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Animal best friends gather to play in a sandbox where they learn about the world around them, how to problem-solve and how to have fun.
  • The Xylophone
    Episode 1 - 7 mins
    Dean accidentally breaks his brother's xylophone; the group searches to replace the lost key.
  • The Globe
    Episode 2 - 7 mins
    Cal brings a globe to the sandbox, and the gang learns about countries, climate and the equator.
  • Nature
    Episode 3 - 7 mins
    Zen brings a planter to the sandbox, and the gang learns about how fruits and vegetables grow.
  • Vehicles
    Episode 4 - 7 mins
    The gang uses the wheels from Earl's broken car to imagine themselves in different vehicles. 
  • The Big Clean Up
    Episode 5 - 8 mins
    After throwing a party, Neptune and Opus show everybody how to clean up the sandbox and the planet.
  • Hail the Hail
    Episode 6 - 7 mins
    When a storm comes, the gang seeks shelter and learns about how hail works.
  • My Plate
    Episode 7 - 7 mins
    Neptune decides to eat only cupcakes, until Dean teaches him about the value of a balanced diet
  • Mirror Me
    Episode 8 - 7 mins
    Patch finds a mirror; the group learns the difference between seeing someone's outside and inside.
  • Shapes
    Episode 9 - 7 mins
    Roxy and Dean bet about whether Dean's sandcastle is made up from shapes or just from sand.
  • Building a Band
    Episode 10 - 8 mins
    It's the first musical performance in the sandbox; the gang learns how instruments work together.

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