Shahs of Sunset

Shahs of Sunset

Reality7 SeasonsTV14
Golnesa Gharachedaghi, Mercedes Javid, Mike Shouhed
The members of a group of Persian-American friends juggle their personal lives, careers, families and traditions in Los Angeles.
  • Image is Everything
    Image is Everything
    Episode 144 mins
    Asa is an outcast with her unique wardrobe; MJ shows bitterness towards marriage; GG seems to be jealous of Mike's date.
  • It's My Birthday B...
    It's My Birthday B...
    Episode 244 mins
    GG and MJ's gossiping with Anita causes tempers to flair and threaten Reza's 38th birthday party in Las Vegas.
  • Champagne Wars
    Champagne Wars
    Episode 344 mins
    GG faces the consequences; Mike gets a new real estate listing; Reza throws a Champagne tasting party.
  • Waiting for MJ
    Waiting for MJ
    Episode 444 mins
    Mohamed comes back from vacation and evaluated Sammy's work; Asa feels pressure with her image; MJ shows up late for GG's parents 40th anniversary.
  • The Shahs of Great Neck
    The Shahs of Great Neck
    Episode 544 mins
    GG vents to her sister about Asa and MJ; Reza goes to Long Island to confront his father and discovers shocking family history.
  • Old Friends New Problems
    Old Friends New Problems
    Episode 644 mins
    Romantic tension runs between Mike and GG; Sammy and MJ set each other up on a double blind date; MJ confronts her mother.
  • The Whisky Makes You Frisky
    The Whisky Makes You Frisky
    Episode 143 mins
    Asa moves back to her Venice mansion; MJ and her mother get into a fight at a birthday dinner; Reza becomes friends with a Persian Princess.
  • The Persian Nose Business
    The Persian Nose Business
    Episode 243 mins
    MJ talks with a therapist about her issues with her mom and realizes there are more than she'd thought; Mike faces obstacles in his relationship; Asa an GG's resentments come to a head.
  • I Love You But I Don't Like You
    I Love You But I Don't Like You
    Episode 343 mins
    GG's behavior at the pool party divides the crew; Asa has an outrageous business plan; GG and her sister fight.
  • You Shouldn't Have Worn That Dress
    You Shouldn't Have Worn That Dress
    Episode 443 mins
    Asa brings her celebrity boyfriend lunch on the job; Mike struggles to tell his parents about his new job; Reza and MJ are forced to confront their feelings.
  • Please Bring a Man
    Please Bring a Man
    Episode 543 mins
    GG finds out that Omid has been going out with her friends and without her; Reza decides to patch things up with MJ; MJ throws herself a birthday party and must choose to invite GG or everyone else.
  • You Took an Ambien
    You Took an Ambien
    Episode 643 mins
    The group decides on a long weekend in Cabo; GG is left out of the vacation and instead decides to prove her worth as a businesswoman; Lilly and MJ are forced together; Asa's outburst causes tempers to rise.
  • Mo-Cedes, Mo Problems
    Mo-Cedes, Mo Problems
    Episode 743 mins
    The group gathers on a yacht; GG struggles to pull a launch party together; Asa, Reza and Mike start having doubts about Lilly.
  • Happy New Year
    Happy New Year
    Episode 843 mins
    Asa is finally able to produce her first tank of "Diamond Water"; GG questions her friendship with MJ; Mike brings his girlfriend to meet his parents.
  • Hard for Me to Say I'm Sorry
    Hard for Me to Say I'm Sorry
    Episode 943 mins
    MJ finally asks her mom to attend therapy with her after a breakdown at lunch; a friend tells Lilly that her business might not be "respectable" for a Persian wife; Reza rallies everyone together to make a decision about GG.
  • Persh-A-Pelooza
    Episode 1043 mins
    Mike is on a mission to convince his parents that Jessica is "the one"; Reza decides to get serious about his relationship with Adam; Lilly breaks up with Ali.
  • Reunion
    Episode 1143 mins
    Asa and GG face each other for the first time since the dinner party in the finale; accusations are made; details of MJ's criminal past are uncovered.
  • Reunion
    Episode 1243 mins
    Reza and MJ reveal behind-the-scenes drama.
  • Lost Footage
    Lost Footage
    Episode 1343 mins
    Drama not included in the season; the early days of Reza and Lilly's friendship; MJ's drinking problem.
  • Only Guilty Men Bring Flowers
    Only Guilty Men Bring Flowers
    Episode 143 mins
    Reza tries to fix things with MJ; Mike's girlfriend Jessica agrees to convert to Judaism; GG apologizes to Asa; Lilly throws herself a birthday party, but doesn't invite MJ.
  • These People Are Not Your Friends
    These People Are Not Your Friends
    Episode 243 mins
    Asa visits the Diamond Water bottling plant; Reza and Adam decide to move in together; GG pressures her boyfriend into making a commitment; MJ and Lilly meet face-to-face, leaving the others to choose sides.
  • Bad Things Happen When I Eat Salami
    Bad Things Happen When I Eat Salami
    Episode 343 mins
    MJ's time back in the fold is short-lived; GG retaliates against MJ; Mike helps his family plan a party.
  • Sorry. Not Sorry.
    Sorry. Not Sorry.
    Episode 442 mins
    Mike uses an odd method to try to get more business; GG and her family go on a rafting trip and invite Reza, who tricks MJ into going with him; MJ still refuses to apologize to GG.
  • Fresh Off the Boat
    Fresh Off the Boat
    Episode 543 mins
    MJ and Vida work on their relationship; Asa reveals her plans; Reza's boyfriend brings home a surprise Persian neighbor.
  • Persian Pride
    Persian Pride
    Episode 643 mins
    Mike decides Reza and MJ should not ride on the Club Nur float during the LA Pride parade; Asa, Lilly and GG wrestle with the stories they hear about Reza.
  • The Velvet Rage
    The Velvet Rage
    Episode 743 mins
    Mike and Jessica attend conversion class; GG and Leila argue about MJ hanging around; Lilly hosts an over-the-top dog birthday party; Reza enters therapy to deal with his recent outbursts.
  • Caught in a Bad Bro-Mance
    Caught in a Bad Bro-Mance
    Episode 843 mins
    Asa tries to help GG cope with her anger issues; Mike gets frustrated while shopping for a ring; Reza and Adam host a housewarming party but leave some people off the guest list.
  • Sometimes You Just Have to Drink It Off
    Sometimes You Just Have to Drink It Off
    Episode 943 mins
    MJ tries to regain files she deleted from her computer; Mike meets with some questionable friends; Asa prepares for the debut of her Diamond Water with a launch party.
  • The Buttery, Chocolate Croissant
    The Buttery, Chocolate Croissant
    Episode 1043 mins
    Asa brings a tentative peace between MJ and GG; the girls try to get Reza and Mike to make up, but it backfires.
  • In Love There Must Be Torture
    In Love There Must Be Torture
    Episode 1143 mins
    MJ takes her revenge on GG; Reza and Lilly have a fateful conversation; Asa debuts her first big art show.
  • Return to the Homeland
    Return to the Homeland
    Episode 1243 mins
    The gang takes a trip to Turkey for Asa's family reunion; GG and MJ finally make nice; Mike has a startling realization; Reza wrestles with his identity; Asa and her mom have an emotional reunion with their family.
  • Return to the Homeland
    Return to the Homeland
    Episode 1343 mins
    The group plans a yachting trip; GG and Reza combat seasickness; a debate over women wearing the veil breaks out; Asa organizes a trip to the Iranian border for herself, her mom and Reza; MJ has an emotional epiphany.
  • Is This 40?
    Is This 40?
    Episode 1443 mins
    Mike and Reza realize their partnership must end for the sake of their friendship; Mike takes Jessica out for a relaxing night; GG and MJ visit a doctor about freezing GG's eggs.
  • Reunion
    Episode 1543 mins
    The cast sits down with Andy Cohen.
  • Reunion
    Episode 1643 mins
    Reza, MJ, Mike, Lilly, Asa and GG discuss the season with Andy Cohen.
  • I Am Gay Ghandi
    I Am Gay Ghandi
    Episode 144 mins
    The Shahs ring in the Persian New Year surrounded by loved ones and friends; during the celebration, Mike picks a fight with Asifa's boyfriend, Bobby, over a fashion misstep, prompting Reza to step in as peacemaker.
  • What Happened in Turkey?
    What Happened in Turkey?
    Episode 243 mins
    Mike's girlfriend, Jessica, completes her conversion to Judaism with an ocean swim; GG reveals a secret she's been harboring since the group's trip to Turkey; while the gang soaks up the sun, Mike faces off with Asifa's boyfriend, Bobby, again.
  • The Devil's Staycation
    The Devil's Staycation
    Episode 343 mins
    A guest makes controversial comments at the retreat in Malibu, Calif., sparking a heated argument.; Reza names MJ as his maid of honor; Reza's fiancé's parents visit for the first time, laying bare an old family wound.
  • The Secret Is Out
    The Secret Is Out
    Episode 443 mins
    When details about the trip to Turkey emerge, Reza, Asa and MJ start to wonder if GG is telling the truth; Reza starts to wonder if his relationship with Adam is going stale; GG finds out about Mike's engagement and spills the beans to the rest.
  • It's Nuclear Now
    It's Nuclear Now
    Episode 543 mins
    While Asa and Reza debate breaking their promise to GG in order to warn Mike about the rumors, GG beats them to the punch and confronts Mike about what happened in Turkey.
  • Will You Marry Me?
    Will You Marry Me?
    Episode 643 mins
    Mike separates himself from the group; MJ enlists the help of Reza to prepare her boyfriend for a surprise brunch with her mother; Asifa and Bobby finally move in together; Mike pops the question to his longtime girlfriend, Jessica.
  • Crunch vs. Munch
    Crunch vs. Munch
    Episode 743 mins
    Reality sets in for Reza as he faces the truth about marrying Adam; GG enlists MJ's help to get back into the dating scene; Asa nears a breaking point; everyone agrees to a game of dodgeball to relieve pent-up tension.
  • An Inconclusive Truth
    An Inconclusive Truth
    Episode 843 mins
    Despite growing reservations about his relationship with Adam, Reza goes on a diet in anticipation of his upcoming nuptials; Mike dives into wedding planning while trying to reconnect with Reza; GG takes a polygraph test; MJ suffers a loss.
  • Can't Fake the Funk
    Can't Fake the Funk
    Episode 943 mins
    In Hollywood, Asa creates an art piece involving a flash mob with veiled performers; GG takes a second polygraph test with surprising results; Mike tries to make peace over dinner, then Jessica unleashes a martini-fueled tirade against the crew.
  • One Wedding and a Dog Funeral
    One Wedding and a Dog Funeral
    Episode 1043 mins
    With wedding plans still unsettled, Reza decides to have a destination wedding in Thailand; Asifa gives herself a Bollywood themed birthday party; Reza rescinds Mike's wedding invitation, creating chaos at Pablo's memorial service.
  • Tale of Two Parties
    Tale of Two Parties
    Episode 1143 mins
    As Reza and Adam get their marriage license, it becomes clear that Reza is on the verge of backing out; MJ plans Reza's bachelor party without Asa's knowledge, throwing a booze-fueled, go-go boy bash; Asa is upset about the secret soirée.
  • Bubbles of Fertility
    Bubbles of Fertility
    Episode 1254 mins
    As the big day approaches, the problems continue to mount, and Adam accompanies Reza to a therapy session where Reza is forced to make a decision about their future; MJ finds the courage to see a fertility doctor.
  • Big Trouble in Little Phuket
    Big Trouble in Little Phuket
    Episode 1343 mins
    Mike decides to meet with GG to discuss the rumor that have been swirling for months; the group embarks for Thailand to attend Reza's destination wedding; Asifa and Bobby approach their breaking point while 8,000 miles from home.
  • Lions and Buddhists and Persians, Oh My!
    Lions and Buddhists and Persians, Oh My!
    Episode 1443 mins
    In Thailand, the group visits a Buddhist temple; the crew gathers at what is supposed to be Reza and Adam's reception; Reza struggles with the impact of his decision; Mike faces a choice between his future wife and his lifelong friends.
  • Reunion
    Episode 1543 mins
    Andy Cohen sits down with the group for the first time since the season finale in Thailand; GG and Mike discuss the rumor that divided the group; MJ and Asa face-off over Reza's bachelor party; Reza reveals the status of his relationship with Adam.
  • Reunion
    Episode 1643 mins
    MJ talks about her love life; Reza returns after his heated departure; Bobby joins a tearful Asifa on the couch; Jessica paces in her trailer before joining the rest; the group erupts when Andy Cohen shares shocking news about Mike's new wife.
  • Persian of the Pacific
    Persian of the Pacific
    Episode 143 mins
    Reza reveals to Asa that he's finally ready to marry Adam; Mike tells Jessica he's finally ready to reconnect with his old friends; when the group comes together at Shervin's 35th birthday party, a troubled GG threatens to ruin the celebration.
  • C'est la Vida
    C'est la Vida
    Episode 243 mins
    Reza encounters opposition when he announces his plans for a surprise wedding; Jessica tells Mike what she expects from married life; Asa struggles with her new family business; MJ prepares to introduce the new man in her life to her mother, Vida.
  • Oy Vey, MJ!
    Oy Vey, MJ!
    Episode 343 mins
    GG's health issues escalate and she calls on Shervin for support during a painful medical procedure; Mike and Jessica throw a backyard Shabbat party, but tensions fray when MJ reveals a secret Reza's not ready to share.
  • Are We Out of the Woods Yet?
    Are We Out of the Woods Yet?
    Episode 443 mins
    Asa deals with the stress of a new business and a photo shoot for her new clothing line, Asa Kaftans; the group plans a camping trip to address GG's erratic behavior; Mike and Jessica spend a night a home during which marital issues emerge.
  • Back to Nurture
    Back to Nurture
    Episode 543 mins
    The camping trip turns into an intervention; Mike refuses to confide in his friends while dealing with his crumbling marriage; the group bonds while tackling a ropes course; GG refuses to confront her real issues.
  • A Cat-Astrophic Night
    A Cat-Astrophic Night
    Episode 643 mins
    Back from camping, a reinvigorated MJ focuses on starting a family with Tommy; Mike and Jessica start therapy; Shervin goes on a date with a sexy Australian; at Asa's mother's retirement party, the group discovers a bombshell about Mike.
  • Surprise! You're Married
    Surprise! You're Married
    Episode 743 mins
    Reza and Asa head to Palm Springs, Calif., to plan Reza's surprise wedding to Adam; Mike shows up without his wife; as an unsuspecting Adam arrives, Reza becomes increasingly anxious over whether Adam has recovered from last year's canceled wedding.
  • Six Persians Walk Into a Bar
    Six Persians Walk Into a Bar
    Episode 843 mins
    MJ faces fallout over her disintegrating relationship with Tommy; Reza throws himself headfirst into stand-up comedy; the group rallies together for Reza's debut comedy performance; Mike makes a valiant attempt to win his wife back.
  • Lights, Camera, Kaftans!
    Lights, Camera, Kaftans!
    Episode 943 mins
    After a night of romance, Mike and Jessica discuss how to go about repairing their relationship; MJ confides in Asa that Tommy has moved out; Shervin accosts GG about the rumors concerning her illness at Asa's debut fashion show for Asa Kaftans.
  • Belize It or Not
    Belize It or Not
    Episode 1043 mins
    Reza plans a group trip to Belize in an effort to save Mike and Jessica's marriage; as the group touches down in the jungle, Mike waits nervously for his wife to arrive; MJ contemplates life without Tommy; GG's resentments spill over during dinner.
  • Trouble in Paradise
    Trouble in Paradise
    Episode 1143 mins
    Mike escapes his marital problems by going sightseeing in the Belizean rainforest with Shervin, Nima and GG; a visitor surprises the group; Reza confronts Mike with newfound proof about his marriage, forcing Mike to reveal a dark secret.
  • Is It Too Late to Say I'm Sorry?
    Is It Too Late to Say I'm Sorry?
    Episode 1243 mins
    While exploring Mayan ruins, an altercation between Reza and GG threatens to destroy the trip; Mike asks Asa for help winning his wife back; GG embarks on a drastic new health regimen that shocks her inner circle; Reza returns to the comedy stage.
  • Mr. Shouhed's Wild Ride
    Mr. Shouhed's Wild Ride
    Episode 1343 mins
    Reza and MJ make an unpleasant discovery about Jessica; Shervin tries to convince GG to patch things up with Reza; the group rallies together at Mike's shoe launch in Beverly Hills.
  • La Vida Loca
    La Vida Loca
    Episode 1443 mins
    MJ struggles to let go of old belongings; Mike poses for Asa's art show photos; Reza and Adam make their marriage official; MJ plans a "rebirth" ceremony at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.
  • OMGG
    Episode 1543 mins
    MJ decides to marry Tommy; Reza and Adam discuss having children; Mike decides to move forward without Jessica; old wounds reopen at the unveiling of Asa's photography project; Reza and GG reach a point of no return.
  • Reunion
    Episode 1643 mins
    Golneza and Reza pick up their relationship where it left off; Asa and Mercedes butt heads; Mike opens up about his pending divorce from Jessica; Mama Vida Javid expresses brutally honest opinions about her daughter's tight-knit circle.
  • Reunion
    Episode 1743 mins
    Asa is chastised for refusing to share her "real" life on camera; Golnesa faces difficult truths about her rheumatoid arthritis; a heartbreaking meltdown leads to an unexpected moment.
  • The Miracle Baby
    The Miracle Baby
    Episode 143 mins
    MJ and Tommy butt heads with a neighbor; Asa reveals her "miracle" pregnancy to Reza; former "train wreck" GG practices Zen; Mike hosts a housewarming party; Asa's announcement forces MJ and Reza to face a crossroads in their own lives.
  • A Long Trip for a Short Apology
    A Long Trip for a Short Apology
    Episode 243 mins
    Reza and Adam throw an anniversary celebration, during which Shervin reveals he is an exclusive relationship with Annalise; Shervin hosts a party and invites Reza and GG; GG apologizes to Adam while avoiding Reza; MJ and Reza visit her father.
  • Hava Nagila, Hava Tequila
    Hava Nagila, Hava Tequila
    Episode 343 mins
    A planned trip to Israel causes a rift; Reza throws a Peace in the Middle East costume party to bring about harmony; GG tries responsibility on for size during LA Fashion Week; MJ and Tommy decide to take the next step toward becoming parents.
  • Let My People Go
    Let My People Go
    Episode 443 mins
    Reza and Adam explore both surrogacy and adoption; GG introduces her Jewish boyfriend to her Muslim parents; the Shahs are excited about their trip to Israel; after a wild night out, MJ's friends wonder whether she's ready to be a mother.
  • Dreidels and Betrayals
    Dreidels and Betrayals
    Episode 543 mins
    Asa plans a trip to the ancient Israeli city of Akko to shoot a documentary, but her plan backfires as religious tension between Mike and GG comes to a head; during an emotional trip to the Western Wall, Reza attempts to tap into his Jewish side.
  • Hooray for Holy Land!
    Hooray for Holy Land!
    Episode 643 mins
    During their journey towards enlightenment in Israel, drama erupts when Asa drops a bombshell during a group lunch at the Dead Sea; GG makes a decision that involves her boyfriend, Shalom; Asa reveals the gender of her baby during a group dinner.
  • You Got Sherv'd
    You Got Sherv'd
    Episode 743 mins
    Asa begins to feel more isolated from the crew; Mike decides it's time to move forward with his love life; MJ hears some gossip about Shervin; GG's roller-skating party turns into an interrogation as Shervin confronts the rumors about him.
  • The Art of Deflection
    The Art of Deflection
    Episode 843 mins
    As Reza and Adam find out if their swimmers are strong enough to produce a little Farahan of their own, MJ continues to question how Asa became pregnant; Mike pushes forward with his baby shoe venture; Asa screens the video she filmed in Israel.
  • A Tale of Two Turkeys
    A Tale of Two Turkeys
    Episode 943 mins
    Reza discovers that Mike is not officially divorced; the Shahs try to put their differences aside as they head to a homeless shelter; Shervin and Asa have separate Thanksgiving dinners.
  • The Lying Game
    The Lying Game
    Episode 1054 mins
    MJ takes steps to renovate her condominium; Shervin and Annalise have an unwanted guest who brings some unwanted news; GG's boyfriend helps her pack; Reza plans to put on a play of his own; MJ tells her mother that she wants to have a baby.
  • The Shahs Take Manhattan
    The Shahs Take Manhattan
    Episode 1143 mins
    As the crew sets out on a trip to see GG's performance, everyone is at a crossroads in their relationships; Reza and Adam meet with a gay rabbi to find some clarity in regards to their future; MJ and Tommy endure the aftermath of a fight.
  • Sex (Tips) in the City
    Sex (Tips) in the City
    Episode 1243 mins
    GG prepares for opening night; Destiney's big night is interrupted by Shervin's arrival; LaToya Jackson gives Asa advice on how to deal with being a member of a famous family; the subject of GG's play may put her newly-engaged status in danger.
  • The Thread That Broke the Shahs' Backs
    The Thread That Broke the Shahs' Backs
    Episode 1343 mins
    GG and Reza uncover some information regarding Mike and Jessica's relationship; Asa makes a decision regarding her future with the group; Reza makes a statement to the world with his play; Reza makes a comment that may push Adam over the edge.
  • Reunion
    Episode 1443 mins
    Host Andy Cohen sits down with the Shahs who look back at their trip to Israel and reopen old wounds; Asa accuses Mike of being racially insensitive; Asa confronts Mercedes, causing years of conflict to reach a breaking point.
  • Reunion
    Episode 1543 mins
    Golnesa's estranged husband pays a surprise visit; Mike delivers the final word on his future with his ex-wife; Shervin addresses the infidelity rumors; Reza and husband Adam surprise their friends with jaw-dropping news; Andy Cohen hosts.
  • A Short Kiss Goodnight
    A Short Kiss Goodnight
    Episode 143 mins
    Mike is single and ready to mingle with new crush Mona; Nema only has eyes for GG, who is still in the middle of a contentious divorce; the Shahs make a group trip to the mountains, where they work to maintain their balance on the slopes.
  • It's My Party and I'll Make You Cry if I Want to
    It's My Party and I'll Make You Cry if I Want to
    Episode 243 mins
    Reza and MJ make an exciting announcement that incites an argument; Mike has a reluctant but hardworking project manager in Reza, who becomes irritated with Mike's reliance on him; MJ's Valentine's Day party ends with a dramatic showdown.
  • A Date With Destiney
    A Date With Destiney
    Episode 343 mins
    MJ rides an emotional roller coaster as she deals with the fallout from the Valentine's Day party, as well as her father's declining health; Nema comes clean to his live-in girlfriend about his flirtation with GG and faces the consequences.
  • Javid Shah: Long Live the King
    Javid Shah: Long Live the King
    Episode 443 mins
    After the tragic loss of her father, MJ tries to maintain her stability while continuing to plan her wedding; Nema is put in an awkward position when his crush, GG, and his ex-girlfriend come face to face at his sister Mona's birthday party.
  • Bridal Bath Wrath
    Bridal Bath Wrath
    Episode 543 mins
    As she prepares for her Bridal Bath in Palm Springs, Calif., MJ continues to deal with the loss of her father and becomes frustrated with Tommy's lack of participation in planning their wedding; Reza invests a large sum of money into his business.
  • Emeralds Aren't Forever
    Emeralds Aren't Forever
    Episode 643 mins
    The Shahs ring in Nowruz with food, fun and plenty of drama; Mike chooses not to invite his girlfriend to the festivities; Reza tries to tell Adam about his costly investment; GG attempts to take the next steps in her divorce proceedings.
  • It's Passover: Let Your Girlfriend Go!
    It's Passover: Let Your Girlfriend Go!
    Episode 743 mins
    Hoping to get to the root of her issues with men, Destiney hires a private detective to find her father; Reza confronts his own daddy issues and realizes he may not be ready for children; Mike moves forward with his relationship with Morgan.
  • Clash of the Persians
    Clash of the Persians
    Episode 843 mins
    The Shahs take Las Vegas by storm for MJ's last trip as a single woman; GG's progress with Shalom regresses; Mike's relationship with Morgan takes a hit, sending him into a spiral that tests more than one of his relationships within the crew.
  • Sex, Lies, and iPhone Videos
    Sex, Lies, and iPhone Videos
    Episode 943 mins
    After a fun night of clubbing in Vegas, the group wakes up and makes a shocking discovery about Mike; MJ's wedding preparations continue with her first dress fitting; GG takes her weed business to the next level with help from Nema.
  • The Prenup Hiccup
    The Prenup Hiccup
    Episode 1043 mins
    MJ and Tommy prepare for their wedding; GG throws the official launch party for WüSah with Nema's guidance; Mike continues on his path toward self-improvement with a little help from his father; Reza and MJ say goodbye to Shams.
  • Vida Knows Best
    Vida Knows Best
    Episode 1143 mins
    MJ feels the pressure of finalizing her wedding, planning for a baby and managing her mother, Vida; Mike and Reza bond over Mike's investment; GG takes steps to filing divorce paperwork; Destiney gets help on her rocky road to finding her father.
  • Bless This Mess
    Bless This Mess
    Episode 1243 mins
    MJ and Tommy struggle to convince Vida to give them her blessing before getting married; Reza launches his hair care business; Nema develops his Persian "street cred;" MJ takes an ill-advised detour on the way to the altar.
  • A Very MJ Wedding
    A Very MJ Wedding
    Episode 1354 mins
    MJ's wedding unfolds in typical MJ fashion, sprinkled with chaos and complications; as the bride attempts to make it down the aisle in one piece, the Shahs are forced to confront their feelings about marriage while contemplating their futures.
  • Reunion
    Episode 1443 mins
    Mercedes and Tommy have life-changing news to share with their friends; Reza and Adam recount the hurdles that led them to the brink of divorce; Destiney and Nema question Mike's treatment of women; the group confronts Golnesa about her smoking.
  • Reunion
    Episode 1543 mins
    Destiney re-examines the emotionally draining search for her father; Nema and Golnesa come clean about their flirtation; Mike and Reza deal with their fallout in Las Vegas; Mercedes divulges secrets about her wedding.

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