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Ryan Howard

B. J. Novak

Ryan Howard is credited as having one of the most storied journeys in Dunder Mifflin corporate history. He joined the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch in 2004 as a temporary employee before being promoted as a full-time member of the sales staff. After pursuing his MBA at the University of Scranton's Kania School of Business, Howard was chosen to replace Jan Levinson-Gould as the youngest Vice President of Northeast Sales in Dunder Mifflin history at the Corporate Offices in Manhattan. After the infamous Dunder Mifflin Infinity scandal and his subsequent arrest, Howard was removed from his role and joined the Michael Scott Paper Company alongside Pam Beesly. Upon merging with Dunder Mifflin, Howard was welcomed back into the Dunder Mifflin family at the Scranton Branch where he once again served under his mentor, Michael Scott. Thanks to Ryan Howard, all Dunder Mifflin Regional Offices now adhere to a strict “No Cheesy Pita” policy in order to avoid any fires or fire-related incidents.

After returning to Scranton, Ryan began focusing on his many other entrepreneurial pursuits, including his startup company, WUPHF.com and a line of salsas and pestos. Howard is mentioned extensively in human resources files in connection to Kelly Kapoor.

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Top Ryan Howard Episodes
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The Office Season 7 Episode 9


S7 E9 . 22 min
Michael helps convince people to invest in Ryan's Internet company; trying to capitalize on Thanksgiving, Dwight creates a hay festival in the parking lot; a new policy prevents Jim from earning commission.

The Office Season 4 Episode 5

Launch Party Part 1

S4 E5 . 21 min
Michael anticipates going to New York for the company's Web site launch party; Dwight tries to sell more paper in one day than the Web site does.

The Office Season 1 Episode 1


S1 E1 . 23 min
When a documentary crew arrives at Mifflin, manager Michael Scott attempts to paint a rosy picture but fails after learning the company will be downsizing.

The Office Season 2 Episode 4

The Fire

S2 E4 . 21 min
A fire in the kitchen causes the employees to evacuate to the parking lot where they learn more about one another than they wanted.

The Office Season 5 Episode 1

Weight Loss Part 1

S5 E1 . 21 min
Staffers in the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin become obsessed with their weight in the wake of corporate weight-loss initiatives; Michael pursues a friendship with Holly (Amy Ryan); Jim misses Pam, who is away at art school.

The Office Season 4 Episode 15

Night Out

S4 E15 . 21 min
Michael and Dwight decide to surprise Ryan in New York; Scranton staffers must work on a Saturday for Ryan's Web site project.

The Office Season 2 Episode 18

Take Your Daughter to Work Day

S2 E18 . 22 min
Michael strikes up a friendship with the 5-year-old daughter of his enemy when children visit the office.

The Office Season 5 Episode 23

The Michael Scott Paper Company

S5 E23 . 21 min
Dwight and Andy plan a hunting trip; Charles (Idris Elba) asks Jim for a "rundown", and Jim tries to figure out what that is; Michael hosts a Paper & Pancakes luncheon.

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