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Tom Kenny, Colin Hanks, James Adomian

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With tech gear and great ideas, Talking Tom and friends are determined to reach stardom at any cost, leading to multiple adventures among the group.
  • The Audition (Pilot)

    Episode 1 - 10 mins
    Tom tries to star in his own reality show to achieve his dreams of fame; Santa uses Christmas magic.
  • Untalking Tom

    Episode 2 - 10 mins
    Talking Tom loses his voice; his friends and the Internet Doctor try to help him to restore it.
  • Friendly Customer Service

    Episode 3 - 10 mins
    Talking Tom is happy that his answering machine is so friendly, but he gets on its bad side.
  • Future Tron

    Episode 4 - 10 mins
    Tom and Ben see best friend developers fighting and fear their own friendship won't last.
  • Assertive App

    Episode 5 - 10 mins
    Ben makes an aggressive invention; the app fuels Ginger's quest for candy supremacy.
  • Magnetic Ben

    Episode 6 - 10 mins
    Tom and Ben team up in the Kentossy Derby against Ginger's team to win vending machine rights.
  • Angela's Scarf

    Episode 7 - 10 mins
    Tom encourages Angela to become a style star, but he accidentally becomes a style star himself.
  • Ben's High Score

    Episode 8 - 10 mins
    Ben is used to being the best at everything, but Hank may beat his score at Flappy Talking Tom.
  • Strategic Hot Mess

    Episode 9 - 10 mins
    Angela gets her fifteen minutes of fame, but she's more famous for her behavior than singing talent.
  • Man on the Moon Part 1

    Episode 10 - 10 mins
    During the annual best friends camping trip, Ben gets a girlfriend; everyone is surprised.
  • Man on the Moon Part 2

    Episode 11 - 10 mins
    Ben's relationship with the Moon is wonderful until he sees its dark side; Tom's app update is bad.
  • Hank the Millionaire

    Episode 12 - 10 mins
    Hank makes an account on Cashkicker in an attempt to achieve his dream; things don't go as planned.
  • App-y Halloween

    Episode 13 - 10 mins
    Ginger is excited for Halloween, but the gang decides to ignore it; Ginger decides to get revenge.
  • Big Ben

    Episode 14 - 10 mins
    No one can stand Ben's stand-up comedy, so he makes an invention to help him get big.
  • Think Hank

    Episode 15 - 10 mins
    Hank won't change the TV channel, so Ginger changes Hank's life; Hank questions his existence.
  • The Germinator

    Episode 16 - 10 mins
    Hank gets sick with Jeremy the Germ; Ben tries to stop Jeremy before they catch a worse cold.
  • Hank the Director

    Episode 17 - 10 mins
    On his birthday, Hank wants to direct an episode of his favorite TV show starring his friends.
  • GlovePhone

    Episode 18 - 10 mins
    Ginger is the only one with access to the GlovePhone; Tom leads a mission to get one for himself.
  • Ping Pong Wizard

    Episode 19 - 10 mins
    Ben's ping pong winning streak continues until an unlikely defender rises to challenge him.
  • Doc Hank

    Episode 20 - 10 mins
    Hank gets a medical degree online, has a breakthrough with Ben's health and tries to cure the world.
  • Angela's Heckler

    Episode 21 - 10 mins
    Angela is heckled at the Christmas talent show; Tom is determined to set things right.
  • Blanket Fort

    Episode 22 - 10 mins
    Ginger and Hank are both king of the castle when they build a fort; the peasants revolt.
  • CEO in Trouble

    Episode 23 - 10 mins
    A CEO is stranded in Tom's garage during a blizzard; Tom tries to sell the CEO some of his ideas.
  • The Perfect Roommate

    Episode 24 - 11 mins
    Tom's living room fills with lava, and he goes to live with Angela; Tom hopes to get closer to her.
  • The Contest

    Episode 25 - 10 mins
    Tom challenges his friends to quit using technology; Tom is confident that he can do it.
  • Angela's Critic

    Episode 26 - 10 mins
    Angela's new song gets a bad review; her positive nature is tested as she tries to fix the problem.
  • The Perfect Day

    Episode 27 - 10 mins
    Ben's simulator app makes Tom's fantasies come true; he realizes only Angela can perfect his day.
  • Tom's Love Song

    Episode 28 - 10 mins
    To win Angela's heart, Tom writes some personal song lyrics; the lyrics fall into Ginger's hands.
  • Ghost Pirate Hunting

    Episode 29 - 10 mins
    Hank and Ginger touch Ben's computer without permission; a scary pirate ghost appears.
  • Tennis Kid

    Episode 30 - 10 mins
    Talking Ginger’s friends try to help him smash his upcoming tennis tournament.
  • Every Girl's Dream

    Episode 31 - 11 mins
    Talking Tom is a hot mess when a perfect stranger becomes Talking Angela’s perfect guy.
  • Lost Friend Will Zee

    Episode 32 - 10 mins
    Talking Tom’s coolness is threatened when an old friend turns from dweeb to trendsetter.
  • Angela's Secret

    Episode 33 - 10 mins
    Talking Tom is forced to gobble down evidence of Talking Angela’s criminal activity.
  • Jetpack Ninja

    Episode 34 - 10 mins
    Talking Hank puts his ninja skills to the test as he teaches Talking Ginger the art of combat.
  • Online Romance

    Episode 35 - 10 mins
    Talking Tom wastes too much time online choosing hashtags over heart-to-hearts.
  • Friends Forever

    Episode 36 - 10 mins
    A friendship bracelet ties Talking Tom and Talking Angela together.
  • Daddy Ben

    Episode 37 - 10 mins
    Cleaning the garage was supposed to be dull for Ben, but his day goes from boring to parenting.
  • The Famous Monster

    Episode 38 - 10 mins
    A director signs Tom up for a commercial, but when Tom's face freezes he thinks he can't do it.
  • Heatwave

    Episode 39 - 10 mins
    When the thermostat breaks, Talking Ben hacks the system but makes it too cold.
  • Germinator 2: Zombies

    Episode 40 - 10 mins
    The whole neighborhood’s at stake when Jeremy the Germ comes back for his revenge.
  • Angela the Cheerleader

    Episode 41 - 10 mins
    Talking Angela finds herself right in the middle of a basketball fan rivalry.
  • Hank’s New Job

    Episode 42 - 10 mins
    Talking Hank’s new job starts to take over his life, but the gang is determined to help him.
  • Parallel Universe

    Episode 43 - 10 mins
    Talking Tom discovers a parallel Talking Tom and Friends universe, and he loves it.
  • Love Formula

    Episode 44 - 10 mins
    Dating advice from Talking Tom and Talking Angela causes Talking Ben nothing but trouble.
  • Funny Robot Galileo

    Episode 45 - 10 mins
    Talking Ben invents a comedy robot that decides to bring down Tom and Ben Enterprises.
  • The Voice Switch

    Episode 46 - 10 mins
    An accidental voice swap might make Talking Angela miss out on her one chance to perform at a club.
  • Poker Face

    Episode 47 - 10 mins
    The Landlord tries to hustle the gang for control of Tom and Ben Enterprises.
  • Museum Madness

    Episode 48 - 10 mins
    Talking Tom wants Talking Ben to take the day off, but their idea of fun isn't the same as his.
  • Embarrassing Memories

    Episode 49 - 10 mins
    When the future’s at stake, Talking Tom and Talking Ben travel back in time to change the past.
  • A Secret Worth Keeping Part 1

    Episode 50 - 10 mins
    Talking Ben is the only one around to hear Talking Angela's deepest secret. 
  • A Secret Worth Keeping Part 2

    Episode 51 - 10 mins
    Talking Angela’s desperately trying to keep her secret hidden, but Talking Tom's too busy to notice.
  • A Secret Worth Keeping Part 3

    Episode 52 - 12 mins
    Things spiral out of control for Talking Tom and the gang at the tech conference.

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