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A teddy bear uses his imagination to discover new things about himself and the world around him.
  • Charley on His Toes
    Episode 2 - 7 mins
    Charley goes to dance school where he learns that being a ballerina is hard work.
  • Pirate Charley's Treasure
    Episode 3 - 7 mins
    Charley becomes a pirate and, using his treasure map, sets off to track down the treasure.
  • Charley in Space
    Episode 4 - 7 mins
    Charley goes into space and enjoys floating around weightless, and floats far away from space ship.
  • Patient Charley
    Episode 5 - 7 mins
    Charley is in hospital where his bed is very comfy and he gets to wear cool pajamas.
  • Bear in the Woods
    Episode 6 - 7 mins
    Charley and his friends spend the night camping in the woods.
  • Charley's Wonder Wellies
    Episode 7 - 7 mins
    Charley has a pair of wonder wellies capable of making him do anything.
  • Hide and Seek Charley
    Episode 8 - 7 mins
    Charley plays hide and seek with Ballerina.
  • Choo Choo Charley
    Episode 9 - 7 mins
    Charley becomes a train driver and takes all his friends for a ride but he leaves Midge behind.
  • Charley's Birthday Surprise
    Episode 10 - 7 mins
    Charley thinks his friends have forgotten his Birthday, but they are really planning a surprise.
  • Underwater Explorer Charley
    Episode 11 - 7 mins
    Charley swims underwater with fish and eels and listens to a clam orchestra.
  • Charley and Bellarina on Ice
    Episode 12 - 7 mins
    Charley learns to ice skate, with a little help from his friends.
  • Charley And Caramel's Shop
    Episode 13 - 7 mins
    When Charley and Caramel set up shops next to each other, they discover who has the best goods.

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