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Jotaro Kujo takes up his family's quest to rid the world of the evil vampire Dio.
  • A Man Possessed by an Evil Spirit

    Episode 1 - 23 mins
    A young man refuses to leave a jail cell because he believes he is possessed by an evil spirit.
  • Who Will Be the Judge!?

    Episode 2 - 23 mins
    Jotaro finds out that the evil spirit he has is actually called a Stand.
  • The Curse of DIO

    Episode 3 - 23 mins
    With his evolved Stand powers, Jotaro defeats Kakyoin, an assassin sent by DIO.
  • Tower of Gray

    Episode 4 - 23 mins
    Jotaro and crew head to Egypt, where they think DIO is hiding.
  • Silver Chariot

    Episode 5 - 23 mins
    DIO's next assassin, Polnareff attacks Jotaro and crew.
  • Dark Blue Moon

    Episode 6 - 24 mins
    On a boat journey to Singapore, a stowaway is found and causes a commotion.
  • Strength

    Episode 7 - 24 mins
    The group manages to escape the boat that was destroyed by the fake captain.
  • Devil

    Episode 8 - 25 mins
    Polnareff finds Soul Sacrifice waiting for him in his hotel room when they arrive in Singapore.
  • Yellow Temperance

    Episode 9 - 24 mins
    Joseph uses Hermit Purple to broadcast a message via television.
  • The Emperor and the Hanged Man Part 1

    Episode 10 - 25 mins
    Jotaro and the others enter India where Polnareff gets attacked by a mysterious Stand.
  • The Emperor and the Hanged Man Part 2

    Episode 11 - 24 mins
    While trying to save Polnareff, Avdol gets struck down by the enemy's attack.
  • The Empress

    Episode 12 - 23 mins
    Jotaro and the others next head toward Varanasi; Joseph realizes his arm is quite swollen.
  • Wheel of Fortune

    Episode 13 - 23 mins
    Polnareff drives a car on a very dangerous mountain road toward Pakistan.
  • Justice Part 1

    Episode 14 - 24 mins
    Jotaro and the others successfully survive another attack from the enemy Stand users.
  • Justice Part 2

    Episode 15 - 24 mins
    Polnareff finally realizes that Enyaba is another assassin from DIO and tries to warn the others.
  • The Lovers Part 1

    Episode 16 - 24 mins
    After surviving Enyaba's attack, Jotaro and crew make it to Pakistan's capital, Karachi.
  • The Lovers Part 2

    Episode 17 - 24 mins
    Dan tells Jotaro to do various things for him, knowing Jotaro has no choice but to obey.
  • The Sun

    Episode 18 - 24 mins
    Jotaro and the others suspect someone is following them through the desert on their way to Cairo.
  • Death 13 Part 1

    Episode 19 - 24 mins
    Kakyoin dreams about being in a strange amusement park, where he encounters the Death tarot card.
  • Death 13 Part 2

    Episode 20 - 24 mins
    Kakyoin tries to convince everyone that he's not crazy by showing them his arm.
  • Judgement Part 1

    Episode 21 - 24 mins
    Jotaro and the others visit an island on the Red Sea and meet Avdol's father.
  • Judgement Part 2

    Episode 22 - 23 mins
    Polnareff gets attacked by his sister after he revives her using one of the wishes he received.
  • The High Priestess Part 1

    Episode 23 - 23 mins
    Jotaro and the others obtain a submarine to travel through the Red Sea.
  • The High Priestess Part 2

    Episode 24 - 23 mins
    The submarine begins sinking from an attack from the enemy Stand, High Priestess.
  • Iggy the Fool and Geb's N'doul Part 1

    Episode 25 - 23 mins
    Jotaro and the others arrive in Egypt, and are joined by a Boston terrier named Iggy.
  • Iggy the Fool and Geb's N'doul Part 2

    Episode 26 - 23 mins
    Avdol sets a trap for N'Doul, but it doesn't work.
  • Khnum's Zenyatta and Thoth's Mondatta

    Episode 27 - 25 mins
    Kakyoin and Avdol are badly hurt in the battle with N'doul, and are taken to a hospital in Aswan.
  • Anubis Part 1

    Episode 28 - 23 mins
    Jojo and the others look for a boat to take to Cairo where DIO awaits.
  • Anubis Part 2

    Episode 29 - 23 mins
    Polnareff defeats Chaka the Anubis Stand user, but the barber he visits suddenly attacks him.
  • Bastet's Mariah Part 1

    Episode 30 - 23 mins
    Jotaro and the others arrive in Luxor; Joseph sees an electrical outlet in a rock.
  • Bastet's Mariah Part 2

    Episode 31 - 24 mins
    Due to the powers of an enemy Stand, Joseph's body becomes magnetized.
  • Set's Alessi Part 1

    Episode 32 - 24 mins
    Jotaro gets concerned that Joseph and Avdol haven't shown up yet, and goes to look for them.
  • Set's Alessi Part 2

    Episode 33 - 24 mins
    Because of the power of Alessi's Stand, Set, Polnareff is turned back into a child.
  • D'Arby the Gambler Part 1

    Episode 34 - 24 mins
    After a long journey, Jotaro and the others finally reach Cairo and start looking for DIO's mansion.
  • D'Arby the Gambler Part 2

    Episode 35 - 24 mins
    After losing to D'Arby, Joseph and Polnareff have their souls taken.
  • Hol Horse and Mondatta

    Episode 36 - 23 mins
    Hol Horse arrives at Cairo in order to pursue Jotaro and the others, joins forces with Mondatta.
  • Hol Horse and Mondatta

    Episode 37 - 24 mins
    Hol Horse and Mondatta follow Jotaro and the others to Cairo.
  • The Guardian of Hell, Pet Shop Part 1

    Episode 38 - 24 mins
    Following Avdol's advice, Jojo has a beggar look for DIO's mansion.
  • The Guardian of Hell, Pet Shop Part 2

    Episode 39 - 24 mins
    Iggy ends up in a battle to the death against the falcon that guards DIO's mansion.
  • D'Arby the Player Part 1

    Episode 40 - 24 mins
    Jojo and company finally make it to DIO's mansion, where they meet the butler named D'Arby Younger.
  • D'Arby the Player Part 2

    Episode 41 - 24 mins
    The battle for souls with D'Arby continues as Kakyoin challenges D'Arby to a race game.
  • The Miasma of the Void, Cool Ice Part 1

    Episode 42 - 24 mins
    The baseball match with D'Arby continues, but Jotaro starts declaring his pitches to D'Arby.
  • The Miasma of the Void, Cool Ice Part 2

    Episode 43 - 24 mins
    Polnareff can't control his emotions when, after a long journey, they must say goodbye to a friend.
  • The Miasma of the Void, Cool Ice

    Episode 44 - 24 mins
    Polnareff is pushed to his limits with Cool Ice's merciless attacks.
  • DIO's World Part 1

    Episode 45 - 24 mins
    Polnareff finally comes face to face with DIO, who offers to allow Polnareff to join him again.
  • DIO's World Part 2

    Episode 46 - 23 mins
    A nighttime battle against DIO takes place in the city of Cairo.
  • DIO's World Part 3

    Episode 47 - 23 mins
    Joseph is able to figure out The World's power because of the message Kakyoin left.
  • Long Journey Farewell, My Friends

    Episode 48 - 25 mins
    DIO tries to escape, but Jotaro fights a final battle with DIO within stopped time.

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