Trolls: TrollsTopia

Trolls: TrollsTopia

Kids1 Season
Amanda Leighton, Vladimir Caamaño, Ron Funches
When Poppy learns there are five other Trolls tribes scattered throughout the forest, she decides to bring delegates from the Country Western, Classical, Funk, Techno and Hard Rock tribes to live together in her village.
  • TrollsTopia
    Episode 123 mins
    Poppy tries to befriend the new Trolls tribes; the Hard Rock Trolls prove to be a challenge.
  • The Buddy System, Kickoff Party
    Episode 223 mins
    Poppy decides to have every new Troll live with a Pop Troll; Poppy plans a party for TrollsTopia.
  • Bring It In; Branch Out of Water
    Episode 323 mins
    Poppy teaches the Classical Trolls about hugging; Branch tries to reach an understanding with Synth.
  • The Ballad of Holly Darlin'; Across the Fashionverse
    Episode 423 mins
    Poppy and Holly Darlin' enter a generosity war; Satin and Chenille decide to create a masterpiece.
  • Manager Poppy; The Snug-a-Lug Situation
    Episode 523 mins
    Poppy learns the ways of the Hard Rock tribe; Lownote Jones gets Trolls to watch his exotic pet.
  • Girls' Night; Cloud Control
    Episode 623 mins
    Val attends Poppy’s girls’ night; Branch learns he’s not the only one who is annoyed by Cloud Guy.
  • Classical Rock; Buckin' Branch
    Episode 723 mins
    Demo has been playing classical guitar; the Country Trolls invite Branch to try out for their rodeo.
  • Rhythm and the Blues; Mouth Guitar
    Episode 823 mins
    Trolls rally around Rhythm&Blues in support; Blaze Powerchord arrives in TrollsTopia.
  • Glitter Rush; Laguna Tidepool and the Lost Game Room
    Episode 923 mins
    Holly Darlin' teaches everyone about glitter; Poppy follows Laguna Tidepool to an ancient temple.
  • Cheery Glo-Mato; Highly Amused
    Episode 1023 mins
    Val works with Poppy to make things right with Holly Darlin'; Dante has a case of composer’s block.
  • The Makeunder; Smidge in the Saddle
    Episode 1123 mins
    Lownote Jones learns how to blend in; Gust Tumbleweed offers to be TrollTopia’s Fun Sheriff.
  • Extra Tootering; The Last Scrapbook
    Episode 1223 mins
    Guy and his friends are determined to help Tiny Diamond achieve his first shimmering toot.
  • Darlin 'Dos; Bad Hair Day
    Episode 1323 mins
    Holly Darlin' gives Poppy a big hairstyle; Poppy shows Val just how much TrollsTopia needs her.

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