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Dr. Death
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Dr. Death

New Doctor, New Story Dec 21
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Dr. Death
New Doctor, New Story Dec 21
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Dr. Death

Drama 2 Seasons • 16 Episodes TV-MA TV Series • 2021

This season of Dr. Death, based on the hit Wondery podcast, follows “Miracle Man” Paolo Macchiarini, a charming surgeon renowned for his innovative operations. When investigative journalist Benita Alexander approaches him for a story, the line between personal and professional begins to blur, changing her life forever. As she learns how far Paolo will go to protect his secrets, a group of doctors halfway across the world make shocking discoveries of their own that call everything about Paolo into question.

Starring: Edgar Ramírez, Mandy Moore, Luke Kirby, Ashley Madekwe, Gustaf Hammarsten
Showrunner / Writer / Executive Producer: Ashley Michel Hoban
Executive Producer: Patrick Macmanus
Executive Producers: Todd Black (Escape Artists), Jason Blumenthal (Escape Artists), Steve Tisch (Escape Artists), Taylor Latham (Escape Artists), Aaron Hart (Wondery), Hernan Lopez (Wondery), Marshall Lewy (Wondery), Linda Gase
Director/Executive Producer: Jennifer Morrison (Episodes 1-4)
Director: Laura Belsey (Episodes 5-8)   

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Dr. Death Episode 2

Like Magic

S2 E1 . 44m
Dr. Paolo Macchiarini performs a breakthrough surgery and starts a relationship with a journalist.

Dr. Death Episode 2

Worth the Risk

S2 E2 . 47m
Macchiarini's surgeries in 2012 and 2013 have disparate outcomes; Paolo and Benita grow closer.

Dr. Death Episode 3

The Horizon

S2 E3 . 47m
In 2012, another Dr. Macchiarini surgery ends tragically; Benita begins suspecting Paolo.

Dr. Death Episode 4

Tarantela Telaraña

S2 E4 . 48m
Doctors in Sweden suspect Macchiarini is experimenting on people; Benita sees through Paolo's lies.

Dr. Death Episode 5


S2 E5 . 46m
Dr. Gamelli tries to keep Macchiarini’s latest patient alive and raises concerns about the surgery.

Dr. Death Episode 6

The Fog

S2 E6 . 49m
Dr. Lasbrey makes a shocking discovery; Benita realizes Paolo’s lies go deeper than she thought.

Dr. Death Episode 7

Compassionate Uses

S2 E7 . 53m
The doctors in Sweden blow the whistle on Paolo but face the consequences; Benita shares her story.

Dr. Death Episode 8

Surgeons, Bachelors and Butchers

S2 E8 . 63m
The doctors defend their findings; Swedish authorities make a decision about Macchiarini's case.

Dr. Death Episode 1


S1 E1 . 44m
Two doctors probe a Dallas neurosurgeon's patients' deaths.

Dr. Death Episode 2

Ain't No Bum

S1 E2 . 47m
Henderson and Kirby try to strip Duntsch's medical license.

Dr. Death Episode 3

Dock Ellis

S1 E3 . 47m
Henderson and Kirby explore the flaws of the medical system.

Dr. Death Episode 4

An Occurrence at Randall Kirby's Sink

S1 E4 . 48m
Duntsch moves to Texas and sets up his private practice.

Dr. Death Episode 5

The $?!& in the Bed

S1 E5 . 46m
Duntsch begins operating; Henderson and Kirby gain an ally.

Dr. Death Episode 6

Occam's Razor

S1 E6 . 49m
Duntsch attempts to fix a bad surgery performed on a friend.

Dr. Death Episode 7

Feet of Clay

S1 E7 . 53m
Duntsch is arrested and tries to mount a defense.

Dr. Death Episode 8

Hardwood Floors

S1 E8 . 63m
Duntsch is forced to confront his victims in court.

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Dr. Death Season 2 Official Trailer

Check out the trailer for season 2 of the Peacock Original series, Dr. Death.

Dr. Death Season 2 Official Teaser

New Doctor. New Story. Watch the breathtaking teaser of the new season of Dr. Death ahead of the premiere Dec 21.

Dr. Death Official Trailer

Check out the trailer for the Peacock Original series, Dr. Death.

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Cutthroat Conman

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Dr. Death Season 2 premiered on December 21, 2023 exclusively on Peacock.

Dr. Death is a true crime drama anthology series about charming surgeons, their secrets and innocent patients who unfortunately fall victim to their heinous acts. Season 1 was inspired by the true story of Dr. Christopher Duntsch, an American neurosurgeon. Season 2 will depict the story of convicted surgeon, Paolo Macchiarini.