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Compelling mysteries, powerful documentaries, in-depth investigations.
  • Mystery in Orange County
    Mystery in Orange County
    Episode 541 mins
    After a young Army veteran disappears, detectives uncover a cryptic 911 call placed 11 days before she went missing, which exposes a twisted story -- and the truth.
  • Secret Lives
    Secret Lives
    Episode 642 mins
    Detectives uncover secrets of betrayal in an upstate New York town while investigating a young mother's disappearance.
  • The Root of All Evil
    The Root of All Evil
    Episode 841 mins
    After a young father is found dead in his home in Jonesboro, Ark., the authorities search for the killer.
  • Death in the Driveway
    Death in the Driveway
    Episode 1042 mins
    When police find a prominent lawyer dead and his girlfriend bound in duct tape, their investigation leads to a surprising suspect.
  • Poison
    Episode 1143 mins
    Months after a woman and her husband come down with the same mysterious illness, the woman dies after experiencing the same symptoms; old recordings reveal the twisted truth about her demise.
  • Obsession
    Episode 1941 mins
    The investigation into the death of a college student leads authorities to her theater group and a new crime that exposes the truth.
  • Deadly Twist
    Deadly Twist
    Episode 3085 mins
    The murder of a California mother beloved by four men reopens a mystery surrounding another young woman's death that occurred decades earlier.
  • Lethal Weapon
    Lethal Weapon
    Episode 3241 mins
    After a successful young doctor collapses, a blood test reveals cyanide poisoning, resulting in a criminal investigation.
  • Angels & Demons
    Angels & Demons
    Episode 4683 mins
    Mysterious deaths occur inside a traveling commune, starting an investigation that lasts more than a decade; two sisters -- former commune members -- reveal stories that involve lies, lust and greed.
  • Secrets on Hot Springs Drive
    Secrets on Hot Springs Drive
    Episode 4886 mins
    When a mother is murdered in a home invasion the day before her best friend is shot outside the place they both worked, investigators suspect the crimes are linked.
  • The Evil to Come
    The Evil to Come
    Episode 5141 mins
    Investigators follow the trail of a seemingly untraceable late-night call as they search for the killer of businesswoman Peggy Nadell.
  • The Devil in Disguise
    The Devil in Disguise
    Episode 5842 mins
    A woman suspects poisoning when she finds her husband of five months dead on the bedroom floor with no clue as to what happened.

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