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Seventeen-year-old Elena is torn between two vampire brothers, good Stefan and the evil Damon, who face new dangers in the town of Mystic Falls.
Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev

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Seventeen-year-old Elena is torn between two vampire brothers, good Stefan and the evil Damon, who face new dangers in the town of Mystic Falls.
  • Pilot

    Episode 1 - 42 mins
    Elena is drawn to Stefan, a handsome and mysterious new student.
  • The Night of the Comet

    Episode 2 - 42 mins
    Stefan tries to make Vicki forget who attacked her; Jeremy struggles with drug use.
  • Friday Night Bites

    Episode 3 - 42 mins
    Tyler's attempt at embarrassing Stefan backfires.
  • Family Ties

    Episode 4 - 42 mins
    Stefan tries to get Damon out of his life permanently.
  • You're Undead to Me

    Episode 5 - 42 mins
    A stranger shares a disturbing story with Elena.
  • Lost Girls

    Episode 6 - 42 mins
    Stefan tells Elena how his rivalry with Damon began.
  • Haunted

    Episode 7 - 41 mins
    Stefan tries to help Vicki when her behavior becomes increasingly dangerous.
  • 162 Candles

    Episode 8 - 42 mins
    Stefan is visited by one of his oldest friends; Elena tries to avoid Stefan.
  • History Repeating

    Episode 9 - 42 mins
    Bonnie has frightening dreams about an ancestor; Damon tells Stefan why he returned to Mystic Falls.
  • The Turning Point

    Episode 10 - 40 mins
    Damon and Stefan find they have some competition to deal with; Elena makes a shocking discovery.
  • Bloodlines

    Episode 11 - 42 mins
    Damon encounters someone who wants to make him pay for past wrongs.
  • Unpleasantville

    Episode 12 - 42 mins
    Damon and Stefan try to identify the new vampire in town; Matt gets a job at the Mystic Grill.
  • Children of the Damned

    Episode 13 - 42 mins
    Stefan and Damon search for the missing journal belonging to Elena's ancestor.
  • Fool Me Once

    Episode 14 - 42 mins
    Stefan helps Bonnie and Elena out of a hazardous situation; Jeremy invites Anna to a party.
  • A Few Good Men

    Episode 15 - 42 mins
    Matt's long-lost mother returns; Elena and Stefan worry about Damon's new attitude.
  • There Goes the Neighborhood

    Episode 16 - 41 mins
    Anna brings a guest to visit Damon; Elena and Stefan go on a double date with Caroline and Matt.
  • Let the Right One In

    Episode 17 - 42 mins
    Stefan faces a frightening decision; Caroline makes a discovery that shocks everyone in town.
  • Under Control

    Episode 18 - 42 mins
    Stefan tries to control his new situation; Jeremy and Elena's uncle visits.
  • Miss Mystic Falls

    Episode 19 - 42 mins
    Elena and Caroline compete in a beauty pageant; Elena is glad Bonnie is back in town.
  • Blood Brothers

    Episode 20 - 42 mins
    Elena learns how Stefan and Damon became vampires; Pearl and Johnathan have an ugly confrontation.
  • Isobel

    Episode 21 - 42 mins
    Alaric is stunned when Isobel returns to town and demands a meeting with Elena.
  • Founder's Day

    Episode 22 - 42 mins
    Johnathan sets a plan in motion that results in destruction, chaos and death.

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