284 mins
    A look back at the 1997 murder of fashion designer Gianni Versace, including interviews with his long-time partner Antonio D'Amico, model Beverly Johnson, fashion journalist Hal Rubenstein, author Maureen Orth and more.
  • Collision
    Episode 4342 mins
    The battle between a wife and a mistress for one man's heart leads to a deadly car chase.
  • The Summer of Manson
    Episode 4542 mins
    An in-depth interview with Charles Manson's former parole officer; rarely seen video of Manson; interviews with victims' family members, and others close to the case.
  • Dark Valley
    Episode 4741 mins
    When film executive Gavin Smith vanishes, Los Angeles detectives search for clues amid reported sightings and suspicious circumstances.
  • Devil's Bathtub
    Episode 4841 mins
    When a father goes missing and his body is found in a field several miles away, the investigation reveals multiple suspects -- including members of his own family.
  • Scorned
    Episode 183 mins
    A love triangle leads to years of stalking, property destruction, threats, and murder.
  • Unthinkable: The Menendez Murders
    Episode 985 mins
    A comprehensive look at the 1989 murders of José and Kitty Menendez by their sons, Lyle and Erik; featuring interviews with key players in the case, including Lyle Menendez.
  • The Women & Dirty John
    Episode 1241 mins
    A look at the case of con man John Meehan, including interviews with his wife and her daughter, his ex-wife, law enforcement officers, and the Los Angeles Times reporter who shined a spotlight on the story.
  • Secrets on the Emerald Coast
    Episode 1641 mins
    When a young mother disappears after leaving her infant in the care of her local pastor and his wife, Florida detectives search for her for five years, uncovering a web of secrets and lies.
  • The Night of the New Moon
    Episode 1840 mins
    A former marine who once was the hero for a woman in an abusive marriage may have let his desire to help go too far.
  • Twisted in Texas
    Episode 2943 mins
    When one woman breaks off her relationship with a boyfriend she says abused and stalked her, he moves on to something even worse.
  • Evil Was Waiting
    Episode 5641 mins
    When a soldier who just returned from Afghanistan is gunned down on the side of the road in Kentucky; detectives quickly uncover a secret that could solve the case.
  • At the Bottom of the Lake
    Episode 383 mins
    A pilot flees following a plane crash, becomes a fugitive and lives a double life for decades.
  • Final Curtain
    Episode 940 mins
    A soon-to-be bride is caught in the middle of a twisted murder plot that has detectives questioning if she played a role in it.
  • What They Saw
    Episode 2041 mins
    The friends of a a Georgia father accused of murdering his ex-wife come together to prove he is innocent, while prosecutors count on his young children to testify against him.
  • Secrets of Lake Seminole
    Episode 2140 mins
    A man disappears after a duck hunting trip in Florida on his sixth wedding anniversary and is later found to have been murdered.
  • The Golden Child
    Episode 2240 mins
    The investigation into a woman's mysterious disappearance from inside her home in Washington, D.C., reveals a connection to the decades-old disappearance of another woman.
  • Endgame
    Episode 2440 mins
    Key players in the case of Rod Covlin, a New York man found guilty of murdering his wife for her $5.3 million fortune and attempting to frame his then-teenage daughter, share their stories.
  • The Motive
    Episode 2540 mins
    When a young woman finds out that her boyfriend might have shot and killed a college football player out of revenge, she struggles with coming forward to officials, fearing she could lose her life.
  • Jagged
    Episode 2640 mins
    When Ohio mother Heather Bogle goes missing, a detective identifies multiple suspects, until he himself comes under scrutiny for his investigation.
  • Evil Intent
    Episode 2841 mins
    When a young woman fails to show up to work and her mother rushes to her home to try to find her, what she discovers begins an investigation that leads to a suspect no one imagined.
  • She Didn't Come Home
    Episode 3041 mins
    A mother in Pennsylvania disappears after co-workers see her leaving for lunch.
  • A Villainous Plan
    Episode 3183 mins
    A Connecticut bank executive is targeted by criminals who force him to rob his own bank.
  • Facing the Music
    Episode 3541 mins
    The murder of a young schoolteacher in Pennsylvania goes unsolved for years, but investigators discover a new tool that may finally help unlock the murderer's identity.
  • Before Midnight
    Episode 3941 mins
    A successful businesswoman and mother of three is found shot in her office; the investigation into her death leaves a family divided.
  • The Secret Keepers
    Episode 4441 mins
    When the death of a 59-year-old father is found to be unrelated to his ongoing health issues, police begin an investigation and question some of his family members.
  • Before the Storm
    Episode 4641 mins
    A mother of two who vanishes during a storm turns out to be a victim of something sinister.
  • Out of the Darkness
    Episode 5044 mins
    When a wife calls 911 to report her husband has been shot on a country road in Texas, officers rush to the scene.
  • Haunted
    Episode 283 mins
    Rarely seen private journals, home videos and emails shed new light on the 2009 disappearance of Utah mother Susan Powell.
  • The Plan
    Episode 382 mins
    A double homicide in upstate New York leads detectives on a cross-country investigation to piece together a case with a surprising suspect at the center.
  • The Pink Skirt Plot
    Episode 483 mins
    The murder of a young businessman in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, marks the start of a 15-year-long hunt to find the killer.
  • The Box
    Episode 582 mins
    Years after a Montana man is found dead, his son opens up a box of case files to find out what really happened.
  • Deliberate Evil
    Episode 683 mins
    A woman is found murdered after her close friend hears her screaming on the phone; the mysterious death of her boyfriend's twin brother leads investigators to a suspect.
  • The Black Widow of Lomita
    Episode 783 mins
    A California woman's two former husbands are mysteriously murdered, nearly 20 years apart.
  • The Premonition
    Episode 982 mins
    When a Pennsylvania man who was convinced his messy divorce put a target on his back is found stabbed to death, his friends and family realize he was right all along in predicting his own gruesome murder.
  • While They Were Sleeping
    Episode 1141 mins
    Melissa Oxley wakes up to find her husband, Ben Oxley, has been shot in the head.
  • The Devil Was Watching
    Episode 1383 mins
    When Tina Sandoval disappears, her parents and loved ones spend years searching for her; a secret she was keeping may lead to clues about what happened to her.
  • The Music Box
    Episode 1483 mins
    When a woman is abducted during her evening shift at a gift shop, her family keeps the case in the public eye for decades, until investigators finally solve the mystery.
  • The Black Candle Confession
    Episode 1583 mins
    A woman confesses a childhood memory that leads to the reopening of an investigation into the unsolved murder of Iowa bartender Corey Wieneke.
  • Abducted
    Episode 1641 mins
    A Texas mother, Heidi Broussard, is abducted and murdered; one of her closest friends is charged with murder.
  • Where Are the Children?
    Episode 1883 mins
    Two Idaho children go missing; their mother and her new husband are found at a Hawaiian resort just days after being questioned by police.
  • The Woman Who Couldn't Scream
    Episode 1982 mins
    When two women call 911 after hearing someone break into their apartment, their call for help holds the key to solving the mysterious murder of a young graduate student named Katie Sepich.
  • The House on the Hill
    Episode 2082 mins
    A father accused of murdering his son and wife 20 years apart speaks out about being at the center of the two murder investigations.
  • The Perfect Guy
    Episode 2183 mins
    A man steals millions of dollars by conning numerous women and businesses over 25 years; one woman brings together a group of his victims to hold him accountable and make him face justice.
  • The Black Box
    Episode 2241 mins
    When a South Carolina coroner arrives at the scene of a car accident to find his friend deceased, he notices some unusual markings on her face and begins to think her death looks suspicious.
  • The Ranch
    Episode 2382 mins
    The Valseca siblings' lives are changed when their father is taken hostage in an orchestrated abduction.
  • Return to the Lonely Road
    Episode 2482 mins
    Brittany Stork's decades-long quest to find out more about her mother's mysterious death leads to a dramatic courtroom decision; the man at the center of the case tells his side of the story.
  • The Road Trip
    Episode 2583 mins
    When Dr. Teresa Sievers is found murdered in her kitchen, detectives struggle to find any leads until an unexpected tip changes everything; the woman who helped investigators speaks out.
  • The House
    Episode 2640 mins
    A daughter finds her father, a former FBI agent, murdered at his house; police dig into the man's past and begin to think the key to the mystery might be quite close to home.
  • Before Daylight
    Episode 2783 mins
    A college student is found murdered in a residential neighborhood; as police search for the truth, they are stunned to learn that one of their own might be involved.
  • What Happened to the Children?
    Episode 2882 mins
    The brother of two missing Idaho children talks about their disappearance and the charges against his mother, who refuses to give authorities information on their whereabouts.
  • Unbreakable
    Episode 2983 mins
    Motivational speaker Rebecca Musser talks about her life in The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and what made her leave the denomination.
  • The Playbook
    Episode 3044 mins
    An in-depth and comprehensive look at whether the COVID-19 pandemic that tore through the United States could have been contained or slowed had government agencies responded differently.
  • The Long Road to Freedom
    Episode 3141 mins
    Two Tulsa brothers fight for more than 20 years to prove their innocence after they were wrongfully convicted for separate murders.
  • What Happened to JJ and Tylee
    Episode 3243 mins
    An interview with the former best friend of Lori Vallow, the Idaho mom charged in connection with the disappearance of her two children, whose remains were recently discovered.
  • The Disappearance of Tara Grinstead
    Episode 3343 mins
    New details and interviews in the case of missing history teacher and former Georgia beauty queen Tara Grinstead.

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