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Michael Scott

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Michael Gary Scott was named Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton after a phenomenally successful run as a salesperson in the Scranton branch under the tutelage of Edward Truck. In his role as Regional Manager, Scott is responsible for executing sales strategies and marketing as well as logistics and order coordination for all of Northeastern Pennsylvania and parts of the Mid-Atlantic region. Known for his personal touch and affability, Michael Scott's leadership has inspired other employees that since took the leap into management, including Ryan Howard, Darryl Philbin, Jim Halpert, Andy Bernard, and Dwight Schrute. Scott was instrumental in the launch of Dunder Mifflin Infinity and contributed to some of Dunder Mifflin's most successful corporate initiatives, including The Dundies, Diversity Day, the highly successful Golden Ticket program, and Michael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Fun Run Pro Am Race for the Cure – now known as the Annual Dunder Mifflin Fun Run.

A lifelong resident of Scranton, Michael Scott enjoys improvised comedy, the internet, and screenwriting in his spare time. His screenplay “Threat Level Midnight” was submitted to several prestigious film festivals. He's currently married to former Dunder Mifflin employee Holly Flax. Scott is also the founder of the now-defunct Michael Scott Paper Company and appeared on the children's television show Fundle Bundle.

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Top Michael Scott Episodes
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The Office Season 4 Episode 13

Dinner Party

S4 E13 21 min
Pam and Jim run out of excuses and must go to Jan and Michael's house for dinner; when Dwight learns that Angela and Andy are also invited, jealousy gets the best of him.

The Office Season 2 Episode 12

The Injury

S2 E12 22 min
After he has an accident while using a grill, injured Michael demands attention from the entire Dunder Mifflin office.

The Office Season 3 Episode 20

Safety Training

S3 E20 21 min
Andy returns from anger-management classes, planning to make a fresh start with his co-workers; Michael and Dwight try to illustrate the dangers of the workplace.

The Office Season 2 Episode 1

The Dundies

S2 E1 21 min
The Dunder Mifflin employees suffer through the annual office awards ceremony, "The Dundies."

The Office Season 3 Episode 9

The Convict

S3 E9 21 min
Michael tries to be supportive after learning that a new employee is an ex-convict, then the staff compares the office to a prison.

The Office Season 7 Episode 17

Threat Level Midnight

S7 E17 22 min
After 11 years of preparation, Michael is ready to debut his action movie.

The Office Season 5 Episode 19

Golden Ticket

S5 E19 21 min
Michael comes up with an idea that causes a huge problem in the office; Pam, Jim and Andy each give Kevin different advice on wooing a woman.

The Office Season 6 Episode 12

Scott's Tots

S6 E12 22 min
Michael must tell the truth when he realizes he cannot keep a promise he made to a group of kids 10 years ago; Jim starts an employee-of-the-month program to boost employee morale.

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