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Olympics Overview

Every four years, the world’s best athletes gather to compete in either the Summer or Winter Olympic Games. Paris, France will host the next Summer Olympic Games in 2024, and Milano Cortina, Italy will host the next Winter Olympic Games in 2026.

Featured Sports

The most popular Winter and Summer sports in the Olympics are a mix of individual athletic feats and team competitions.


To outsiders, the Olympic sport of curling may resemble shuffleboard on ice. Some might even say frozen bocce ball. But among fans, curling is more often compared to “chess on ice”. That’s because this ancient game relies as much on strategy as it does on accurate throws and feverishly brushed, smooth ice.

Figure Skating

Figure skaters don’t exactly break the laws of physics. But they often appear to bend the rules a bit. Perennially popular, figure skating combines remarkable athleticism with stunning artistry. Since its introduction at the 1908 Summer Olympics, figure skating has evolved to become a favorite Winter Olympics sport.

Track and Field

Track and field is the core sport that most think of when the Summer Olympics come to mind. It includes athletic events that focus on running, jumping, and throwing. It’s one of the oldest sports that dates back to the ancient Olympic Games in Greece.


Gymnastics have been a part of almost every modern Olympics. It consists of 18 events that are split between men and women. The combination of strength, flexibility, athleticism, and artistic movement has made the sport a much-watch. The United States has the second-most total medals of all nations competing in gymnastics.


The XXXIII Olympic Summer Games will commence Friday, July 26, and end on Sunday, Aug. 11. They will be held in Paris, France.

Every four years.

Milano Cortina, Italy from Feb. 6–22, 2026.

Original sports include archery, badminton, basketball, basketball 3×3, boxing, canoe, road cycling, cycling track, mountain biking, BMX freestyle, BMX racing, equestrian, fencing, football, golf, artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline, handball, hockey, judo, modern pentathlon, rowing, rugby, sailing, shooting, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, triathlon, volleyball, beach volleyball, diving, marathon swimming, artistic swimming, swimming, water polo, weightlifting, and wrestling. Four additional sports are being proposed for the Paris games, including breaking, sport climbing, skateboarding, and surfing.

At least 206 nations will participate in the 2024 Summer Olympics. There will be over 10,500 athletes participating in 329 events.