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The members of a group of Persian-American friends juggle their personal lives, careers, families and traditions in Los Angeles.
  • Only Guilty Men Bring Flowers

    Episode 1 - 43 mins
    Reza tries to fix things with MJ; Mike's girlfriend, Jessica, agrees to convert to Judaism.
  • These People Are Not Your Friends

    Episode 2 - 43 mins
    Asa visits the Diamond Water bottling plant; Reza and Adam decide to move in together.
  • Bad Things Happen When I Eat Salami

    Episode 3 - 43 mins
    MJ's time back in the fold is short-lived; GG retaliates against MJ.
  • Sorry. Not Sorry.

    Episode 4 - 42 mins
    Mike uses an odd method to try to get more business; GG and her family go on a rafting trip.
  • Fresh Off the Boat

    Episode 5 - 43 mins
    MJ and Vida work on their relationship; Reza's boyfriend brings home a neighbor.
  • Persian Pride

    Episode 6 - 43 mins
    Mike decides Reza and MJ should not ride on the Club Nur float during the LA Pride parade.
  • The Velvet Rage

    Episode 7 - 43 mins
    Mike and Jessica attend a conversion class; GG and Leila argue about MJ hanging around.
  • Caught in a Bad Bro-Mance

    Episode 8 - 43 mins
    Asa tries to help GG cope with her anger issues; Mike gets frustrated while ring shopping.
  • Sometimes You Just Have to Drink It Off

    Episode 9 - 43 mins
    MJ tries to regain files she deleted from her computer; Mike meets with some questionable friends.
  • The Buttery, Chocolate Croissant

    Episode 10 - 43 mins
    Asa brings a tentative peace between MJ and GG; the girls try to get Reza and Mike to make up.
  • In Love There Must Be Torture

    Episode 11 - 43 mins
    MJ takes her revenge on GG; Reza and Lilly have a fateful conversation.
  • Return to the Homeland Part 1

    Episode 12 - 43 mins
    The gang takes a trip to Turkey for Asa's family reunion; GG and MJ finally make nice.
  • Return to the Homeland Part 2

    Episode 13 - 43 mins
    The group plans a yachting trip; GG and Reza combat seasickness; a debate breaks out.
  • Is This 40?

    Episode 14 - 43 mins
    Mike and Reza realize their partnership must end for the sake of their friendship.
  • Reunion Part 1

    Episode 15 - 43 mins
    Andy Cohen presides over a reunion featuring the "Shahs of Sunset" gang addressing Season 2's drama.
  • Reunion Part 2

    Episode 16 - 43 mins
    Reza, MJ, Mike, Lilly, Asa and GG discuss the season with Andy Cohen.

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