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Gon Freecss works hard to become a hunter while searching for the father he doesn't remember.
  • Departure x and x Friends
    Episode 1 - 23 mins
    Gon must first fulfill a promise to Mito-san to take the Hunter Exam.
  • Test x of x Tests
    Episode 2 - 23 mins
    Gon, Leorio and Kurapika can't pass a group of old ladies.
  • Rivals x for x Survival
    Episode 3 - 23 mins
    Gon, Kurapika and Leorio are at the exam site.
  • Hope x and x Ambition
    Episode 4 - 23 mins
    Leorio and Kurapika run together in the first phase of the exam.
  • Hisoka x Is x Sneaky
    Episode 5 - 24 mins
    The participants emerge from the long tunnel.
  • A x Surprising x Challenge
    Episode 6 - 24 mins
    Examiners Menchi and Buhara must prepare a dish that will satisfy their Gourmet Hunter palates.
  • A Showdown x on x the Airship
    Episode 7 - 24 mins
    Chairman Netero challenges Gon and Killua to a game of skill, which Gon refuses to lose.
  • Solution x Is x Majority Rules?
    Episode 8 - 24 mins
    The participants must climb down a tall pillar with hidden doors to pass the next phase of the exam.
  • Beware x of x Prisoners
    Episode 9 - 24 mins
    Kurapika makes a discovery about Majitani during their fight that causes him to lose control.
  • Trick x to x the Trick
    Episode 10 - 24 mins
    A technicality complicates the end of Majitani and Kurapika's fight; Togari confronts Hisoka.
  • Trouble x with x the Gamble
    Episode 11 - 24 mins
    Leorio bets away all of his team's hours; Killua demonstrates his skills in the next match.
  • Last Test x of x Resolve
    Episode 12 - 24 mins
    The participants must endure an extended waiting period.
  • Letter x from x Gon
    Episode 13 - 24 mins
    Aunt Mito receives a letter from Gon summarizing his journey thus far.
  • Hit x the x Target
    Episode 14 - 24 mins
    As the fourth phase of the exam begins, participants draw random numbers to determine their targets.
  • Scramble x of x Deception
    Episode 15 - 24 mins
    Gon uses the Bloodcrazy Butterflies to track Hisoka; Leorio tries to steal back his own tag.
  • Defeat x and x Disgrace
    Episode 16 - 24 mins
    Partners Kurapika and Leorio encounter Hisoka and try to avoid fighting; Gon steals Hisoka's tag.
  • Trap x in x the Hole
    Episode 17 - 24 mins
    Killua deals with the hunter tailing him; Gon, Leorio and Kurapika team up to take Ponzu's tag.
  • Big x Time x Interview
    Episode 18 - 24 mins
    Gon and his fellow hunters must escape from a cave full of snakes; Netero holds interviews.
  • Can't Win x but x Can't Lose
    Episode 19 - 24 mins
    Gon and the other participants begin a one-on-one tournament; Gon fights Hanzo in the first match.
  • Baffling Turn x of x Events
    Episode 20 - 24 mins
    Gon passes the Hunter Exam, much to his own astonishment; Gittarackur goes on the warpath.
  • Some x Brother x Trouble
    Episode 21 - 24 mins
    After Illumi's actions force Killua to kill, the group heads toward Kukuroo Mountain to save Killua.
  • A x Dangerous x Watchdog
    Episode 22 - 24 mins
    Gon and his friends are blocked by a huge stone gate on their way to Killua's family compound.
  • The x Guard's x Duty
    Episode 23 - 24 mins
    The gatekeeper allows Gon and his friends to stay and train to open the heavy gate.
  • The x Zoldyck x Family
    Episode 24 - 24 mins
    While Gon and his friends get closer to the mansion, Killua faces his father.
  • Can't See x if x You're Blind
    Episode 25 - 24 mins
    The family butler, Gotoh, refuses to allow Gon and his friends to see Killua unless they win a game.
  • Then x and x After
    Episode 26 - 24 mins
    Gon writes a letter to Aunt Mito recapping the Hunter Exam's final phase and the hunt for Killua.

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