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Watch The Office: Superfan Episodes Season 4

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. From Scranton to Stamford and back, employees plod along at Dunder Mifflin. Featuring extended episodes with new bonus scenes.
  • Fun Run Part 1 (Extended Cut)

    Episode 1 - 34 mins
    A freak car accident sends Michael reeling as his reputation hits a new low; Kevin's suspicion is proven true.
  • Fun Run Part 2 (Extended Cut)

    Episode 2 - 29 mins
    Michael holds a 5K charity run to try to lift the branch's curse; Pam and Jim admit that they're dating.
  • Dunder Mifflin Infinity Part 1 (Extended Cut)

    Episode 3 - 32 mins
    Ryan brings the company into the digital age; Dwight offers Angela a scraggly cat and she gives him a reality check.
  • Dunder Mifflin Infinity Part 2 (Extended Cut)

    Episode 4 - 29 mins
    Michael sets out to prove he can win back clients with gift baskets; Angela and Oscar fear they're going to get fired.
  • Launch Party Part 1 (Extended Cut)

    Episode 5 - 28 mins
    A newly single Dwight fights with online sales; Angela preps for the website launch party; Michael asks Pam for advice.
  • Launch Party Part 2 (Extended Cut)

    Episode 6 - 30 mins
    Michael finds he's not on corporate's VIP list; Angela organizes Michael's party; Toby takes online driving school.
  • Money Part 1 (Extended Cut)

    Episode 7 - 30 mins
    Michael moonlights as a telemarketer; Jim and Pam book a stay at Dwight's farm; Jan arrives with curtain samples.
  • Money Part 2 (Extended Cut)

    Episode 8 - 28 mins
    Dwight cringes as Andy wears Angela down; the office discusses Michael’s money issues; Michael enlists Oscar’s help.
  • Local Ad (Extended Cut)

    Episode 9 - 35 mins
    Michael leads the creation of a company commercial; Dwight gets lost in an online world; Andy needs advice about Angela.
  • Branch Wars (Extended Cut)

    Episode 10 - 28 mins
    Michael ropes Jim into a scheme against Karen; Michael announces Stanley is leaving; Andy eyes the Finer Things Club.
  • Survivor Man (Extended Cut)

    Episode 11 - 28 mins
    Michael embarks on a journey of survival; Jim is left in charge, grappling with the idea that he's becoming Michael.
  • The Deposition (Extended Cut)

    Episode 12 - 31 mins
    Michael testifies as a witness in Jan's lawsuit; Pam pressures Jim into sharpening his ping-pong skills for a rematch.
  • Dinner Party (Extended Cut)

    Episode 13 - 32 mins
    Michael and Jan host a dysfunctional dinner with both reluctant invited guests and eager uninvited ones.
  • Chair Model (Extended Cut)

    Episode 14 - 30 mins
    Michael, on the rebound, asks his employees to set him up on a date; Kevin and Andy collaborate to solve a problem.
  • Night Out (Extended Cut)

    Episode 15 - 30 mins
    Michael and Dwight find out what it means to party with Ryan; Jim's plan to not work Saturday leaves the team trapped.
  • Did I Stutter? (Extended Cut)

    Episode 16 - 38 mins
    Michael confronts Stanley after he snaps in a meeting; the office reacts to Pam wearing glasses for the first time.
  • Job Fair (Extended Cut)

    Episode 17 - 36 mins
    Michael tries to hire young recruits at a job fair; Jim golfs to save his job; Dwight takes charge of an empty office.
  • Goodbye, Toby Part 1 (Extended Cut)

    Episode 18 - 30 mins
    Michael wants to celebrate Toby's last day; Toby introduces the office to Holly; Jim and Pam think about their future.
  • Goodbye, Toby Part 2 (Extended Cut)

    Episode 19 - 30 mins
    The office celebrates Toby's farewell with an extravagant party; Jim's proposal to Pam gets interrupted by Andy.

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