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Emi Kaido's penchant for peril drags her into a life-and-death battle involving four mysterious heroes and an enigmatic object known as the Case.
  • Isolated Flower
    Episode 1 - 23 mins
    Emi Kaido's life changes when a band of otherworldly heroes rescue her from killer robots.
  • Immediate Family
    Episode 2 - 23 mins
    Emi reluctantly uses her luxury abode to protect her motley crew of warrior heroes.
  • Intelligent Fury
    Episode 3 - 23 mins
    Having learned Damian's true identity, Takeshi transforms into Polimar to thwart attacks.
  • Imaginary Friend
    Episode 4 - 23 mins
    Emi is dragged to a party the team is chaperoning and Joji encounters the seductive Belle Lynn.
  • Invincible Future
    Episode 5 - 23 mins
    Suspicions grow when an elusive guest arrives at Emi's house looking for help.
  • Infinit-T Force
    Episode 6 - 23 mins
    The eccentric Damian makes an unexpected return, reminding Ken and Emi their futures are in peril.
  • Insane Father
    Episode 7 - 23 mins
    Emi heads to a familiar place to meet an unfamiliar figure, and a voice reveals a personal story.
  • Inner Frustration
    Episode 8 - 23 mins
    Emi returns to a normal life as a teenager, but Takeshi and Tetsuya aren't convinced.
  • In Flux
    Episode 9 - 23 mins
    Emi and Kaan are pulled into an alternate dimension, only to find Ken and the others in a brawl.
  • Ignition Flame
    Episode 10 - 23 mins
    The team vanishes, leaving Emi with a case of amnesia and another mysterious text from her father.
  • Independent Flower
    Episode 11 - 23 mins
    As the Case-wielding Kaido continues to eradicate worlds, the team takes collective aim.
  • I'll Find...
    Episode 12 - 23 mins
    The city of Shibuya once again pulses with life as Emi pushes onward with her new heroic heart.

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