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Watch The Office: Superfan Episodes Season 2

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. From Scranton to Stamford and back, employees plod along at Dunder Mifflin. Featuring extended episodes with new bonus scenes.
  • The Dundies (Extended Cut)

    Episode 1 - 32 mins
    Michael hosts the office's raunchy awards ceremony; Dwight investigates writing on the wall of the women's bathroom.
  • Sexual Harassment (Extended Cut)

    Episode 2 - 29 mins
    Todd Packer visits, and he's more inappropriate than ever; Michael's emails get him in trouble, putting everyone on edge.
  • Office Olympics (Extended Cut)

    Episode 3 - 34 mins
    Michael and Dwight consider becoming roommates; Jim and Pam host the Office Olympics -- closing ceremony included.
  • Fire (Extended Cut)

    Episode 4 - 31 mins
    Dwight is jealous of Ryan's ambition but gets the last laugh when he discovers the temp can't execute a simple task.
  • Halloween (Extended Cut)

    Episode 5 - 31 mins
    Michael’s hands are tied when he wants to fire Toby; as layoffs loom, Michael’s indecision spoils the Halloween spirit.
  • The Fight (Extended Cut)

    Episode 6 - 27 mins
    Michael teaches Dwight a lesson after going head-to-head during a lunchtime karate bout; Jim and Pam get too close.
  • The Client (Extended Cut)

    Episode 7 - 32 mins
    Michael’s unorthodox salesmanship shocks Jan; Pam recalls her worst first date; Threat Level Midnight gets a table read.
  • Performance Review (Extended Cut)

    Episode 8 - 32 mins
    Michael goes through the suggestion box; Jim and Pam trick Dwight into being late; Ryan goes on a scavenger hunt.
  • Email Surveillance (Extended Cut)

    Episode 9 - 34 mins
    Michael tries to win over the staff after intercepting an email and realizing he wasn't invited to Jim's barbecue.
  • Christmas Party (Extended Cut)

    Episode 10 - 29 mins
    Michael upends Secret Santa by changing the rules halfway through; Kevin mans the turntables; Oscar learns about Creed.
  • Booze Cruise (Extended Cut)

    Episode 11 - 32 mins
    The officemates are on their worst behavior during a harbor cruise; Creed has a hidden talent; Jim reveals his feelings.
  • The Injury (Extended Cut)

    Episode 12 - 28 mins
    Michael accidentally grills his foot, and the officemates suffer; Dwight's heroism has pleasant side effects.
  • The Secret (Extended Cut)

    Episode 13 - 25 mins
    Jim goes to Hooters with Michael to preserve a secret; the team spring-cleans the office; Dwight probes Oscar's absence.
  • The Carpet (Extended Cut)

    Episode 14 - 29 mins
    Michael questions the loyalty of his troops and his sales acumen after a nasty prank; Jim has a nightmare day.
  • Boys and Girls (Extended Cut)

    Episode 15 - 32 mins
    Michael brokers a "Men in the Workplace" summit between the officemates and the warehouse workers; Roy confronts Jim.
  • Valentine's Day (Extended Cut)

    Episode 16 - 29 mins
    Michael waxes poetic about NYC during a corporate trip; the officemates have contrasting Valentine's Day experiences.
  • Dwight's Speech (Extended Cut)

    Episode 17 - 32 mins
    Dwight brags about an award and gets shaky advice for his keynote speech; a thermostat war breaks out at the office.
  • Take Your Daughter to Work Day (Extended Cut)

    Episode 18 - 31 mins
    Michael is brought back to his childhood during "Daughters' Day" at the office; Jim shows he's great with kids.
  • Michael's Birthday (Extended Cut)

    Episode 19 - 29 mins
    The officemates celebrate Michael's birthday at an ice rink amid Kevin's potential cancer diagnosis.
  • Drug Testing (Extended Cut)

    Episode 20 - 33 mins
    Dwight finds half a joint and launches a probe; Michael goes on an epic anti-drug tirade; Jim suffers under Pam's jinx.
  • Conflict Resolution (Extended Cut)

    Episode 21 - 29 mins
    Photo day at the office turns into a nasty airing of grievances when Michael introduces his brand of conflict mediation.
  • Casino Night (Extended Cut)

    Episode 22 - 32 mins
    Two women compete for Michael's attention during Dunder Mifflin's casino night; Kevin gets a music gig; Jim goes all in.

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