Jimmy Akingbola

Jimmy Akingbola

Jimmy Akingbola

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Geoffrey is one of Phil’s oldest friends and a trusted advisor. Born in Jamaica, he migrated to East London in the early 80’s to escape turmoil in Kingston. Finding nothing but trouble in the streets of Hackney, he made a call to his close friend in the U.S., Philip Banks, and has been with the family ever since. Witty, gritty, and charming, Geoffrey is a man of mystery, full of surprises…


Played by Jimmy Akingbola

Jimmy Akingbola is currently filming a key role in new ITV crime thriller THE TOWER with Gemma Whelan (GAME OF THRONES), based on Post Mortem, the first in writer Kate London’s Metropolitan series of novels.

Jimmy is a co-founder of TriForce Productions, as well as the founder of the TriForce Creative Network, which has multiple initiatives such as TriForce Short Film Festival, WriterSlam UK, and MonologueSlam UK that help to provide opportunities to discover diverse talent including actors, writers, directors and producers. Some of these initiatives have been supported by Spotlight, Equity, Channel 4. C21 Media, ITV, Sky and BBC.

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Jabari Banks


Will is the epitome of young, Black, and gifted. When a confrontation in West Philly forces him to Bel-Air, he must adapt to a world of privilege…while doing everything he can to stay true to himself.

Philip Image

Adrian Holmes

Philip Banks

Full of life and ambition, Phil has money, a beautiful family, and security within the Bel-Air bubble. He is actively working towards becoming D.A.

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Cassandra Freeman

Vivian Banks

Smart, artistic, worldly, warm, and sophisticated, Viv walked away from a promising art career to focus on her family…but she always wonders what might have been.

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Olly Sholotan

Carlton Banks

With no shortage of confidence, intellect, and wit, Carlton is perfectly at home in his privileged world. However, all his bravado masks underlying struggles with anxiety.

Hilary Image

Coco Jones

Hilary Banks

An aspiring culinary influencer with impeccable fashion sense, Hilary is a strong, caring, brilliant young woman, who desperately wants to prove to her family that she can achieve success on her own terms.

Ashley Image

Akira Akbar

Ashley Banks

The most grounded and politically minded of the Banks children, Ashley is looking to break out of the stuffy Bel-Air bubble. She’s kind and independent, with a rebellious spirit.

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Jimmy Akingbola


One of Phil’s oldest friends and a trusted advisor, Geoffrey came to the U.S. to escape a troubled past in London. Witty, gritty, and charming, he is a man of mystery, full of surprises…

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Jordan L. Jones


A music aficionado with a swagger and originality all his own, Jazz runs his uncle’s record store in South Central. He quickly becomes Will’s best friend in LA because real recognizes real…

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Simone Joy Jones


Athletic, poised, and independent, Lisa is a swimming prodigy and straight-A student. She can’t resist Will’s charms, even if it means complicating things her ex-boyfriend Carlton.