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Adrian Paul, Stan Kirsch, Jim Byrnes

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400-year-old Duncan MacLeod lives as an Immortal in modern society, concealing his true nature while fighting others like him.
  • The Gathering
    Episode 1 - 48 mins
    Immortal Duncan MacLeod leaves tranquility to help kinsman Connor.
  • Innocent Man
    Episode 2 - 48 mins
    A homeless veteran is wrongly charged for the grisly murder of one of Duncan's Immortal friends.
  • The Road Not Taken
    Episode 3 - 48 mins
    MacLeod matches wits and swords with a power-obsessed Immortal.
  • A Bad Day in Building A
    Episode 4 - 48 mins
    Tessa and Richie are among those taken hostage in a courthouse.
  • Free Fall
    Episode 5 - 48 mins
    A new Immortal uses her wiles on Richie to get close to Duncan.
  • Deadly Medicine
    Episode 6 - 48 mins
    Duncan regenerates in an emergency room, but a doctor sees and becomes obsessed with immortality.
  • Mountain Men
    Episode 7 - 48 mins
    To retrieve kidnapped Tessa, MacLeod must duel the leader of a survivalist band.
  • Revenge Is Sweet
    Episode 8 - 48 mins
    A young woman vows revenge against Duncan for killing her lover.
  • The Sea Witch
    Episode 9 - 48 mins
    MacLeod tries to save Tessa, Richie and himself from a drug lord.
  • Eyewitness
    Episode 10 - 48 mins
    No one believes Tessa's claim of witnessing a woman's murder.
  • Family Tree
    Episode 11 - 49 mins
    Duncan's protege, Richie, falls for a con when he tries to locate his parents.
  • See No Evil
    Episode 12 - 48 mins
    A '40s serial killer, "the Scalper," seems to have returned.
  • Band of Brothers
    Episode 13 - 48 mins
    Darius, a 2,000-year-old friend of MacLeod's, asks him to protect a protege.
  • For Evil's Sake
    Episode 14 - 48 mins
    Disguised as a mime, immortal assassin Kuyler strikes in Paris.
  • For Tomorrow We Die
    Episode 15 - 48 mins
    MacLeod trails Immortal killer Xavier; Richie falls for an alluring socialite.
  • The Beast Below
    Episode 16 - 48 mins
    An opera singer plans to use enamored giant Ursa to murder her rival.
  • Saving Grace
    Episode 17 - 48 mins
    Obsessed conquistador Carlo frames Immortal Grace for her lover's murder.
  • Lady and the Tiger
    Episode 18 - 48 mins
    An Immortal femme fatale plots a daring high-stakes burglary.
  • Eye of the Beholder
    Episode 19 - 48 mins
    A model leads Richie into danger when he runs afoul of a world-class fashion designer.
  • Avenging Angel
    Episode 20 - 49 mins
    In Paris an Immortal vigilante crusades murderously against perversion.
  • Nowhere to Run
    Episode 21 - 48 mins
    The son of Tessa's friend rapes the stepdaughter of an Immortal.
  • The Hunters
    Episode 22 - 49 mins
    Duncan goes in search of a group of mortals out to destroy him.

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