Noddy in Toyland

Noddy in Toyland

Kids1 Season
Sophie Aldred, Teresa Gallagher, Bob Golding
Following Noddy and his friends on their adventures.
  • Domino Town
    Episode 111 mins
    The Little Skittles are exited about going to their first Domino Day.
  • Noddy and the Giant Jelly
    Episode 211 mins
    Noddy needs to think of a new game for the party.
  • Bouncy Ball Comes to Play
    Episode 311 mins
    Baby comes to visit and he is full of bounce.
  • Hide and Seek Whiz
    Episode 411 mins
    Noddy teaches Whiz how to play hide and seek.
  • Bumpy and the Remote Control
    Episode 511 mins
    Mr. Wobbly Man's jelly mixer remote control is broken.
  • Tessie's Singalong Picnic
    Episode 611 mins
    Noddy and Tessie plan a picnic.
  • Mr. Plod Loses His Laugh
    Episode 711 mins
    Mr. Plod swallows his laugh.
  • Noddy and the Invisible Goblins
    Episode 811 mins
    The goblins are fed up with being caught red-handed, so they make themselves invisible.
  • Noddy and the Magic Paintbrush
    Episode 911 mins
    Noddy borrows a magic paintbrush when he accidentally scratches Car.
  • Mr. Plod's Picnic Surprise
    Episode 1011 mins
    The toys want Mr. Plod's birthday picnic to be a surprise.
  • Noddy's Sticky Day
    Episode 1111 mins
    Noddy brings Mr. Wobbly Man a tin of treacle, but the goblins steam the tin.
  • Happy Birthday Tessie
    Episode 1211 mins
    Tessie goes looking for her birthday surprise party.
  • Noddy Saves the Roller Disco
    Episode 1311 mins
    The goblins try to spoil Noddy's roller disco with a weather wrecking kit.
  • Noddy's Circus
    Episode 1411 mins
    The Skittles are fascinated when Noddy tells them the circus is coming to town.
  • A Test for Gobbo
    Episode 1511 mins
    Sly gives Gobbo a test.
  • The Fastest Trousers
    Episode 1611 mins
    Mr. Plod can't stop running.
  • Come Back Lindy
    Episode 1711 mins
    Lindy goes missing.
  • Noddy and the Grand Parade
    Episode 1811 mins
    Noddy plans a parade.
  • Woosh Comes to Stay
    Episode 1911 mins
    Woosh is coming to visit Toytown.
  • Googleberry Pie Day
    Episode 2011 mins
    The googleberries are ready for picking so the toys set off to the forest.
  • Invisible Bumpy
    Episode 2111 mins
    Bumpy is really muddy from playing football.
  • Noddy and the Rainbow Robber
    Episode 2211 mins
    The Goblins steal the rainbow in a Goblin Gizmos Rainbow Robber.
  • Tessie's Garden Grows and Grows
    Episode 2311 mins
    Noddy borrows a magic watering can.
  • The Goblins Come to Play
    Episode 2411 mins
    Lindy is frustrated with the Goblins spoiling their game.
  • High Tide
    Episode 2511 mins
    Noddy helps the mermaids rehearse their water ballet.
  • The Goblin Express
    Episode 2611 mins
    The Goblins steal the train and won't stop for anyone to get on.
  • Noddy's Big Build
    Episode 2711 mins
    Jumbo accidentally knocks Clockwork mouse's house down.
  • Noddy and the Sound Sucker
    Episode 2811 mins
    The Goblins get a gizmo that sucks up sounds.
  • Noddy's Great Save
    Episode 2911 mins
    The Skittles show Noddy their shell collection and Noddy takes them to the beach for more.
  • Noddy and the Cuckoo
    Episode 3011 mins
    The cuckoo decides to fly off and look for some fun of her own.
  • A Birthday for Whiz
    Episode 3111 mins
    Whiz doesn't know how birthdays work, so Noddy shows him.
  • Tessie and the Honey Bees
    Episode 3211 mins
    Tessie's planning a honey sandwich picnic.
  • Noddy and the Big Dance
    Episode 3311 mins
    Noddy plans a big dance in the Town Square.
  • The Paper Doll's Fashion Show
    Episode 3411 mins
    The Goblins steal the dresses that the Paper Doll's have made for a fashion show.
  • Yo Ho Noddy
    Episode 3511 mins
    Noddy visits his friends on his new jetski.
  • The Enchanted Warbler
    Episode 3611 mins
    Noddy and Mr Plod go in search of an enchanted rare warbler bird.
  • Playtime Pirates
    Episode 3711 mins
    The pirates play cricket with Noddy and bury the ball.
  • Mother's Day for Mrs. Skittle
    Episode 3811 mins
    The Skittles have made a card for Mrs. Skittle.
  • Noddy Gets Busy
    Episode 3911 mins
    The Goblins make sure Noddy is kept busy all day.
  • Tessie and the Fairy Cakes
    Episode 4011 mins
    Tessie wants to beat Mr. Wobbly Man in the Cakey Bake competition.
  • Double Trouble
    Episode 4111 mins
    There's so much fun that needs spoiling in Toytown that the Goblins order a Goblin Doubler.
  • Noddy and the Lighthouse
    Episode 4211 mins
    Noddy, Tessie and Lindy play volleyball when the ball breaks the bulb of the lighthouse.
  • Fetch, Bumpy, Fetch
    Episode 4311 mins
    Bumpy wakes up early and wants Noddy to play fetch.
  • The Other Jelly Genius
    Episode 4411 mins
    Whiz wants to learn how to make jellies.
  • The Skittles and the Boomerang
    Episode 4511 mins
    Noddy teaches the Skittles how to throw a boomerang.
  • Tessie's Photo Fun
    Episode 4611 mins
    Tessie wants to compile a photo album for Dinah's birthday.
  • Whiz and the Goblins
    Episode 4711 mins
    The Goblins break their "Fun-o-meter" and blame Whiz.
  • Noddy and the Jigsaw
    Episode 4811 mins
    A jigsaw piece turns up that doesn't fit into any of the Toytown jigsaws.
  • Frozen Fun
    Episode 4911 mins
    Noddy looks for snow.
  • A Babysitter for the Skittles
    Episode 5011 mins
    Mr. Wobbly Man and Noddy offer to look after the Little Skittles.
  • Dapple and the Dolls
    Episode 5111 mins
    Dinah and the Paper Dolls are setting up a mini gymkhana for Dapple.
  • Noddy and the Lost Teeth
    Episode 5211 mins
    Noddy poses in a group photo.

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