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Angela Martin

Angela Kinsey

Angela Martin is the lead accountant for Dunder Mifflin Scranton. As the head of accounting, she maintains the financial workflow at the branch level and supervises the work of fellow accountants Oscar Martinez and Kevin Malone. Alongside her daily duties, Martin has been in charge of the Party Planning Committee, overseeing the conceptualization and execution for dozens of successful Dunder Mifflin office parties, birthday parties, etc. Her attention to detail, love of scrutiny, and lack of height have made her tall in spirit and an invaluable member of the Dunder Mifflin family.

Martin is an avid cat lover, vegetarian, and church goer. Her late cat Bandit was the inspiration for Dunder Mifflin's short-lived “Pet Day” event and, subsequently, the inspiration for Dunder Mifflin's policy against keeping pets in the office beyond Pet Day. Martin is now married to her old co-worker Dwight K. Schrute. The family lives happily together on their beet farm located in Honesdale, PA.

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Top Angela Martin Episodes
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The Office Season 4 Episode 1

Fun Run Part 1

S4 E1 . 21 min
A freak accident causes Michael to think the office is cursed; Michael decides to hold a charity 5K fun run; further developments in co-workers' romances.

The Office Season 3 Episode 10

A Benihana Christmas Part 1

S3 E10 . 22 min
Strife on the party-planning committee results in two competing Christmas parties; Michael gets dumped for the holidays.

The Office Season 5 Episode 11

Moroccan Christmas

S5 E11 . 21 min
Meredith's hair catches fire at Phyllis' Moroccan-themed Christmas party; Dwight corners the market on the hottest toy of the holiday season.

The Office Season 3 Episode 3

The Coup

S3 E3 . 22 min
After Jan busts Michael for having a "movie Monday," Angela pushes Dwight to make a play for Michael's job.

The Office Season 5 Episode 20

New Boss

S5 E20 . 21 min
Michael makes big plans for his 15th anniversary party at Dunder Mifflin; Jim plays a prank on Dwight that has unexpected results.

The Office Season 5 Episode 12

The Duel

S5 E12 . 21 min
Andy remains unaware of Angela's affair with Dwight; Michael is nervous about a corporate meeting with Wallace (Andy Buckley).

The Office Season 9 Episode 22

Livin' the Dream Part 1

S9 E22 . 21 min
Andy decides to quit his job and pursue his dream; Dwight has his best day ever at work; Jim comes back to Scranton to spend more time with Pam.

The Office Season 6 Episode 25

The Chump

S6 E25 . 22 min
Michael is surprisingly cheerful after learning bad news about Donna; new parents Pam and Jim have a hard time staying awake at the office; Dwight refuses to honor a contract.

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