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400-year-old Duncan MacLeod lives as an Immortal in modern society, concealing his true nature while fighting others like him.
  • The Samurai
    Episode 148 mins
    MacLeod fulfills a 200-year-old vow to protect the family of a samurai.
  • Line of Fire
    Episode 248 mins
    Richie's former girlfriend returns with a toddler she claims to be his son.
  • The Revolutionary
    Episode 348 mins
    A Balkan uprising reunites MacLeod with a charismatic Immortal.
  • The Cross of St. Antoine
    Episode 448 mins
    When Dawson's girlfriend is murdered, MacLeod realizes the killer is the same Immortal who stole an artifact under his protection.
  • Rite of Passage
    Episode 548 mins
    A newly Immortal woman is only interested in fun and adventure.
  • Courage
    Episode 649 mins
    An old friend of MacLeod's, Cullen, is burnt out from centuries of playing "The Game."
  • The Lamb
    Episode 748 mins
    A 10-year-old asks for protection when his immortal benefactor loses his head.
  • Obsession
    Episode 848 mins
    After she leaves him upon learning of his immortality, a craftsman hounds his former love.
  • Shadows
    Episode 948 mins
    MacLeod has visions of his death by the sword of a dark-hooded figure.
  • Blackmail
    Episode 1048 mins
    A philanderer with a tape of MacLeod's Quickening sees a way to get rid of his wife.
  • Vendetta
    Episode 1148 mins
    To save himself, a petty criminal delivers MacLeod to a gangster bent on vengeance.
  • They Also Serve
    Episode 1248 mins
    Dawson wonders why a new Immortal has been so lucky in his fights.
  • Blind Faith
    Episode 1348 mins
    MacLeod recognizes a resurrected religious leader as an Immortal war criminal.
  • Song of the Executioner
    Episode 1448 mins
    An evil Immortal exposed by MacLeod returns to exact his revenge.
  • Star-Crossed
    Episode 1548 mins
    When Hugh Fitzcarin is framed for murder, MacLeod suspects the true culprit is Kalas.
  • Methos
    Episode 1648 mins
    If Kalas can defeat Methos, the oldest Immortal, he may be able to destroy MacLeod.
  • Take Back the Night
    Episode 1748 mins
    After a street gang kills her mortal husband, Celtic warrior Cierdwyn seeks revenge.
  • Testimony
    Episode 1848 mins
    Tasha is put on the stand to testify against the Immortal Kristov, a Russian drug dealer.
  • Mortal Sins
    Episode 1948 mins
    A Nazi seeks vengeance against Father Bernard, a former French Resistance operative.
  • Reasonable Doubt
    Episode 2048 mins
    MacLeod acts a a go-between to ransom a Leonardo da Vinci sketch.
  • Finale Part 1
    Episode 2148 mins
    Amanda accidentally helps Kalas escape from prison while trying to do MacLeod a favor.
  • Finale Part 2
    Episode 2248 mins
    Kalas gives MacLeod an ultimatum that could cost him his existence.

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