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Watch The Office: Superfan Episodes Season 6

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. From Scranton to Stamford and back, employees plod along at Dunder Mifflin. Featuring extended episodes with new bonus scenes.
  • Gossip (Extended Cut)

    Episode 1 - 28 mins
    Michael spreads rumors about everyone in the office to feel included; Oscar helps Andy through an identity crisis.
  • The Meeting (Extended Cut)

    Episode 2 - 28 mins
    Andy helps Michael spy on a meeting between Jim and David Wallace; Toby and Dwight stake out Darryl's house.
  • The Promotion (Extended Cut)

    Episode 3 - 28 mins
    Michael and Jim's conflicting management styles ignite resentment in the office when a tough decision needs to be made.
  • Niagara Part 1 (Extended Cut)

    Episode 4 - 27 mins
    Jim embarrasses Pam when he lets a secret slip at their rehearsal dinner; Dwight helps Michael find love at the wedding.
  • Niagara Part 2 (Extended Cut)

    Episode 5 - 26 mins
    Chaos ensues before the wedding as Michael and Dwight pursue flings with Pam's relatives and everyone parties too hard.
  • Mafia (Extended Cut)

    Episode 6 - 28 mins
    Dwight and Andy help Michael handle a potential mafia threat; Erin's presumed jealousy disrupts Jim and Pam's honeymoon.
  • The Lover (Extended Cut)

    Episode 7 - 27 mins
    Back from the honeymoon, Jim is caught in the middle when Michael's new relationship causes friction with Pam.
  • Koi Pond (Extended Cut)

    Episode 8 - 27 mins
    The office mulls over jokes that should be off-limits after everyone mocks Michael's big splash at a client meeting.
  • Double Date (Extended Cut)

    Episode 9 - 27 mins
    Michael makes an untimely decision at a birthday lunch for Pam's mom; Andy complicates Dwight's latest plot against Jim.
  • Murder (Extended Cut)

    Episode 10 - 29 mins
    As the officemates stress over the future of Dunder Mifflin and their jobs, Michael distracts the group with a game.
  • Shareholder Meeting (Extended Cut)

    Episode 11 - 28 mins
    Michael unwittingly exposes the company's executive-level spending habits, igniting anger among other employees.
  • Scott's Tots (Extended Cut)

    Episode 12 - 28 mins
    Michael's philanthropic efforts backfire; Erin seeks mentorship from Pam; Dwight vies for employee of the month.
  • Secret Santa (Extended Cut)

    Episode 13 - 32 mins
    Michael overshadows Jim's efforts to boost morale and invites the warehouse to a party; Oscar pursues a new crush.
  • The Banker (Extended Cut)

    Episode 14 - 27 mins
    When an investment banker visits, Michael gives an extensive tour while highlighting the office's unique culture.
  • Sabre (Extended Cut)

    Episode 15 - 33 mins
    The office's warm welcome to the Sabre corporate liaison shifts when they realize how the changes will impact them.
  • The Manager and the Salesman (Extended Cut)

    Episode 16 - 29 mins
    Sabre’s CEO, a no-nonsense former pageant queen, forces a hard decision on Michael and Jim; Andy fails at pursuing Erin.
  • The Delivery Part 1 (Extended Cut)

    Episode 17 - 26 mins
    The office steps up to help Pam endure her final hours before going into labor while Jim becomes increasingly anxious.
  • The Delivery Part 2 (Extended Cut)

    Episode 18 - 29 mins
    Pam and Jim struggle to adjust to being new parents at the hospital; Michael tries to ignite another office romance.
  • St. Patrick's Day (Extended Cut)

    Episode 19 - 30 mins
    The office is excited about St. Patrick’s Day; Michael struggles to accept a strictly professional relationship with Jo.
  • New Leads (Extended Cut)

    Episode 20 - 28 mins
    Fed up with the special treatment the sales team is receiving, Michael takes extreme measures to hide their leads.
  • Happy Hour (Extended Cut)

    Episode 21 - 26 mins
    Oscar organizes a happy hour for the office; Pam is excited to have a night out and brings a friend along for Michael.
  • Secretary's Day (Extended Cut)

    Episode 22 - 28 mins
    Andy's plan with Michael for Erin backfires; Oscar's parody video inspires everyone to do impersonations of each other.
  • Body Language (Extended Cut)

    Episode 23 - 30 mins
    At their first joint sales pitch, Jim and Pam take opposing sides when Michael wants to flirt with the enigmatic client.
  • The Cover-Up (Extended Cut)

    Episode 24 - 29 mins
    The office suspects Donna is cheating on Michael, and Dwight investigates; Darryl decides to prank a concerned Andy.
  • The Chump (Extended Cut)

    Episode 25 - 26 mins
    The office responds adversely to Michael dating a married woman; Dwight and Angela finalize the contract for a child.
  • Whistleblower (Extended Cut)

    Episode 26 - 33 mins
    When faulty printer rumors leak, Jo interrogates employees to find the rat while Michael tries to protect the office.

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