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A teddy bear uses his imagination to discover new things about himself and the world around him.
  • Teddy for Blast Off
    Episode 1 - 7 mins
    Charley blasts off in his rocket and lands on the moon where he meets a friendly alien.
  • Basketball Midge
    Episode 2 - 7 mins
    Charley gives up trying to throw a basketball through a hoop, deciding it's just too hard.
  • Charley on Safari
    Episode 3 - 7 mins
    Charley is pretending to be different wild animals, but doesn't know what sounds these animals make.
  • Big Little Charley
    Episode 4 - 7 mins
    When Charley becomes a giant he finds he's so big there are lots of fun things he just can't do.
  • Pop Star Charley
    Episode 5 - 7 mins
    Charley wants to be a pop star, but when he finally gets on stage he is overcome with stage fright.
  • Charley's Big Match
    Episode 6 - 7 mins
    Charley is pretending that Nibblit and Bellarina keep disagreeing with each other.
  • Lights Shoes Nibblit
    Episode 7 - 7 mins
    Charley is so excited he has a new pair of shoes and they have lights in the soles.
  • Big Top Bellarina
    Episode 8 - 7 mins
    Charley wants to master a circus trick but he's not very good at juggling, or anything else.
  • Charley Go Fish
    Episode 9 - 7 mins
    Charley loves fishing for toys and silly things in his toy box but wants to fish for real fish.
  • Teddy on a String
    Episode 10 - 7 mins
    When Charley becomes a marionette, he finds it's not nice to have someone control everything you do.
  • Ready Teddy Go
    Episode 11 - 7 mins
    Charley has made himself a trophy, but has to win it before he can have it.
  • Farmer Bear
    Episode 12 - 7 mins
    When Charley becomes a farmer on his very own farm he finds that animals are not easy to look after.
  • Wild West Caramel
    Episode 13 - 7 mins
    When Charley becomes a sheriff in a Wild West town, his horse decides to show Charley to be nice.
  • Snow Place for Frozo
    Episode 14 - 7 mins
    Charley wants to wear all his winter clothes but the problem is, it's a hot summers day.
  • Monkeying With Midge
    Episode 15 - 7 mins
    When Charley heads to the jungle and becomes a monkey swinging in the trees, he has to be careful.
  • Scarecrow Charley
    Episode 16 - 7 mins
    Charley is proud that his tomato plant has grown, but he is too scared to put the plant outside.
  • Castaway Charley
    Episode 17 - 7 mins
    Charley packs his bag to go off to a deserted tropical island and decides not to take anyone along.
  • Art in the Park
    Episode 18 - 7 mins
    Charley wants to draw a picture but can't decide exactly what to draw.
  • Charley Bear Sock Detective
    Episode 19 - 7 mins
    Charley wants to make a sock puppet but his sock just disappeared; so Charley becomes a detective.
  • Charley Snaps
    Episode 20 - 7 mins
    Charley has set up a slope for Rivet to slide down on toy skis, but Rivet keeps falling over.
  • Downhill Rivet
    Episode 21 - 7 mins
    Charley has set up a slope for Rivet to slide down on toy skis, but Rivet keeps falling over.
  • Midge's Birthday
    Episode 22 - 7 mins
    Charley takes to the skies to deliver the post but after a few deliveries he falls asleep.
  • Sandcastle for Caramel
    Episode 23 - 7 mins
    At the beach, Charley tries to build sandcastles for Caramel but they keep getting knocked down.
  • Charley Races Rivet
    Episode 24 - 7 mins
    Charley thinks he could run rings around Rivet, and they head to a running track to have a race.
  • Bear at Sea
    Episode 25 - 7 mins
    Charley is having fun showing off to his friends, till he gets chased by a shark at the beach.
  • Mountain Rescue Midge
    Episode 26 - 7 mins
    Charley pretends that the floor is a sheer wall and that he is a mountain climber climbing up it.
  • Charley Presents Bellarina
    Episode 27 - 7 mins
    Charley unwraps presents that he is unhappy with and is only happy when he unwraps Bellarina.
  • Charley Wishes
    Episode 28 - 7 mins
    Charley becomes King and is able to have all his wishes granted.
  • Charley Over the Rainbow
    Episode 29 - 7 mins
    Charley tries to change his bad mood by thinking of something nice like rainbows.
  • Charley's Dog Day
    Episode 30 - 7 mins
    When Bellarina lets Charley look after her dog, Charley soon realizes what hard work it is.
  • Super Strong Charley
    Episode 31 - 7 mins
    Charley wants to be strong, just like his favorite comic super hero.
  • Blown Away Bear
    Episode 32 - 7 mins
    Charley wants to fly his kite, but has trouble when the wind gets too strong.
  • Charley Butters Up Caramel
    Episode 33 - 7 mins
    Charley learns how to make butter from milk, with a little bit of help from Caramel.
  • Bear and Baby Bird
    Episode 34 - 7 mins
    Charley has an interesting time looking after a baby bird.
  • Charley and His Band
    Episode 35 - 7 mins
    Charley becomes a great musician with a famous fruit and vegetable band.
  • The Charleysaurus
    Episode 36 - 7 mins
    Charley and Midge go exploring to try to find some dinosaurs, and they soon find a Charleysaurus.
  • Charley's Shadow
    Episode 37 - 7 mins
    Charley's shadow starts off as a fun playmate but soon causes him problems.
  • Charley Bounces Nibblit
    Episode 38 - 7 mins
    Charley becomes a show business impresario presenting his greatest act, Nibblit.
  • A Bear for all Seasons
    Episode 39 - 7 mins
    Charley experiences and learns about each of the different seasons.
  • Charley Makes It New
    Episode 40 - 7 mins
    Charley learns how to recycle his old toys and that everything can be re-used.

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