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Compelling mysteries, powerful documentaries, in-depth investigations.
  • At the Bottom of the Lake
    Episode 383 mins
    A pilot flees following a plane crash, becomes a fugitive and lives a double life for decades.
  • Final Curtain
    Episode 940 mins
    A soon-to-be bride is caught in the middle of a twisted murder plot that has detectives questioning if she played a role in it.
  • What They Saw
    Episode 2041 mins
    The friends of a a Georgia father accused of murdering his ex-wife come together to prove he is innocent, while prosecutors count on his young children to testify against him.
  • Secrets of Lake Seminole
    Episode 2140 mins
    A man disappears after a duck hunting trip in Florida on his sixth wedding anniversary and is later found to have been murdered.
  • The Golden Child
    Episode 2240 mins
    The investigation into a woman's mysterious disappearance from inside her home in Washington, D.C., reveals a connection to the decades-old disappearance of another woman.
  • Endgame
    Episode 2440 mins
    Key players in the case of Rod Covlin, a New York man found guilty of murdering his wife for her $5.3 million fortune and attempting to frame his then-teenage daughter, share their stories.
  • The Motive
    Episode 2540 mins
    When a young woman finds out that her boyfriend might have shot and killed a college football player out of revenge, she struggles with coming forward to officials, fearing she could lose her life.
  • Jagged
    Episode 2640 mins
    When Ohio mother Heather Bogle goes missing, a detective identifies multiple suspects, until he himself comes under scrutiny for his investigation.
  • Evil Intent
    Episode 2841 mins
    When a young woman fails to show up to work and her mother rushes to her home to try to find her, what she discovers begins an investigation that leads to a suspect no one imagined.
  • She Didn't Come Home
    Episode 3041 mins
    A mother in Pennsylvania disappears after co-workers see her leaving for lunch.
  • A Villainous Plan
    Episode 3183 mins
    A Connecticut bank executive is targeted by criminals who force him to rob his own bank.
  • Facing the Music
    Episode 3541 mins
    The murder of a young schoolteacher in Pennsylvania goes unsolved for years, but investigators discover a new tool that may finally help unlock the murderer's identity.
  • Before Midnight
    Episode 3941 mins
    A successful businesswoman and mother of three is found shot in her office; the investigation into her death leaves a family divided.
  • The Secret Keepers
    Episode 4441 mins
    When the death of a 59-year-old father is found to be unrelated to his ongoing health issues, police begin an investigation and question some of his family members.
  • Before the Storm
    Episode 4641 mins
    A mother of two who vanishes during a storm turns out to be a victim of something sinister.
  • Out of the Darkness
    Episode 5044 mins
    When a wife calls 911 to report her husband has been shot on a country road in Texas, officers rush to the scene.

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