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Kids join a secret agency where they learn to use the power of imagination to journey into the Dream World to defeat the evil Nightmare King.
  • Awakening

    Episode 1 - 22 mins
    When Z-Blob follows him back to real life, Mateo and his sister learn the Dream World is in danger.
  • Dream Chasers

    Episode 2 - 22 mins
    Mateo and Izzie realize a nightmare has followed them back to the Waking World.
  • Chased Dreamers

    Episode 3 - 22 mins
    To officially join the Night Bureau as a Dream Chaser, Mateo must defeat the Dream Forge guardian.
  • The Dream Forge

    Episode 4 - 22 mins
    As time begins to runs out, Mateo and his friends enlist the help of the mysterious Dream Bandit.
  • Peak Performance

    Episode 5 - 22 mins
    The search for the Sandman leads Mateo and the others to the tallest mountain in the Dream World.
  • The Anomaly

    Episode 6 - 22 mins
    A surprise visit from the Chief Inspector forces Mateo to hide Z-Blob, who goes on an adventure.
  • Cheat Code

    Episode 7 - 22 mins
    Logan cheats and unwittingly endangers the video game-based Cyber Realm.
  • The Bigger Picture

    Episode 8 - 22 mins
    The kids meddle in their teacher's dream to find test answers.
  • Short Sheeped

    Episode 9 - 22 mins
    Logan's desperation to prove himself leads to his capture by the Nightmare King.
  • The Grim Escape

    Episode 10 - 22 mins
    The Dream Chasers rush to save Logan from the Shadowkeep's dungeon.
  • Dreamer's Block

    Episode 11 - 22 mins
    Mateo and his friends get locked in their dream landing by a mysterious dome.
  • Monkey and the Bandit

    Episode 12 - 22 mins
    Albert is captured by the Night Hunter; Z-Blob is detained by Agent Strick.
  • Private Eye

    Episode 13 - 22 mins
    Detective Izzie takes the case of Mateo's missing comic book; Nova probes into a mystery of her own.
  • Songs of the Mist

    Episode 14 - 22 mins
    The hunt for the Sandman brings the kids to the dangerous Murky Realm.
  • Sweet Dreams

    Episode 15 - 22 mins
    Determined to give the Insomniacs a night of good dreams, Izzie brings them to the Candy Realm.
  • The Worthy Dreamer

    Episode 16 - 22 mins
    The Dream Chasers arrive at Castle Nocturnia hoping to find the key to defeating the Nightmare King.
  • The Light of Nocturnia

    Episode 17 - 22 mins
    The Dream Chasers rush to reveal Lunia's secrets; the Nightmare King assaults Castle Nocturnia.
  • Night Hunted

    Episode 18 - 22 mins
    The Nightmare King opens a rift to the Waking World; Mateo asks Oz about Lunia's battle.
  • The Rift

    Episode 19 - 22 mins
    A night terror and the Night Hunter are on the hunt at the fall festival.
  • Enter the Nightmare

    Episode 20 - 22 mins
    The barrier to the Waking World has been torn, and the Nightmare King invades Brooklyn.

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