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An archive of news stories and investigative journalism with compelling mysteries, powerful documentaries and cases about murders and missing people.
  • Secrets of the Snake Farm
    Episode 23 - 83 mins
    The lead investigator speaks out about the murder of world-renowned snake breeder Ben Renick.
  • The Murder of Lorenzen Wright
    Episode 22 - 82 mins
    Updates in the murder case of former NBA star Lorenzen Wright are revealed.
  • Finding Rita
    Episode 21 - 83 mins
    A detective investigating a missing Colorado mother discovers a connection to a previous assault.
  • The Trial of Alex Murdaugh
    Episode 20 - 84 mins
    The latest developments in the trial of once prominent South Carolina lawyer Alex Murdaugh.
  • The Window
    Episode 19 - 82 mins
    A Florida father searches for answers after his daughter dies suspiciously in Belgium.
  • Footprints in the Snow
    Episode 18 - 83 mins
    Colorado detectives investigate the decades-old disappearance of 12-year-old Jonelle Matthews.
  • Who Killed Mindy Morgenstern?
    Episode 17 - 84 mins
    A North Dakota college student is found murdered in her off-campus apartment.
  • On a Dark, Deserted Highway
    Episode 16 - 83 mins
    An inside look at the deadly high-speed chase known as one of Montana's most notorious crimes.
  • The Bad Man
    Episode 15 - 83 mins
    The murder of a New York woman goes unsolved for decades until new investigators join the case.
  • Killings in a College Town
    Episode 14 - 83 mins
    Latest in the investigation into the murder of four University of Idaho students.
  • The Secrets of Birch View Drive
    Episode 13 - 83 mins
    An apparent home invasion leaves a mother dead in a quiet Connecticut community.
  • The Last Walk
    Episode 12 - 83 mins
    A 17-year-old vanishes during spring break in South Carolina.
  • Safari Story
    Episode 11 - 83 mins
    A hunting safari in Zambia ends in a nightmare when a shot rings out from inside the campground.
  • The Figure in the House
    Episode 10 - 83 mins
    Florida detectives investigate a murder mystery in a wealthy gated community.
  • The Trouble at Dill Creek Farm
    Episode 9 - 83 mins
    Investigators embark on a 15 year hunt for the killer of a Wisconsin pharmacist.
  • Dark Waters
    Episode 8 - 83 mins
    Insiders reveal new details about the deaths and legal cases surrounding Alex Murdaugh.
  • Fire & Ice
    Episode 7 - 40 mins
    Firefighters make a grisly discovery while responding to a house fire in a Toronto suburb.
  • Righteous Obsession
    Episode 6 - 83 mins
    The investigation into a deadly home invasion takes a turn when an unlikely witness comes forward.
  • A Walk in the Rain
    Episode 5 - 83 mins
    The disappearance of Sonya Ivanoff sends shockwaves through the small coastal city of Nome, Alaska.
  • A Cool Desert Morning
    Episode 4 - 83 mins
    A family begins a relentless pursuit of justice after the death of Nevada attorney Susan Winters.
  • The Sisterhood
    Episode 3 - 83 mins
    Loved ones of Stacy Feldman join forces to piece together the Denver mother's mysterious death.
  • Wreckage
    Episode 2 - 83 mins
    Texas detectives uncover a trail of sexual assault crimes while investigating a murder.
  • The Last Ride
    Episode 1 - 83 mins
    Insiders reveal new details about the 2022 murder of pro cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson.

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