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Brooke and her friend, the Makery, have fun in a talking funhouse full of quirky crafts, amazing art, brilliant bakes and inspiring ideas.
  • The Drip

    Episode 1 - 14 mins
    Brooke’s salad bowls inspire her to make a planet, a noodle takeout costume and a monster burger. 
  • Hide and Seek

    Episode 2 - 15 mins
    Brooke plays hide-and-seek and makes a turtle picture, a pizza costume and edible worms.
  • Bags of Fun

    Episode 3 - 14 mins
    Brooke makes a scrunched bag monster, a beach from graham crackers and a super fly bug costume. 
  • Spring Cleaning

    Episode 4 - 15 mins
    Brooke makes an egg carton self-portrait, draws a dragon and creates a robot costume.
  • Party

    Episode 5 - 14 mins
    Brooke and the Makery create a 3D drink picture, a monster smoothie and a wacky wig.
  • Cookie Thief

    Episode 6 - 15 mins
    Brooke makes a wax picture, a hobby horse and fossil cookies.
  • Practical Joker

    Episode 7 - 14 mins
    Brooke gets pranked by the Makery as she creates a volcano, a fake breakfast and a spaceship hat.
  • Wakey Wakey

    Episode 8 - 15 mins
    Brooke makes a sleepy sloth, draws a noisy rattlesnake and builds a jet pack costume.
  • Soup

    Episode 9 - 15 mins
    Brooke is inspired to make a message mole, cheesy feet and a cauliflower costume.
  • The Plant

    Episode 10 - 15 mins
    While entering a plant competition, Brooke makes a bug picture, piggy buns and a fish tank costume.
  • Just the Job

    Episode 11 - 15 mins
    Brooke and the Makery make a superhero sign, turtle buns and a guitar that really rocks.
  • Brooke the Explorer

    Episode 12 - 15 mins
    Brooke makes a bug splat picture, a hot dog mummy and a giant snail costume.
  • Laundry Day

    Episode 13 - 14 mins
    Brooke makes a sock-gobbling monster by recycling an old box and cooks focaccia flowers.
  • What's That Noise?

    Episode 14 - 15 mins
    Brooke is inspired to make a bendy road picture, a pepper octopus dip and a sweet cake costume.
  • Happy Holidays

    Episode 15 - 14 mins
    Brooke wants a vacation and makes crabs from cupcake cases, draws an airplane and makes a spaceship.
  • Fancy Dress

    Episode 16 - 14 mins
    Brooke is off to a costume party and makes a roar-some dinosaur hat and a delicious bread bird.
  • Indoor Picnic

    Episode 17 - 14 mins
    A storm ruins Brooke’s plans, so she makes dino eggs and a breakfast beard for an indoor feast.
  • Burst My Bubbles

    Episode 18 - 14 mins
    The Makery and Brooke make a bath full of bubbles, an eyeball pizza and an incredible castle. 
  • Spooky Day

    Episode 19 - 15 mins
    Brooke makes an apple maggot, pumpkin empanadas and a spooky sports car.
  • Dinner Dilemma

    Episode 20 - 15 mins
    The Makery and Brooke make a fish-face cat, alien cupcakes and a taco costume for a special dinner.
  • Pets

    Episode 21 - 14 mins
    The Makery and Brooke make animal-themed art, including a puppy puppet and a llama costume.
  • Telling Stories

    Episode 22 - 15 mins
    Brooke writes a story about her toy puffer fish before making a chocolate vegetable patch.
  • Energy Boost

    Episode 23 - 14 mins
    The Makery and Brooke make an orangutan door hanger, colorful space bagels and a present. 
  • Nature Trail

    Episode 24 - 15 mins
    A nature trail inspires Brooke to make a flip-flop picture, a banana mouse and a tree costume.
  • Buried Treasure

    Episode 25 - 15 mins
    A treasure map inspires Brooke to make an armadillo picture, a bread bear and a desert island.

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