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Kana Hanazawa, Tetsu Inada, Tomoaki Maeno

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  • A Girl's Wish
    Episode 124 mins
    Kobato arrives in the human world and must prove herself worthy of the bottle.
  • The Shining Konpeito
    Episode 224 mins
    Ioryogi tells Kobato she must heal hearts in order to fill her bottle.
  • A Gift from the Rain
    Episode 324 mins
    Sayaka spots Kobato sleeping in a park and takes her to a friend.
  • The Flutter of Fresh Leaves
    Episode 424 mins
    Kobato meets Kohaku, a sad-looking angel, in the streets.
  • A Firefly's Promise
    Episode 524 mins
    While reading a firefly book to the children, Kobato meets the author.
  • Hide-and-Seek
    Episode 624 mins
    The staff of Yomogi Nursery plans a field trip with the children.
  • A Gentle Person
    Episode 724 mins
    Kobato finds that Fujimoto left a report at the nursery.
  • A Kitten's Lullaby
    Episode 824 mins
    Kobato brings home a stray kitten.
  • Memories of Summer
    Episode 924 mins
    The nursery goes on summer break.
  • The Days of the Boy and the Organ
    Episode 1024 mins
    Kobato learns more about Fujimoto's childhood through Miss Sayaka.
  • Detective Kobato Hanato
    Episode 1124 mins
    Yomogi Nursery is having problems repaying debts; Kobato decides to help out at Tirol Confectionery.
  • Silver Eyes
    Episode 1224 mins
    Kobato and Ioryogi are in a park when Ginsei, an old acquaintance, shows up.
  • The Angel and the Protector
    Episode 1324 mins
    Kobato finds a huge ginkgo tree while on a walk with Ioryogi.
  • Twilight Search
    Episode 1424 mins
    Kobato and Fujimoto take the children to pick sweet potatoes.
  • Hidden Prayer
    Episode 1524 mins
    Kobato decorates the nursery with the origami Chisato gave her.
  • Mysterious Life-Form Part 1
    Episode 1624 mins
    The nursery is running out of time to pay its debts.
  • Mysterious Life-Form Part 2
    Episode 1724 mins
    While advertising the bazaar, Kobato finds a worn-down Ioryogi.
  • Warmth of the Wintry Wind
    Episode 1824 mins
    Ioryogi warns Kobato that she must accomplish her mission by spring.
  • White Christmas
    Episode 1924 mins
    Although Christmas is approaching, Fujimoto has been treating Kobato coldly.
  • The Travelers
    Episode 2024 mins
    With Valentine's Day coming up, Kobato wants to throw a party at the nursery.
  • Footsteps of Spring
    Episode 2124 mins
    Kazuto shows up again demanding payment.
  • The Day of Farewells
    Episode 2224 mins
    The Nursery is torn down, leaving Kobato in despair, but she still has to achieve her goal.
  • Kobato's Wish
    Episode 2324 mins
    Kobato visits Fujimoto's apartment every morning since his accident at work.
  • The Day to Come
    Episode 2424 mins
    Fujimoto cannot concentrate on his studies.

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