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The dinosaur's adventures feature songs, dances and games.
  • Welcome Cousin Riff; Special Skills
    Episode 1 - 26 mins
    Cousin Riff moves to town; Barney encourages everyone to put on a special show.
  • Airplanes; Boats
    Episode 2 - 26 mins
    BJ brings his new toy plane to the park; Baby Bop has a great time playing with her boat.
  • Butterflies; Bugs
    Episode 3 - 26 mins
    Baby Bop is sad because she lost her pet caterpillar; Barney and the others try to help her find it.
  • Shapes; Colors
    Episode 4 - 26 mins
    Baby Bop, BJ and the children prepare for the Shapes Carnival in the park.
  • Seeing; Hearing
    Episode 5 - 26 mins
    Baby Bop claims that an elephant is hiding in the park; BJ and Riff engage in a contest.
  • Glad to Be Me; Arts
    Episode 6 - 26 mins
    Riff's shyness makes it hard for him to meet new friends; Barney and friends enjoy an art festival.
  • Movement; BJ's Snack Attack
    Episode 7 - 26 mins
    Barney joins a race; BJ starts to feel sick after eating too many sweets.
  • Counting; Letters
    Episode 8 - 26 mins
    BJ and Riff find a pirate map and go looking for the treasure; there is a concert in the park.
  • Pets; Vets
    Episode 9 - 26 mins
    BJ learns that having a pet is a bigger responsibility than expected; Baby Bop’s teddy bear is torn.
  • Winter; Summer
    Episode 10 - 26 mins
    Barney helps Baby Bop see that winter is great; Barney teaches BJ about things to do in the summer.
  • Caring; Rhythm
    Episode 11 - 26 mins
    Surprises are around every corner during Barney's birthday; Baby Bop practices her marching.
  • Playing Games; Fun with Reading
    Episode 12 - 26 mins
    Baby Bop has trouble following the rules while playing games; BJ hurts his toe.
  • Making Mistakes; Separation
    Episode 13 - 26 mins
    BJ’s efforts to decorate the park go awry when he paints the caboose in several different colors.
  • Days of the Week; Sharing
    Episode 14 - 26 mins
    BJ, Baby Bop and Riff can hardly wait for the petting zoo; Riff accidentally wrecks BJ’s scooter.
  • Rabbits; Ducks and Fish
    Episode 15 - 26 mins
    BJ pretends to be a detective and needs a mystery to solve; Riff protects a nest of duck eggs.
  • Mother Goose; Fairy Tales
    Episode 16 - 26 mins
    BJ learns that “The Land of Mother Goose” exists; Baby Bop catches Barney and friends gift-wrapping.
  • Things I Can Do; Differences
    Episode 17 - 26 mins
    Baby Bop realizes there are things she can do, too; Barney helps a child who uses a wheelchair.
  • Dancing; Singing
    Episode 18 - 26 mins
    Barney helps Jamal overcome his shyness in time for the big dance party in the park; Barney tells Baby Bop a story.
  • Neighborhood; Careers
    Episode 19 - 26 mins
    Riff can’t find his drumsticks anywhere; Barney helps Baby Bop explore many different jobs.
  • China; Kenya
    Episode 20 - 26 mins
    BJ waits for a letter from his pen pal; everyone waits for Mrs. Matuma’s Harambee Dance Troupe.

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