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  • Missing Marie
    Episode 52 - 41 mins
    The investigation into a newlywed's disappearance focuses on her job as a CIA employee as a possible clue.
  • Manson
    Episode 51 - 40 mins
    Crimes committed by Charles Manson and his followers in 1969.
  • The Feud
    Episode 49 - 42 mins
    A man dies in a shooting incident after tempers flare in a confrontation in Montana's Glacier National Park.
  • Rear Window
    Episode 48 - 41 mins
    A microscopic clue and a stroke of luck help authorities solve the murder of a young woman.
  • After the Party
    Episode 47 - 42 mins
    Four years after a 28-year-year old's death, a jury must decide if it was suicide or murder.
  • The Informant
    Episode 46 - 42 mins
    A woman's story about an abduction and murder helps reopen a decades-old case that has weighed heavy on a New York town.
  • The House on Sidney's Cove
    Episode 44 - 41 mins
    The security cameras at a woman's home may hold the key to solving the mystery of her disappearance.
  • The Girl with the Red Shoes
    Episode 43 - 42 mins
    A hairdresser-turned-detective uncovers the truth behind the murder of a teenage girl in Utah.
  • House of Secrets
    Episode 42 - 42 mins
    A Cornell student and star athlete gets caught in the middle of a homicide investigation.
  • The Client
    Episode 39 - 42 mins
    Detectives race to find a Little Rock, Ark., realtor who went missing after showing a house.
  • Tangled
    Episode 38 - 42 mins
    After a sudden marriage creates tension between two families, a murder exposes secrets, lies and a long-buried mystery.
  • Consumed
    Episode 37 - 42 mins
    When remains are found amid the rubble after a house fire, authorities soon discover the incident was no accident.
  • Deadly Desire
    Episode 36 - 41 mins
    An Idaho woman's affair with her married boss leads to a lethal confrontation.
  • The Hometown Hero & the Homecoming Queen
    Episode 35 - 41 mins
    After a woman reports a prowler, police find her Olympic bronze medalist husband dead in their backyard.
  • Smoke and Mirrors
    Episode 34 - 41 mins
    When a Chicago woman goes missing, investigators begin to suspect a man in her life.
  • Deadly Devotion
    Episode 33 - 42 mins
    The discovery of an Army captain's death in her El Paso, Texas, home shakes her tight-knit military community.
  • The Deed
    Episode 31 - 40 mins
    An investigation into the murder of a beloved couple in South Carolina reveals a feud and divides a family.
  • A Deadly Path
    Episode 30 - 85 mins
    Park rangers question whether a fatal fall was an accident or the result of an act of violence.
  • The Collector
    Episode 29 - 41 mins
    Detectives suspect an inside job when a coin collector and his wife are found dead in their home.
  • One Small Dose
    Episode 28 - 41 mins
    The drug-related death of a 17-year-old girl sheds light on a new class of synthetic drugs.
  • A Place on the Sand
    Episode 27 - 41 mins
    The mystery of a Florida hotel owner's disappearance confounds family, friends and detectives.
  • The Interrogation
    Episode 26 - 42 mins
    Robert Davis, who was convicted of murdering a woman and her son, claims his confession was coerced.
  • The Face of Evil
    Episode 25 - 42 mins
    As detectives struggle to find leads in the murder of a college student, the perpetrator strikes again.
  • Tangled Web
    Episode 23 - 42 mins
    The investigation into the death of a Florida firefighter reveals a tale of secrets and infidelity.
  • The House on Badger Lane
    Episode 22 - 41 mins
    A thump heard by children in their home one summer morning is the first clue in a shocking mystery.
  • A Bronx Tale
    Episode 20 - 41 mins
    Now exonerated, Eric Glisson discusses the 18 years he spent in prison for a murder he did not commit.
  • Plot Twist
    Episode 16 - 85 mins
    Rachel Buffett, whose ex-fiancé was convicted of two grisly murders, talks about the investigation.
  • Mystery in Big Sky Country
    Episode 15 - 85 mins
    When a young veterinarian is found dead in his home in Montana, the mystery remains unsolved for nearly two decades.
  • Something Sweet
    Episode 13 - 41 mins
    Multiple suspects emerge when a retired corrections officer dies from antifreeze poisoning.
  • Troubled Waters
    Episode 11 - 41 mins
    A model goes undercover to reveal the truth about a cold case involving a mom lost at sea.
  • Under a Full Moon
    Episode 9 - 41 mins
    Detectives track down the killer of a Las Vegas cocktail waitress and mother.
  • Without a Trace
    Episode 7 - 42 mins
    A 29-year-old woman goes missing.
  • Tipping Point
    Episode 6 - 41 mins
    The case of Johnny Hincapie, whose murder conviction was overturned after 25 years.
  • Twisted Tale
    Episode 3 - 40 mins
    An abduction appears to have been a hoax until a similar case pops up.
  • Footprint in the Dust
    Episode 1 - 85 mins
    An arrest is finally made five years after a mother of four disappeared.

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