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Bubblegum Crisis

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A female mercenary team, armed with unique power armor suits, battles the forces of the corrupt megacorporation Genom in futuristic Tokyo.
  • Tinsel City

    Episode 1 - 46 mins
    The Knight Sabers fight Boomers and encounter AD Officer Leon McNichol; Aqua City is destroyed.
  • Born to Kill

    Episode 2 - 28 mins
    Genom continues creation of an advanced Boomer; Linna's friend is murdered.
  • Blow Up

    Episode 3 - 26 mins
    The Knight Sabers believe that Mason is behind the intensified Boomer attacks.
  • Revenge Road

    Episode 4 - 38 mins
    A mysterious black car hunts rebellious bikers; Mackie creates a new bike.
  • Moonlight Rambler

    Episode 5 - 43 mins
    Four women flee from Genaros; Leon and Daley discover illegal weapons; Priss has a new best friend.
  • Red Eyes

    Episode 6 - 49 mins
    Knight Saber impostors wreak havoc; Priss prepares to leave; Leon kills Largo.
  • Double Vision

    Episode 7 - 48 mins
    A popular rock star reappears; a new Mecha attacks.
  • Scoop Chase

    Episode 8 - 50 mins
    Nene's assignment proves annoying to the Knight Sabers; police headquarters is attacked.

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