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Edgar Ramírez, Mandy Moore, Luke Kirby

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Neurosurgeon Robert Henderson and vascular surgeon Randall Kirby set out to stop the brilliant but sociopathic Dr. Christopher Duntsch, whose patients leave his operating room either permanently maimed or dead; inspired by the terrifying true story.
  • Diplos
    Episode 1 - 43 mins
    Two doctors investigate the maiming and death of patients at the hands of a Dallas neurosurgeon.
  • Ain't No Bum
    Episode 2 - 46 mins
    Henderson and Kirby try to strip Duntsch of his medical license; Duntsch joins the football team.
  • Dock Ellis
    Episode 3 - 47 mins
    Duntsch meets his mentor; Henderson and Kirby explore the medical system.
  • An Occurrence at Randall Kirby's Sink
    Episode 4 - 48 mins
    Henderson and Kirby crash a function in Duntsch’s honor; Duntsch sets up his practice in Texas.
  • The $?!& in the Bed
    Episode 5 - 46 mins
    Duntsch begins operating in Dallas; Henderson and Kirby gain an ally in stopping Duntsch.
  • Occam's Razor
    Episode 6 - 49 mins
    Duntsch attempts to fix a disastrous surgery; Shughart builds her case against Duntsch.
  • Feet of Clay
    Episode 7 - 53 mins
    Duntsch tries to mount a defense; Henderson, Kirby and Shughart seek answers to lingering questions.
  • Hardwood Floors
    Episode 8 - 63 mins
    Duntsch's victims confront him as Henderson, Kirby and Shughart set out to put him behind bars.

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