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Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. From Scranton to Stamford and back, employees plod along at Dunder Mifflin. Featuring extended episodes with new bonus scenes.
  • Nepotism (Extended Cut)

    Episode 1 - 31 mins
    The new office assistant is terrible, but despite complaints, Michael refuses to fire him; Pam ruins Jim's prank.
  • Counseling (Extended Cut)

    Episode 2 - 29 mins
    Michael endures a therapy session with Toby; the guys give Dwight a makeover after a shop owner rejects his service.
  • Andy’s Play (Extended Cut)

    Episode 3 - 29 mins
    Andy's attempt to win back Erin's affection by inviting the whole office to his play goes differently than planned.
  • Sex Ed (Extended Cut)

    Episode 4 - 31 mins
    Dwight helps Michael track down old lovers when he thinks he has herpes; unspoken tensions arise among office romances.
  • The Sting (Extended Cut)

    Episode 5 - 27 mins
    Andy enlists Darryl's help to revive his music career; Michael, Dwight and Jim feel threatened by a rival salesman.
  • Costume Contest (Extended Cut)

    Episode 6 - 30 mins
    Michael's issues with Darryl impact the Halloween party; Pam and Danny's dating history sparks murmurs in the office.
  • Christening (Extended Cut)

    Episode 7 - 27 mins
    Michael invites the office to the christening of Jim and Pam's baby; Michael has a newfound interest in philanthropy.
  • Viewing Party (Extended Cut)

    Episode 8 - 27 mins
    When Gabe invites everyone to a "Glee" watch party he’s hosting with Erin, Michael refuses to admit that he's impressed.
  • (Extended Cut)

    Episode 9 - 31 mins
    Ryan's investors are worried about his latest venture; Jim gets bored after discovering he reached his commission cap.
  • China (Extended Cut)

    Episode 10 - 26 mins
    Michael becomes passionate about international politics; Pam gets fed up with Dwight's cost-cutting methods.
  • Classy Christmas (Extended Cut)

    Episode 11 - 47 mins
    Michael is excited about Holly's return until he hears troubling news; Jim is determined to win a snowball fight.
  • Ultimatum (Extended Cut)

    Episode 12 - 26 mins
    Pam encourages everyone to make resolutions for the new year; the office prepares for the outcome of Holly's ultimatum.
  • The Seminar (Extended Cut)

    Episode 13 - 28 mins
    Andy is desperate when the sales team refuses to help with his seminar; Pam and Oscar try to help Erin win a word game.
  • The Search (Extended Cut)

    Episode 14 - 25 mins
    Erin, Holly and Dwight look for Michael after Jim strands him at a gas station; Pam sparks some in-office creativity.
  • PDA (Extended Cut)

    Episode 15 - 28 mins
    Holly and Michael can't keep their hands to themselves on Valentine's Day; Jim and Pam make the day extra special.
  • Threat Level Midnight (Extended Cut)

    Episode 16 - 30 mins
    Everyone gets seated for a unique screening experience of Michael's movie that's been in the works for 11 years.
  • Todd Packer (Extended Cut)

    Episode 17 - 29 mins
    When Michael convinces Holly to hire Todd Packer, it causes a rift in their relationship and throughout the office.
  • Garage Sale (Extended Cut)

    Episode 18 - 25 mins
    Everyone takes a break from the office to sell unwanted things; Pam eagerly helps Michael plan a surprise for Holly.
  • Training Day (Extended Cut)

    Episode 19 - 39 mins
    Michael has difficulty accepting positive reactions to the new manager, Deangelo Vickers, and tries to sabotage him.
  • Michael's Last Dundies (Extended Cut)

    Episode 20 - 32 mins
    Everyone finds ways to make the day extra special and unique for Michael as he cohosts his final Dundies ceremony.
  • Goodbye, Michael (Extended Cut)

    Episode 21 - 45 mins
    Michael struggles with leaving and spends the day trying to have special final moments with each person in the office.
  • The Inner Circle (Extended Cut)

    Episode 22 - 33 mins
    Deangelo gets carried away playing favorites while trying to assert his authority, causing a divide in the office.
  • Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager (Extended Cut)

    Episode 23 - 33 mins
    Dwight's power is short-lived as he must negotiate with everyone to keep a secret from Jo when she comes to visit.
  • Search Committee (Extended Cut)

    Episode 24 - 59 mins
    Jim, Gabe and Toby interview candidates for the manager spot; Pam distracts Creed with fake tasks as the acting manager.

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