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Esther Rolle, John Amos, Jimmie Walker

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Florida and James Evans struggle to raise their kids, J.J., Thelma and Michael, in a Chicago housing project during the 1970s.
  • Too Old Blues

    Episode 1 - 26 mins
    James is a candidate for a union apprenticeship program, but his birth certificate says differently.
  • Black Jesus

    Episode 2 - 26 mins
    A run of good luck and one of J.J.'s paintings create a religious conflict in the Evans household.
  • Getting Up the Rent

    Episode 3 - 26 mins
    The Evans family faces eviction from their Chicago apartment.
  • God's Business Is Good Business

    Episode 4 - 26 mins
    A self-proclaimed "shepherd of the Lord" asks James to become one of his herdsmen.
  • Michael Gets Suspended

    Episode 5 - 26 mins
    A remark about George Washington causes Michael to be suspended from school.
  • Sex and the Evans Family

    Episode 6 - 26 mins
    Florida and James fear that there is more between Thelma and her new beau than an age difference.
  • Junior Gets a Patron

    Episode 7 - 26 mins
    J.J., an aspiring artist, is discovered by a man who wants to become his patron.
  • Junior the Senior

    Episode 8 - 26 mins
    The probability of J.J. not being promoted to his senior year of high school worries the whole family.
  • The Visitor

    Episode 9 - 26 mins
    An angry housing authority official visits the Evans family after Michael's letter to the editor.
  • Springtime in the Ghetto

    Episode 10 - 26 mins
    Florida jeopardizes her standing in a contest by helping to dry out the neighborhood wino.
  • The TV Commercial

    Episode 11 - 26 mins
    Florida is asked to be the television spokeswoman for a new health tonic.
  • The Check-Up

    Episode 12 - 26 mins
    The family convinces James that he should see a doctor for his headaches and emotional outbursts.
  • My Son the Lover

    Episode 13 - 25 mins
    The most popular girl in high school turns J.J. into a one-woman man.

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