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Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. From Scranton to Stamford and back, employees plod along at Dunder Mifflin. Featuring extended episodes with new bonus scenes.
  • Company Picnic (Extended Cut)
    Episode 2730 mins
    Old flames rekindle at the annual company picnic; Pam showcases her all-star skills in a volleyball tournament.
  • Cafe Disco (Extended Cut)
    Episode 2629 mins
    Michael tries to entice the office to have fun with a cafe disco; Dwight and Phyllis share a bonding moment.
  • Casual Friday (Extended Cut)
    Episode 2527 mins
    The sales department doesn't approve of Ryan and Pam as new additions to the team; Toby assesses casual Friday outfits.
  • Broke (Extended Cut)
    Episode 2434 mins
    Confronted with declining financial stability, the Michael Scott Paper Company negotiates a buyout with Dunder Mifflin.
  • Heavy Competition (Extended Cut)
    Episode 2328 mins
    Charles drives a wedge between Dwight and Michael; Jim convinces Andy he needs his unwavering emotional support.
  • The Michael Scott Paper Company (Extended Cut)
    Episode 2232 mins
    Pam and Ryan have a rough first day at Michael's new paper company; Andy and Dwight attempt to woo the new receptionist.
  • Dream Team (Extended Cut)
    Episode 2128 mins
    The office vies for Charles' attention by pretending to be interested in soccer; Pam helps Michael get through the day.
  • Two Weeks (Extended Cut)
    Episode 2031 mins
    Upon quitting, Michael decides to start his own paper company and tries to poach employees and supplies from the office.
  • New Boss (Extended Cut)
    Episode 1929 mins
    A new arrival yields a spectrum of reactions from the office; Kelly and Angela compete for Charles' attention.
  • Golden Ticket (Extended Cut)
    Episode 1830 mins
    Jim, Pam and Andy offer Kevin dating advice; Michael's Willy Wonka-inspired "golden ticket" idea doesn't go as planned.
  • Blood Drive (Extended Cut)
    Episode 1727 mins
    Michael protests Valentine's Day but then becomes enamored of a mystery woman; employees share failed romance stories.
  • Lecture Circuit (Extended Cut)
    Episode 1646 mins
    Michael embarks on a lecture tour with Pam; Jim and Dwight struggle with their new party planning duties.
  • Stress Relief Part 2 (Extended Cut)
    Episode 1533 mins
    The office prepares for a Michael Scott roasting session that ultimately causes Michael to take a personal day.
  • Stress Relief Part 1 (Extended Cut)
    Episode 1435 mins
    Dwight ignites a scheme that sends Stanley to the hospital; Michael tries to reduce office stress levels.
  • Prince Family Paper (Extended Cut)
    Episode 1329 mins
    Michael and Dwight concoct a plan for a request from David Wallace; the office gets into a heated Hilary Swank debate.
  • The Duel (Extended Cut)
    Episode 1233 mins
    As Andy finalizes wedding details and RSVPs, the office works together to conceal a painstakingly obvious secret.
  • Moroccan Christmas (Extended Cut)
    Episode 1128 mins
    Phyllis blackmails Angela while throwing a Moroccan-themed office Christmas party; Michael stages an intervention.
  • The Surplus (Extended Cut)
    Episode 1032 mins
    The office is divided on how to spend a budget surplus; Dwight, Angela and Andy visit Schrute Farms for wedding errands.
  • Frame Toby (Extended Cut)
    Episode 929 mins
    Michael has an adverse reaction to Toby's return and tries to sabotage him; Pam inadvertently starts a microwave feud.
  • Business Trip (Extended Cut)
    Episode 832 mins
    Andy becomes Oscar's wingman while on a business trip with Michael in Canada; Jim impatiently awaits Pam's return.
  • Customer Survey (Extended Cut)
    Episode 728 mins
    Customer survey results are in; Jim finds answers to one of Dwight's conspiracies; Andy makes wedding arrangements.
  • Employee Transfer (Extended Cut)
    Episode 631 mins
    Darryl drives Michael and Holly to Nashua; Dwight taunts Andy about Cornell; Pam bonds with her future brothers-in-law.
  • Crime Aid (Extended Cut)
    Episode 531 mins
    When an after-hours rendezvous with Holly leads to an office robbery, Michael's solution is to hold a charity auction.
  • Baby Shower (Extended Cut)
    Episode 434 mins
    Michael grapples with fatherhood while planning Jan's baby shower; Dwight performs a series of stroller safety tests.
  • Business Ethics (Extended Cut)
    Episode 335 mins
    Michael struggles with his feelings for Holly when she hosts an ethics seminar; Pam gets drinks with classmates.
  • Weight Loss Part 2 (Extended Cut)
    Episode 232 mins
    Corporate ups the stakes for the weight-loss incentive program; Michael is oblivious to Holly's hints to ask her out.
  • Weight Loss Part 1 (Extended Cut)
    Episode 132 mins
    Michael plans to pursue a romance with Holly; Oscar offers to set Holly up with someone; Jim adjusts to Pam's absence.

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