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An expert hitman, who also happens to be an infant, teaches the tricks of his trade to the reluctant and inexperienced heir of a powerful mafia family.
  • The Primo Family Arrives!
    Episode 1 - 23 mins
    Tsuna and his friends go back in time to just after the Arcobaleno Trials to receive training.
  • Inheritance Begins
    Episode 2 - 23 mins
    A troubled Yamamoto comes unleashed during a trial match against Choice.
  • The Duty of the Rain Guardian
    Episode 3 - 23 mins
    Yuni joins Tsuna's school; Yamamoto faces his trial for the second time.
  • Furious Bolt of Lightning
    Episode 4 - 23 mins
    Lambo endures a trial requiring him to survive amusement park rides that Verde turns against him.
  • Silent Storm
    Episode 5 - 23 mins
    G assumes Gokudera's identity at school while Gokudera spends the day training for his trial.
  • Aloof Cloud
    Episode 6 - 23 mins
    Hibari can't find the resolve to attempt his trial after learning he won't be fighting anyone.
  • Sunny then Cloudy
    Episode 7 - 23 mins
    Ryohei and Hibari defend the school from a crashing blimp; the two learn more about their trials.
  • The Trap Is Set
    Episode 8 - 23 mins
    Tsuna hears that Chrome is gone; Chrome's friends attempt to help her with a mysterious fear.
  • Bewitching Mist
    Episode 9 - 23 mins
    Daemon Spade forces Tsuna and his friends to fight twisted copies of themselves.
  • Memories of Betrayal
    Episode 10 - 23 mins
    Daemon attempts to use the shadow clones to bring Tsuna and his friends over to his side of thinking.
  • Primo's Will
    Episode 11 - 23 mins
    Tsuna must defeat Daemon Spade's illusion to end the attack on him and his friends.
  • The Family's Resolve
    Episode 12 - 23 mins
    A recap of the trials Tsuna and his friends endured.

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