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Bel-Air Cast

Meet the Cast of Bel-Air

Get to know the cast of modern-day Bel-Air, including Will Smith, Carlton Banks, Philip Banks, Geoffrey, and more. Stream Bel-Air exclusively on Peacock and meet the new cast.

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Jabari Banks


At 16, Will is the epitome of young, Black, and gifted. When a confrontation on a West Philly basketball court forces him out of town to live with his relatives in Bel-Air, he must adapt to the insular and rarefied world of privilege.

Philip Image

Adrian Holmes

Philip Banks

In his 40s, full of life and ambition, Phil has money, a beautiful family, and security within the Bel-Air bubble. He was the youngest person to be made partner at his law firm, but now that he’s made his riches, he feels called to do more.

Vivian Image

Cassandra Freeman

Vivian Banks

In her 40s, smart, artistic, worldly, warm and sophisticated; yet under the surface, Viv still has elements of a free-spirited, wild child from Philly. She walked away from a promising art career to focus on raising her children.

Carlton Image

Olly Sholotan

Carlton Banks

Carlton, age 16, is the fly-est Black prep student you’ve ever seen. Captain of the lacrosse team and a faithful GQ subscriber, he is perfectly at home in his privileged world.

Hilary Image

Coco Jones

Hilary Banks

In her early 20s, Hilary is the oldest of the Banks siblings. She’s an aspiring high-end culinary influencer with impeccable fashion sense, but behind the flawless make-up and chic persona is a strong, caring young woman with a brilliant mind.

Ashley Image

Akira Akbar

Ashley Banks

Ashley, age 12, is the youngest of the Banks siblings and the most grounded and politically minded of the three. She’s kind and independent, with a rebellious spirit.

Geoffrey Image

Jimmy Akingbola


Geoffrey is one of Phil’s oldest friends and a trusted advisor. Witty, gritty, and charming, Geoffrey is a man of mystery, full of surprises…

Jazz Image

Jordan L. Jones


Muslim and music aficionado, with a swagger and originality all his own. He runs his Uncle’s record store in South Central, DJ’ing at nights and on weekends for extra money.

Lisa Image

Simone Joy Jones


A swimming prodigy and a straight-A student who can’t resist Will’s natural charm and infectious personality, even if it means things are bound to get complicated with her ex-boyfriend Carlton.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jabari Banks will play Will in the new drama series Bel-Air.

Olly Sholotan will play Carlton Banks in the new drama series Bel-Air.

Adrian Holmes will play Uncle Phil while Cassandra Freeman will play Aunt Viv in the new drama series Bel-Air.