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Sasha Gates, Autumn Ajirotutu, Barbie Blank
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  • The WAG Life
    Episode 143 mins
    A rivalry begins when Natalie and Olivia offend fellow WAG and ex-WWE diva, Barbie Blank.
  • Set a Date or Die!
    Episode 243 mins
    Nicole arranges a semi-nude photo shoot to test Natalie and Olivia's image issues.
  • Is It Another Girl?
    Episode 343 mins
    Ashley is doubtful of Dashon's fidelity when their wedding is postponed; Barbie causes a stir.
  • Never Have I Ever
    Episode 443 mins
    Natalie and Olivia try to grow their Insta-Famous business, but hit a snag.
  • Mexican Standoff
    Episode 543 mins
    The WAGs take a trip to Mexico for Natalie's birthday; Autumn second-guesses going with them.
  • For Love or Money
    Episode 643 mins
    Natalie is challenged with choosing between her career and her relationship with Shaun.
  • I Kissed a Girl
    Episode 743 mins
    Nicole and Barbie are at odds over a trip to the male strip club during Barbie's bachelorette party.
  • You're In a Fake Relationship
    Episode 843 mins
    Natalie has cold feet about taking her relationship with Shaun to the next level.
  • WAGS Collide
    Episode 143 mins
    Sophia brings Autumn's husband's cheating scandal to light; Natalie confronts Sasha.
  • Foul Play
    Episode 243 mins
    Barbie throws the first pitch; a feud between Autumn and Natalie threatens the trip.
  • DM Drama
    Episode 343 mins
    Olivia reveals to new WAG Tia that her boyfriend may not be as trustworthy as she thought.
  • Secrets in Sin City
    Episode 443 mins
    Natalie invites Shaun to Vegas in the hope of repairing their relationship; Sasha's surprise.
  • Cheat Sheet
    Episode 543 mins
    Barbie becomes enraged when she finds out that Larry may propose to Nicole during her wedding.
  • A Wag Wedding
    Episode 643 mins
    The WAGS head to Cabo San Lucas for Barbie's wedding; Nicole's wedding fever causes issues.
  • WAG Interference
    Episode 743 mins
    Larry's ex-girlfriend accuses Nicole of being a home wrecker; Marcedes faces backlash.
  • Moving on Out
    Episode 843 mins
    Medium Tyler Henry makes a visit to the WAGS; Nicole may cause her relationship with Larry to end.
  • New Blood
    Episode 943 mins
    Autumn introduces several LA Rams wives; Olivia deals with a long-distance relationship.
  • Pegging Party
    Episode 1043 mins
    Tia arranges a lesson; Natalie and Olivia receive an invitation to become brand ambassadors.
  • Trouble in Paradise
    Episode 1143 mins
    Nicole's crazy antics cause Larry to think about calling off the proposal; Sasha and Tia argue.
  • Thai the Knot
    Episode 1243 mins
    The WAGS explore Phuket; Tia reveals a huge secret about her dating life; Larry proposes.
  • Wag War
    Episode 143 mins
    Dominique Penn attempts to mend the rift between Sasha and Autumn.
  • Thirsty Thots
    Episode 243 mins
    Sasha invites Natalie and Olivia to her hometown in Trinidad; Olivia deals with Instagram faux pas.
  • Trouble in Paradise
    Episode 343 mins
    Autumn questions Dom's loyalty; Barbie has marriage issues; Natalie goes on first real date.
  • 50 Shades of Shade
    Episode 443 mins
    Barbie sees a therapist; Natalie gets her groove back; Autumn's game night that ends in tears.
  • No Ring, No Deal
    Episode 543 mins
    Autumn and Sasha try to hash out their problems; Natalie and Olivia launch their clothing line.
  • Bachelorette Brawl
    Episode 643 mins
    Michelle and Brian deal with unexpected trade news; Nicole worries about Larry's bachelor party.
  • Party Crasher
    Episode 743 mins
    Nicole decides to crash Larry's bachelor party in Columbia; Michelle deals with the death of an ex.
  • WAG Wedding Bells
    Episode 843 mins
    Nicole has her dream wedding; Natalie looks for closure with her ex; Barbie deals with a revelation.

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