Little Charley Bear

Little Charley Bear

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A teddy bear uses his imagination to discover new things about himself and the world around him.
  • Teddy for Blast Off
    Teddy for Blast Off
    Episode 17 mins
    Charley blasts off in his rocket and lands on the moon where he meets a friendly alien who wants to play moon ball.
  • Basketball Midge
    Basketball Midge
    Episode 27 mins
    Charley gives up trying to throw a basketball through a hoop, deciding it's just too hard, but then heads out on a basketball court and can't miss throwing the ball through the hoop no matter what.
  • Charley on Safari
    Charley on Safari
    Episode 37 mins
    Charley is pretending to be different wild animals, but he has no idea what sounds these wild animals make; to find out, he heads off on an exciting jungle safari with his friends Midge and Nibblit.
  • Big Little Charley
    Big Little Charley
    Episode 47 mins
    Charley wants to be taller and bigger than he is, but when he actually becomes a giant he finds he's so big there are a lot of fun things he just can't do any more, like go to a party in a normal sized house.
  • Pop Star Charley
    Pop Star Charley
    Episode 57 mins
    Charley really wants to become a pop star, the fame, the fans, the fun all seems perfect, but when he finally gets on stage he is overcome with stage fright.
  • Charley's Big Match
    Charley's Big Match
    Episode 67 mins
    Charley is pretending that Nibblit and Bellarina keep disagreeing with each other, and out on a football field Charley has to referee a match between them both.
  • Lights Shoes Nibblit
    Lights Shoes Nibblit
    Episode 77 mins
    Charley is so excited he has a new pair of shoes and they have lights in the soles that he makes it night time so can he try his new shoes out.
  • Big Top Bellarina
    Big Top Bellarina
    Episode 87 mins
    Charley really wants to master a circus trick but he's not very good at juggling, or anything else it seems, but determined not to give up, Charley heads to the circus but alas all the performers are better at tricks than he is.
  • Charley Go Fish
    Charley Go Fish
    Episode 97 mins
    Charley loves fishing for toys and silly things in his toy box but what he really wants to do is fish for real fish, but out on a boat in the ocean, Charley is still having no luck catching a fish.
  • Teddy on a String
    Teddy on a String
    Episode 107 mins
    Charley attaches some strings to Midge and turns him into a marionette puppet, but when Charley becomes a marionette himself, doing a performance on stage, he finds out it's not so nice to have someone control everything you do.
  • Ready Teddy Go
    Ready Teddy Go
    Episode 117 mins
    Charley has made himself a trophy, but the thing with trophies is that you have to win them before you can have them.
  • Farmer Bear
    Farmer Bear
    Episode 127 mins
    Charley thinks that farming means playing outside with animals, but when he becomes a farmer on his very own farm he finds that animals are not easy to look after and being a farmer isn't actually all about playing, it is very tiring.
  • Wild West Caramel
    Wild West Caramel
    Episode 137 mins
    Charley is being very bossy and is bossing all his toys around, but when he becomes a sheriff in a Wild West town, Charley's horse decides that the bossier Charley gets the less she is going to do what he says.
  • Snow Place for Frozo
    Snow Place for Frozo
    Episode 147 mins
    Charley wants to wear all his winter clothes but the problem is, it's a hot summers day, so Charley heads to the Antarctic where his winter clothes are just perfect.
  • Monkeying With Midge
    Monkeying With Midge
    Episode 157 mins
    Charley is very boisterous and is behaving like a crazy monkey, but when he heads to the jungle and becomes a monkey swinging in the trees, he has to be careful not to wake up a tiger having a nap down below.
  • Scarecrow Charley
    Scarecrow Charley
    Episode 157 mins
    Charley is proud that his tomato plant has grown, but he is too scared to put the tomato plant outside for fear birds will eat it.
  • Castaway Charley
    Castaway Charley
    Episode 167 mins
    Charley packs his bag to go off to a deserted tropical island and decides not to take any of his toy friends along with him, but Charley finds the island is a lot smaller than he thought it would be and a lot lonelier too.
  • Art in the Park
    Art in the Park
    Episode 177 mins
    Charley wants to draw a picture but can't decide exactly what to draw, and every time he goes to draw something, it goes wrong.
  • Charley Bear Sock Detective
    Charley Bear Sock Detective
    Episode 187 mins
    Charley wants to make a sock puppet but his sock just disappeared; so Charley becomes a detective and gets on the trail of his missing sock, but now all the rest of his clothes are disappearing off the washing line too.
  • Charley Snaps
    Charley Snaps
    Episode 197 mins
    Charley has set up a slope for Rivet to slide down on toy skis, but Rivet keeps falling over.
  • Downhill Rivet
    Downhill Rivet
    Episode 207 mins
    Charley has set up a slope for Rivet to slide down on toy skis, but Rivet keeps falling over and Charley can't figure out why because skiing looks easy, but when Charley heads out on to a snowy mountain he finds out that skiing is anything but easy.
  • Midge's Birthday
    Midge's Birthday
    Episode 217 mins
    Charley takes to the skies to deliver the post but after a few deliveries he gets so tired he falls asleep with one more delivery to make: Midge's birthday present.
  • Sandcastle for Caramel
    Sandcastle for Caramel
    Episode 227 mins
    At the beach, Charley tries to build sandcastles for Caramel but they keep getting knocked down, and Charley wants to give up building, but by trying just one more time he makes Caramel very happy.
  • Charley Races Rivet
    Charley Races Rivet
    Episode 237 mins
    Charley thinks he could run rings around Rivet, but when they head to a running track to have a race, Charley shows off so much he tires himself out and slow but sure Rivet passes Charley to win the race.
  • Bear at Sea
    Bear at Sea
    Episode 247 mins
    Charley is having a lot of fun showing off to his friends, but when he goes to the beach and tries to show off to Frozo about how good he is at wakeboarding, he gets chased by a shark.
  • Mountain Rescue Midge
    Mountain Rescue Midge
    Episode 257 mins
    Charley pretends that the floor is a sheer wall and that he is a mountain climber climbing up it, and then the adventurous Charley finds himself on a real mountain with his friend Midge stuck up the top.
  • Charley Presents Bellarina
    Charley Presents Bellarina
    Episode 277 mins
    Charley unwraps presents that he is unhappy with and is only happy when he unwraps one with Bellarina inside.
  • Charley Wishes
    Charley Wishes
    Episode 287 mins
    Charley becomes King and is able to have all his wishes granted, but they don't quite work out how he had hoped.
  • Charley Over the Rainbow
    Charley Over the Rainbow
    Episode 297 mins
    Charley tries to change his bad mood by thinking of something nice like rainbows.
  • Charley's Dog Day
    Charley's Dog Day
    Episode 307 mins
    When Bellarina lets Charley look after her dog, Charley soon realizes what hard work it is and is relieved to hand the dog back to Bellarina.
  • Super Strong Charley
    Super Strong Charley
    Episode 317 mins
    Charley wants to be strong, just like his favorite comic super hero.
  • Blown Away Bear
    Blown Away Bear
    Episode 327 mins
    Charley wants to fly his kite, but has trouble when the wind gets too strong.
  • Charley Butters Up Caramel
    Charley Butters Up Caramel
    Episode 337 mins
    Charley learns how to make butter from milk, with a little bit of help from Caramel.
  • Bear and Baby Bird
    Bear and Baby Bird
    Episode 347 mins
    Charley has an interesting time looking after a baby bird.
  • Charley and His Band
    Charley and His Band
    Episode 357 mins
    Charley becomes a great musician with a famous fruit and vegetable band.
  • The Charleysaurus
    The Charleysaurus
    Episode 367 mins
    Charley and Midge go exploring to try to find some dinosaurs, and they soon find a Charleysaurus.
  • Charley's Shadow
    Charley's Shadow
    Episode 377 mins
    Charley's shadow starts off as a fun playmate but soon causes him problems.
  • Charley Bounces Nibblit
    Charley Bounces Nibblit
    Episode 387 mins
    Charley becomes a show business impresario presenting his greatest act, Nibblit.
  • A Bear for all Seasons
    A Bear for all Seasons
    Episode 397 mins
    Charley experiences and learns about each of the different seasons.
  • Charley Makes It New
    Charley Makes It New
    Episode 407 mins
    Charley learns how to recycle his old toys and that everything can be re-used and become useful again.
  • Charley on His Toes
    Charley on His Toes
    Episode 27 mins
    Charley goes to dance school where he learns that being a ballerina is hard work, and that you have to be very fit, strong, and tough.
  • Pirate Charley's Treasure
    Pirate Charley's Treasure
    Episode 37 mins
    Charley becomes a pirate and, using his treasure map, sets off to track down the treasure.
  • Charley in Space
    Charley in Space
    Episode 47 mins
    Charley goes up into space and enjoys floating around weightless, and soon he floats far away from his space ship and has trouble re-docking.
  • Patient Charley
    Patient Charley
    Episode 57 mins
    Charley is in hospital where his bed is very comfy, he gets to wear cool pajamas, and he has been given flowers.
  • Bear in the Woods
    Bear in the Woods
    Episode 67 mins
    Charley and his friends spend the night camping in the woods.
  • Charley's Wonder Wellies
    Charley's Wonder Wellies
    Episode 77 mins
    Charley has a pair of wonder wellies capable of making him do anything, dance, slide down mountains, walk up walls, even fly, but soon Charley is no longer in control of his wellies and wishes to have his plain old normal wellies back.
  • Hide and Seek Charley
    Hide and Seek Charley
    Episode 87 mins
    Charley plays hide and seek with Ballerina.
  • Choo Choo Charley
    Choo Choo Charley
    Episode 97 mins
    Charley becomes a train driver and takes all his friends for a ride but he leaves Midge behind.
  • Charley's Birthday Surprise
    Charley's Birthday Surprise
    Episode 107 mins
    Charley thinks all of his friends have forgotten his Birthday, but really they are arranging a party for him as a surprise.
  • Underwater Explorer Charley
    Underwater Explorer Charley
    Episode 117 mins
    Charley swims underwater with fish and eels and listens to a clam orchestra, but best of all, he spots Bellarina the Mermaid.
  • Charley and Bellarina on Ice
    Charley and Bellarina on Ice
    Episode 127 mins
    Charley learns to ice skate, with a little help from his friends.
  • Charley And Caramel's Shop
    Charley And Caramel's Shop
    Episode 137 mins
    When Charley and Caramel set up shops next to each other, they discover who has the best goods to sell.

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