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Florida and James Evans struggle to raise their kids, J.J., Thelma and Michael, in a Chicago housing project during the 1970s.
  • The Big Move Part 1
    Episode 124 mins
    As the Evans family prepares to join James in Mississippi, a damper is thrown on everything.
  • The Big Move Part 2
    Episode 224 mins
    Florida's attitude toward James' death causes dissension in an already saddened household.
  • J.J. and the Older Woman
    Episode 324 mins
    Thelma's favorite teacher falls first for J.J.'s paintings and then for J.J.
  • Michael the Warlord
    Episode 425 mins
    Michael is pressured into becoming a member of a street gang that is terrorizing the neighborhood.
  • Michael's Great Romance
    Episode 525 mins
    J.J. tries to lend a helping hand when Michael experiences his first great romance.
  • Evans Versus Davis
    Episode 625 mins
    J.J. becomes an instant celebrity after winning a local art show.
  • J.J.'s New Career Part 1
    Episode 725 mins
    J.J. resorts to crime in an effort to get his family out of their neighborhood.
  • J.J.'s New Career Part 2
    Episode 824 mins
    Florida has only one choice of action when she discovers what J.J. is doing for money.
  • Grandpa's Visit
    Episode 925 mins
    Grandpa Evans brings a special guest of his own for Thanksgiving.
  • Rich Is Better Than Poor... Maybe
    Episode 1025 mins
    After J.J. wins the lottery, he is faced with two gun-toting members of a girls' gang.
  • Florida's Night Out
    Episode 1125 mins
    The children and Willona try to convince Florida to have some fun.
  • The Judy Cohen Story
    Episode 1224 mins
    J.J. comes up with a vocal discovery that he calls the "great white hope."
  • The Comedian and the Loan Sharks
    Episode 1325 mins
    The backers for J.J.'s new client turn out to be loan sharks.
  • The Hustle
    Episode 1425 mins
    J.J., Thelma and Michael get involved in selling what people think is "hot" underwear.
  • Thelma's African Romance Part 1
    Episode 1525 mins
    Thelma enjoys a romantic relationship with an African student.
  • Thelma's African Romance Part 2
    Episode 1625 mins
    Thelma plans to move in with her African boyfriend despite Florida's objections.
  • Willona's Surprise
    Episode 1725 mins
    Willona discovers the surprise guest at her birthday party is her ex-husband.
  • A Friend in Need
    Episode 1825 mins
    J.J., Thelma and Michael throw a wild party while Florida is gone for the weekend.
  • A Stormy Relationship
    Episode 1925 mins
    Florida hits the ceiling when Michael announces that his new boss has converted him to atheism.
  • Florida and Carl
    Episode 2025 mins
    Florida's reluctance to go on a date proves to be justified when her evening heads for disaster.
  • My Son, the Father
    Episode 2125 mins
    Michael's secret plan with Carl changes J.J.'s attitude about his whole family.
  • J.J. in Business
    Episode 2225 mins
    J.J. and his friends decide to start a greeting card business together.
  • Love Has a Spot on His Lung Part 1
    Episode 2325 mins
    Carl tells J.J., Thelma and Michael that he is going to propose to Florida.
  • Love Has a Spot on His Lung Part 2
    Episode 2423 mins
    The Evans family finally discovers Carl's serious medical secret.

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