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Cranky, scheming Fred Sanford runs a Los Angeles junkyard with his son and business partner Lamont.
  • Crossed Swords
    Episode 126 mins
    Lamont discovers that the porcelain figure he bought is worth a great deal of money.
  • Happy Birthday, Pop
    Episode 226 mins
    Lamont takes Fred out for a night on the town for his 65th birthday.
  • Here Comes the Bride, There Goes the Bride
    Episode 325 mins
    Much to Fred's delight, Lamont's bride-to-be decides not to marry him.
  • The Copper Caper
    Episode 426 mins
    Lamont buys some copper on speculation, only to discover the goods are stolen.
  • A Matter of Life and Breath
    Episode 526 mins
    When Lamont and Fred take advantage of a Breathmobile, Fred is convinced that he has TB.
  • We Were Robbed
    Episode 626 mins
    Fred accidentally breaks Lamont's porcelain and glass collection.
  • A Pad for Lamont
    Episode 726 mins
    Lamont decides to get his own apartment when Fred keeps invading his privacy.
  • The Great Sanford Siege
    Episode 825 mins
    Two deputies come to repossess the furniture when Fred defaults on the payments.
  • Coffins for Sale
    Episode 926 mins
    Lamont buys two coffins at an auction hoping to sell them at a profit.
  • The Barracuda
    Episode 1026 mins
    Lamont objects to Fred's plan to propose marriage to widowed Donna Harris.
  • TV or Not TV
    Episode 1126 mins
    Fred fakes amnesia in a scheme to get a color television set.
  • The Suitcase Case
    Episode 1226 mins
    When Lamont finds a suitcase full of money, he puts it in the safe until the police arrive.
  • The Return of the Barracuda
    Episode 1326 mins
    Fred and Donna reconcile their differences and once again plan to wed.
  • The Piano Movers
    Episode 1426 mins
    A wealthy eccentric offers Lamont a grand piano.

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