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An archive of news stories and investigative journalism with compelling mysteries, powerful documentaries and cases about murders and missing people.
  • Ransom
    Episode 96 - 84 mins
    A woman claims to have been abducted from her multimillion-dollar home.
  • Deadly House of Cards
    Episode 95 - 84 mins
    Police link a filmmaker who is obsessed with the show "Dexter" with a man's disappearance.
  • The Mystery on Blood Mountain
    Episode 91 - 84 mins
    After a woman goes missing, authorities suspect the man responsible was reenacting a horror movie.
  • The Day She Disappeared
    Episode 89 - 43 mins
    A woman disappears while on her morning jog.
  • Over the Edge
    Episode 86 - 42 mins
    Two decades after a woman falls to her death, police reopen the case and arrest her husband.
  • Mystery of the Murdered Major
    Episode 85 - 41 mins
    Police investigate the shooting death of a man who was in bed with his wife.
  • Kidnapped
    Episode 79 - 41 mins
    Kidnappers target a 24-year-old American woman living in South America.
  • Deadly Exposure
    Episode 74 - 41 mins
    Police doubt an Ohio doctor's story about events leading to his wife's death.
  • Lost in Sin City
    Episode 71 - 41 mins
    The 2004 murder of a young casino sales executive in Las Vegas.
  • Lost and Found
    Episode 69 - 42 mins
    A woman finds her way back to her family after being kidnapped 30 years earlier.
  • The Bathtub Mystery
    Episode 61 - 84 mins
    A man who was arrested and tried three times for the death of his wife talks about the case.
  • As Darkness Fell
    Episode 57 - 42 mins
    A man is shot to death on a family hunting trip in Newfoundland.
  • Deadly Liaisons
    Episode 54 - 42 mins
    The investigation into the murder of a pregnant woman leads to a former pro football player.
  • The Night before Halloween
    Episode 53 - 42 mins
    A detective and a deputy district attorney solve the decades-old murder of a young woman at a fast-food restaurant.
  • Mystery in Effingham County
    Episode 48 - 85 mins
    A man and his son are shot to death, tearing their family apart.
  • The Mystery on Albion Road
    Episode 46 - 41 mins
    Events that lead to a woman being found on the side of the road covered in blood and brain damaged.
  • Haunting Images
    Episode 38 - 41 mins
    Using DNA testing and a photographer's diary, a retired detective reopens an unsolved murder case.
  • The Beauty and the Beast Mystery
    Episode 36 - 41 mins
    An Indiana mother is found asphyxiated in her basement gym.
  • Conduct Unbecoming
    Episode 33 - 85 mins
    A military officer pleaded guilty to a number of crimes, from home invasions to murder.
  • The Smoking Gun
    Episode 29 - 41 mins
    Detectives take another look at a 20-year-old murder and discover the evidence points to one of their own.
  • The Haunting
    Episode 19 - 85 mins
    The children of an Oklahoma pastor survive the robbery that took their parents' lives and observe the trials of those accused of committing the crime.
  • Somebody's Daughter
    Episode 16 - 84 mins
    The remains of 11 female bodies are found in the desert outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  • Mean Girls
    Episode 12 - 42 mins
    A teenage girl is involved in a murder mystery after her older boyfriend is attacked and dies.
  • Deadly Ambush
    Episode 10 - 41 mins
    An Air Force captain is shot dead, leaving police to suspect his wife and her sharpshooter lover.
  • The Night Brianna Vanished
    Episode 9 - 41 mins
    A teenager disappears from her friend's house before being found dead.
  • Stealing Paradise
    Episode 8 - 40 mins
    When two Americans go missing in Panama, natives discover the dark side of a fun-loving bartender.
  • Blind Justice
    Episode 7 - 85 mins
    An intruder breaks into a lawyer's home, murders his wife and leaves him blind.
  • The Mystery on Horseshoe Drive
    Episode 5 - 40 mins
    A man is shot and killed while picking up his daughter for a court-ordered visit.
  • In the Dead of Night
    Episode 4 - 85 mins
    A Nebraska family's parents are murdered following the clan's Easter celebration.
  • In Plain Sight
    Episode 3 - 84 mins
    The disappearance of two teenagers brings together two families in a common journey for justice.
  • Taken
    Episode 2 - 41 mins
    Detectives connect a series of seemingly random crimes to crack the case of a missing young man.
  • The Dream House Mystery
    Episode 1 - 41 mins
    Years after a real estate agent's murder, there are no arrests in the case.

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