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  • Twisted Loyalty
    Episode 5140 mins
    Chicago police search for a killer after a nightclub owner is gunned down in his home.
  • House of Horrors
    Episode 5040 mins
    When a mother and son are found dead at home, it takes nearly a decade to unravel what happened.
  • The Story of Somebody
    Episode 4940 mins
    A Chicago mother investigates if police did enough to try to solve the murder of her son.
  • Breakout
    Episode 4840 mins
    A prison volunteer and mother of two speaks out about helping a prisoner escape.
  • Secrets by the Bay
    Episode 4782 mins
    When a San Diego mother suddenly vanishes, investigators work to unravel what happened.
  • A Wanted Man
    Episode 4682 mins
    A surgeon disappears, leaving behind financial ruin and mounting malpractice suits.
  • Window of Opportunity
    Episode 4582 mins
    A mother's stabbing remains unsolved for years until a bombshell reignites the investigation.
  • Killer Role
    Episode 4482 mins
    Members of a movie cast learn their lead actress has been charged with killing her uncle.
  • The Necklace
    Episode 4382 mins
    Private investigator and former police officer Taylor Wright vanishes.
  • The Phone Call
    Episode 4282 mins
    When a woman makes a call naming her killer right before her death, it leads to a father's arrest.
  • Sex, Lies & Murder
    Episode 4182 mins
    When a woman is found dead in her SUV, the investigation reveals a web of sex and lies.
  • Mommy Doomsday
    Episode 4082 mins
    Lori and Chad Daybell, the Idaho couple charged following the deaths of Lori's children.
  • The Waiting Car
    Episode 3940 mins
    A man uses a dating site to meet and murder a college student.
  • The Woman with No Name
    Episode 3840 mins
    An investigator employs the help of armchair detectives and new DNA technology to find a killer.
  • The Life She Wanted
    Episode 3782 mins
    A wife and mother is handcuffed and taken into an unmarked car by a blond woman.
  • COVID One Year Later: Life After Lockdown
    Episode 3640 mins
    Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen; White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain.
  • Return to the Landing
    Episode 3540 mins
    The parents of a missing South Carolina woman open up about the search for their daughter.
  • Collateral Damage
    Episode 3481 mins
    Former NXIVM member Dr. Danielle Roberts defends branding members of the alleged sex cult.
  • The Widower: Episode 3
    Episode 3383 mins
    Thomas Randolph strikes back against his accusers in exclusive jailhouse interviews.
  • The Widower: Episode 2
    Episode 3283 mins
    Detectives investigating a woman's murder hit the road to learn about her husband's past.
  • The Widower: Episode 1
    Episode 3140 mins
    The murder of a Las Vegas wife and mother pits detectives against her wily husband.
  • The Monster at Large
    Episode 3081 mins
    When Susan Woods doesn't show up for work, she is soon discovered dead in her bathtub.
  • Death of a Hometown Hero
    Episode 2882 mins
    Professional basketball player Lorenzen Wright goes missing and is found dead 10 days later.
  • Shannon's Story
    Episode 2740 mins
    A college student goes missing in broad daylight from her off-campus job at a softball field.
  • The Woman at the Bar
    Episode 2682 mins
    A massive manhunt ensues after Lois Riess murders her husband in Minnesota and flees to Florida.
  • Lauren's Promise
    Episode 2540 mins
    A University of Utah athlete reaches out to campus police for help multiple times before her murder.
  • Night of the Summer Solstice
    Episode 2482 mins
    Hikers find a 21-year-old UCLA student's body in a Los Angeles-area train tunnel.
  • The Grudge
    Episode 2342 mins
    The deadly 2020 shooting at U.S. District Court Judge Esther Salas' home.
  • The Prussian Blue Mystery
    Episode 2240 mins
    A woman's mysterious illness reveals a horrific crime.
  • Open Water
    Episode 2182 mins
    A cruise intended to rekindle the love between a woman and her ex-husband leads to her vanishing.
  • Journey for Justice
    Episode 2040 mins
    The families of George Floyd, Jacob Blake Jr. and Eric Garner discuss police violence.
  • The Eastlake Conspiracy
    Episode 1840 mins
    Investigators set up a sting operation after an Ohio resident is offered $50,000 to kill someone.
  • Into the Night
    Episode 1782 mins
    The disappearance of a young Oregon woman leads to an intense manhunt.
  • Far From Spider Lake
    Episode 1682 mins
    A 40-year-old Minnesota woman is shot to death in her bed while her husband and daughter are home.
  • Race for a Vaccine
    Episode 1540 mins
    Interviews with key advisers from President Trump and President-Elect Biden's COVID-19 task forces.
  • Point Blank
    Episode 1482 mins
    Police follow a trail of video evidence as they work to track down a man's killer.
  • Voices for Vanessa
    Episode 1340 mins
    When a soldier vanishes from Fort Hood, her family works to bring attention to her disappearance.
  • 10 Minutes to Sunset
    Episode 1282 mins
    After a dentist is found dead, the main suspect leads investigators on an international manhunt.
  • Hope Whispers
    Episode 1140 mins
    Days after a fight with her mother, a daughter gets the news that her mother is dead.
  • Return to Shalimar Way
    Episode 1082 mins
    Two friends of a woman who appears to die in an accidental fall in the shower seek justice for her.
  • Even the Devil Went to Church
    Episode 940 mins
    When a small-town Alabama resident is murdered, rumors involving a local pastor begin to swirl.
  • A Promise to Helene
    Episode 840 mins
    A murder case remains cold for many years, until a detective's innovative method catches the killer.
  • The Client
    Episode 741 mins
    Detectives race to find a Little Rock, Ark., realtor who went missing after showing a house.
  • The Dead of Night
    Episode 540 mins
    Detectives investigate the disappearance of a mother of two who feared she was being stalked.
  • Lone Star Obsession
    Episode 482 mins
    When a pathologist is found murdered, the investigation reveals jealousies and a love triangle.
  • Tallahassee Trap
    Episode 383 mins
    Florida law professor Dan Markel is found murdered in his garage.
  • Left for Dead
    Episode 283 mins
    The survivor of a horrible attack is convinced police have the wrong suspect.
  • Trouble at the 7-11 Ranch
    Episode 140 mins
    Josh Mankiewicz reports on the mysterious disappearance of a Colorado rancher.

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