Raa Raa the Noisy Lion

Raa Raa the Noisy Lion

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Raa Raa and his friends solve very noisy mysteries in the Jingly Jangly Jungle.
  • Time to Be Quiet, a Time to Be Loud
    Time to Be Quiet, a Time to Be Loud
    Episode 110 mins
    Raa Raa has to be quiet in the jungle.
  • The Right Sound
    The Right Sound
    Episode 210 mins
    One of the pipes on Huffty's Toot Stick has broken. Raa Raa helps fix it.
  • Huffty Loses His Voice
    Huffty Loses His Voice
    Episode 310 mins
    Huffty has lost his voice. While Raa Raa and his friends try and work out what has happened to it, Huffty has to mime to make himself understood.
  • Raa Raa Finds a Voice
    Raa Raa Finds a Voice
    Episode 410 mins
    Raa Raa is looking for something new in the Jingly Jangly Jungle. He is so busy looking, he doesn't spot all the strange new things going on around him.
  • Zebby's Snack Time
    Zebby's Snack Time
    Episode 510 mins
    Zebby and Raa Raa try to find a nice quiet place in which to have a snack.
  • Finding Noisy
    Finding Noisy
    Episode 610 mins
    Stop frame animated series featuring Raa Raa and his friends.
  • Ooo Ooo's Jungle Drums
    Ooo Ooo's Jungle Drums
    Episode 710 mins
    Raa Raa has found an infectious beat, and soon all the other animals in the jungle are joining in except for Ooo Ooo, who just can't get the beat right. How can they find a way for all the friends to play together?
  • Topsy's Musical Stones
    Topsy's Musical Stones
    Episode 810 mins
    Topsy has readied the musical stones for a noisy game; Raa Raa has been left in charge, making sure that nobody jumps on them while Topsy reminds the other jungle inhabitants about the game.
  • Raa Raa's Noisy Present
    Raa Raa's Noisy Present
    Episode 910 mins
    Raa Raa has made his friend Topsy the wonderful present of a noisy set of chimes, but she doesn't want them; he wonders who else in the jungle might like some very noisy wind chimes.
  • Raa Raa's Big Roar
    Raa Raa's Big Roar
    Episode 1010 mins
    Raa Raa finds it really funny that all his friends come running every time he roars really loudly. The other jungle inhabitants are less amused - they only come because there are worried about their friend.
  • Scritch Scratch
    Scritch Scratch
    Episode 1110 mins
    Raa Raa always scratches his claws in the morning, but his scratching post has fallen apart. He sets off to find himself a new one in the jungliest bit. When he does eventually find a new scratching post, it's huge.
  • Hurry Up Raa Raa
    Hurry Up Raa Raa
    Episode 1210 mins
    Raa Raa has agreed to do too many things with too many people today. Will he be able to do them and keep all his friends happy? More importantly, will it make him happy?
  • Rumble in the Jungle
    Rumble in the Jungle
    Episode 1310 mins
    Zebby is upset about the rumbling in her tummy.
  • Raa Raa's Favourite Noise
    Raa Raa's Favourite Noise
    Episode 1410 mins
    Raa Raa is inspired by his friends to search for his favorite noise in the jingly jangly jungle.
  • Ooo Ooo Slips Up
    Ooo Ooo Slips Up
    Episode 1510 mins
    Raa Raa and the other animals keep slipping up on banana skins that are littering the jungle floor.
  • No Sleep Til Bedtime
    No Sleep Til Bedtime
    Episode 1610 mins
    It is nap time in the Jingly Jangly Jungle but Raa Raa is not tired and is determined to play hide and seek with his friends, whether they like it or not!
  • Raa Raa's Rainy Day
    Raa Raa's Rainy Day
    Episode 1710 mins
    It's raining in the Jingly Jangly Jungle.
  • Two's Company
    Two's Company
    Episode 1810 mins
    Raa Raa and Crocky inadvertently leave one of the others out of all their games.
  • Lots of Raa's in the Jungle
    Lots of Raa's in the Jungle
    Episode 1910 mins
    Raa Raa and all his friends are finding out about different animals.
  • Raa Raa's Favourite Things
    Raa Raa's Favourite Things
    Episode 2010 mins
    Raa Raa wants to show Topsy his three favorite things, but when he gets to his friend's house, they have disappeared.
  • Jungle Jiggles
    Jungle Jiggles
    Episode 2110 mins
    Raa Raa wants a dancing partner but Zebby says she is too shy.
  • Raa Raa's Great Big Noise
    Raa Raa's Great Big Noise
    Episode 2210 mins
    Raa Raa has decided that the jingly jangly jungle is not jingly or jangly enough.
  • Raa Raa's Naptime Story
    Raa Raa's Naptime Story
    Episode 2310 mins
    Topsy is going to read Zebby a naptime story; Raa Raa wants to make the noises to go with the story, but they are all too loud and Zebby can't get to sleep; Raa Raa needs to find quiet sleepy noises in the Jingly Jangly Jungle.
  • Go Bananas
    Go Bananas
    Episode 2410 mins
    Ooo Ooo is having a banana party. Raa Raa and the others have picked masses of lovely bananas, but how are they going to transport them back to Ooo Ooo's in time for the party?
  • Clangy Bangy Crocky
    Clangy Bangy Crocky
    Episode 2510 mins
    Crocky gets his foot stuck in a bucket and it's up to Raa Raa and the others to help.
  • Raa Raa's New Noise
    Raa Raa's New Noise
    Episode 2610 mins
    Raa Raa hears an amazing sound and sets out to recreate it somehow.

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