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  • Meet Strawberry Shortcake
    Episode 145 mins
    Strawberry Shortcake is planning a first birthday party for her sister Apple Dumpling.
  • Berry Merry Christmas
    Episode 245 mins
    Strawberry Shortcake travels to Holidayland to find the perfect presents for her friends.
  • Spring for Strawberry Shortcake
    Episode 345 mins
    Strawberry Shortcake and her two friends, Orange Blossom and Ginger Snap, go in search of spring.
  • Get Well Adventures, Horse Tales
    Episode 445 mins
    Honey Pie Pony hurts her leg; a disappointed Honey proves to be a very impatient patient.
  • Horse of a Different Color
    Episode 121 mins
    Honey Pie Pony feels left out as the only four-legged creature in the group.
  • Festival of the Fillies
    Episode 221 mins
    A horse-show owner kidnaps Honey Pie Pony.
  • Here Comes Pupcake
    Episode 321 mins
    Strawberry's cat's dream set-up gets shattered by the sudden arrival of a rambunctious stray puppy.
  • Peppermint's Pet Peeve
    Episode 421 mins
    Peppermint Fizz convinces the other kids to hold a pet competition.
  • The Mystery of Seaberry Shore
    Episode 521 mins
    Coco Calypso asks Strawberry and friends to help find out who is stealing her seaberries.
  • Legend of the Lost Treasure
    Episode 621 mins
    Strawberry and her friends imagine themselves as mermaids in search of golden sand dollars.
  • Angel Cake in the Outfield
    Episode 721 mins
    Strawberry and Apple Dumplin' help Angel Cake become a good sport.
  • Win Some, Lose Some
    Episode 821 mins
    Peppermint Fizz resorts to cheating in hopes of winning games.
  • Ginger Snap's No-Light Night of Fright
    Episode 921 mins
    When the group goes on an overnight camping trip, Ginger Snap tries to hide her fear of the dark.
  • The Blueberry Beast
    Episode 1021 mins
    There's a new girl in the neighborhood, Blueberry Muffin.
  • The Play's the Thing
    Episode 1121 mins
    Strawberry's self-consciousness about an old, worn raincoat gets eased when the gang puts on a play.
  • The Costume Party
    Episode 1221 mins
    Peppermint Fizz tries to exclude Blueberry Muffin for being different.
  • The Friendship Club
    Episode 122 mins
    The friends must come together to rescue Eclaire from a dogcatcher and find their missing pets.
  • The Festival of Friends
    Episode 222 mins
    Angel Cake offers to bake a big cake for the Great Friendship Festival but refuses help from anyone.
  • When the Berry Fairy Came to Stay
    Episode 322 mins
    A fairy tries to take advantage of Strawberry's kindness.
  • The Legend of Sherry Bobbleberry
    Episode 422 mins
    Sherry Bobbleberry becomes a first-class fairy princess. 
  • Baby Takes the Cake
    Episode 522 mins
    Apple Dumplin' dreams that she is bigger than Strawberry and her friends.
  • Piece of Cake
    Episode 622 mins
    Honey Pie Pony, Strawberry and friends put on a cooking show.
  • Mind Your Manners
    Episode 722 mins
    Raspberry Torte refuses to learn manners for a tea party.
  • Queen for a Day
    Episode 822 mins
    Strawberry's hard work is recognized when she gets crowned Queen of the Berry Blossom Festival.
  • Everybody Dance
    Episode 122 mins
    Sour Grapes opens a fake dance studio to distract Strawberry and her friends.
  • Let's Dance / Meet Apricot
    Episode 222 mins
    Strawberry meets a girl named Apricot who tells lies to impress people.
  • It Takes Talent
    Episode 322 mins
    Strawberry and her friends decide to put on a talent show.
  • Playing to Beat the Band
    Episode 422 mins
    Strawberry and her friends get the band back together to perform at a local festival.
  • Strawberry's Big Journey
    Episode 522 mins
    Strawberry Shortcake and her friends decide to go find a rare flower that only blooms every 10 years.
  • Back in the Saddle
    Episode 622 mins
    Annie Oatmeal hires Strawberry Shortcake and Angel Cake.
  • Down on the Farm
    Episode 722 mins
    Strawberry comes to the aid of a friend whose farm animals ran away.
  • Around the Berry Big World
    Episode 822 mins
    Strawberry tries to prove that she can go around the world in 80 days.
  • One Small Step
    Episode 922 mins
    As Strawberry and her friends gaze at the stars, they talk about what they want to be when they grow up.
  • The Good Mayor
    Episode 1022 mins
    Peppermint Fizz discovers how it feels to be mayor.
  • Toto's Tale
    Episode 1122 mins
    A cyclone blows Strawberry to the strange Land of Oz, where she must journey to the Emerald City.
  • Where the Gem Berries Glow
    Episode 1222 mins
    Strawberry gets an urgent plea to return to Oz, where she finds a disaster in the works.
  • Sleeping Beauty
    Episode 1322 mins
    Princess Strawberry Rose falls asleep after getting pricked by a brambleberry thorn.
  • A Princess Named Rap
    Episode 1422 mins
    Princess Rap befriends two other children who may be a bad influence on her.
  • Hooray for Berrywood
    Episode 1522 mins
    Strawberry and her friends go to Berrywood.
  • Lights... Camera...
    Episode 1622 mins
    The Pie Man tries to prevent Strawberry and her friends from saving a closed-down theater.

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